Wait for me, Paris…

I wanna dancing in the rain, singing with my false voices, I don’t care!! Since I was so happy and I could laughing and smiling all the time. That because I’ve got a news, a very good news!!

The plan before was made with my ex and I. Since we think we will be last forever, we made a plan for me to come to visit his country this August. But things happen between us, which I never expected before – hahhh.. And we broke up, so I just hide the plan inside my heart.

Thanks to my sister who gave the idea to heal my broken-heart and cheer me up. She said ; “Why don’t you join us in this summer vacation? We will go from Paris to another countries as well. It will be fun! And you will forget all the wounds you feel now.”

So I was thinking, “Well, ok. Let’s go!” – but honestly to say, at that moment I was so fed-up with mess left by my last relationship so I’m not really enthusiast to plan the trip. Especially when in some ways, it’s reminded me of him. But thank God, I’m not stop the plan, I deserve my happiness 🙂 and I deserve my life to move on and just continue being my real self.

Another good thing is because my sister is very demanding person, hahaa – just like me XP. She pushed me to prepare the documents and start to contact the travel agent for my visa and travel insurance. I was feeling like, “ohh.. relax.. it’s still in August. Now it’s still in May (that time).” But since she’s so exciting with the plan, it’s influence me, and I start to see this trip as really a fun and excite trip ever (it should be – indeed!). Aside of the mess, I also quite nervous and feel like dreaming, I said to myself ; “No.. Europe is a very far country from Indonesia… How come you can place your feet to that country. It’s so expensive and impossible. Maybe you are daydreaming!!”

No need to tell here how this trip plan changes time by time, and how me and my sister sometimes argue with the plan and sober again to make the itinerary and continue the dream 🙂

When we were both in conversation through Skype, suddenly my sister has an idea to check the flight price. And we found really cheap one, for peak season like Summer in August!! We bought the Saudi Arabian Airlines for 803 euros. Cheapest!! comparing to the Emirates and else in the same date. So we bought it, without having the visa first. That’s really like a gambling for us, since application for Schengen Visa in Jakarta is sometimes so difficult. Lots of people that already had the ticket and lots of money, still the Embassy not approve their application, so they can’t go 😦 But at that moment, me, my sister and my brother in law like have a faith my visa will approve by the France Embassy. So we continue to buy the ticket.

Later on, I submitted the visa application through an Agent. The good things for applying visa through France Embassy that they use third party for re-check the documents, and we can make the schedule to submit the document via their website (www.tlscontact.com). When I made the appointment, the options are only July 6 or August 1 – since I will go on August 10, so it’s impossible for me to apply for the document on August 1. Then I chose July 6. The tight schedule is like proofing to us that summer is peak season and every one (I mean, every one who has money) go to Europe for vacation… ckkckckkc… and maybe for some to study there.

So yesterday, exact at July 12, I’ve got an email from TLS that informed me to take back the passport because it’s already returned by France Embassy. Well, because this is my first experience, soooo I really in fear and nervous. They don’t mention whether it’s approved or not. And my Agent also don’t know. My sister said it should be approved if I already passed the checklist from the France Embassy, but I kind of a stubborn person who has to see something with my own eyes before I believe it. And later on, my Agent text me, “Dea, your visa is already approved!!!” Yayyyyyyyy!!! Hurraaayyyy!!! I feel like, “Thankkkkkkk Gooooddd!!!!”

Suddenly I felt like want to dance in my office. Oh God, I can not believe it!! So, I’m going to France!! So, I’m going to Paris. At the age of 29, finally I’m fulfilling my dream to see it by my own eyes. Paris is like a country I always dream to go since I knew Internet and googling about others countries & cultures – well, I know I still not yet there, but still, I’m so happy…….. It feels like, I’m already one foot there, and one foot still stay in Jakarta. Hahahaaa…

Lately, since me and my friend always talk about traveling, so what’s going around in my minds always : traveling, traveling and traveling. What the heck with broken heart and all those messed future plans behind!! Now, I will travel like a free single fabulous woman!! Seeing the world with my own eyes and living my life to the fullest.

So Paris, wait for me!! Who knows maybe I will find my finest story there – if not, I will enjoy every minutes of my vacation, I don’t want any unwanted things/feeling ruin it 🙂 *Ohh I’m so exciting!!*

Thanks a lot my sista and brother in law, soooo happy!!!




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