A Backward Story #EuropeTrip #Part1


It’s feeling like a backward. But I determine myself to write my experience in my last trip, first time to visiting Europe. What a dream come true!

I started to plan the trip since May, just 4 months ago before I step out to that continent. Don’t get me wrong, Europe – Paris – and those western countries, always struck in my mind long time ago.. It’s like my teenager dreams! Since the first time I knew internet, google, and browser, I always dreaming and thinking; “what if I can go there?, how it’s feel? and how to go there?”

But going to Europe for Asian is a very expensive thing! The long hours in flight can be a reason for some people being very nervous and afraid to fly. Also for me. My first trip with airplane was going to Bali, only take 1,5 hours from Jakarta – Bali, but I do feel nervous to fly since a month before.. Funny to remember.

Over by time, I gain the spirit to more and more brave flying. My jobs sometimes also required me to fly to our field in Sumatera and Kalimantan. But flying to Paris, which take a day, or maybe 17 hours (without the transit and else), really a new thing for me. I asked myself, Do I really dare to go?. The answer is YES! My excitement to go there beat all the nervous and fear.

It was starting when I am broken heart, too sad for being continually do my routine in Jakarta, my sister has an idea to have a summer travel together. My sister lives in France, and she really want me to be cheerful again and forget the past. For me, the idea sounds really so good. Even before, the plan to go to Europe mostly because I have a thing to do with my ex, also to see his life in real in that continent. So honestly, when I was planning the trip, sometimes it hits me so bad. Especially the trip I planned with my sister, also the trip that me and my ex plan before, such as plan to visiting my sister’s house, walking around Paris and see his country as well.

Anyway, an opportunity to visit Europe continent in real can not be avoided just that. We started to prepare some documents, and applying my visa. That’s another thing! We were seeing the cheap (not so cheap actually) flight cost from Jakarta – Paris by Saudia, it cost me 803 euros. Comparing to others, the offering really a good deal. So we took a risk by buying the ticket flight first and after that submit for Schengen visa application. A gambling?! Yes! Don’t follow me if you’re not so sure, lol.

Well Thank God, I’ve got the visa!! Yayyy… Feel like want to dancing the whole day. I’ve got the email from TLS Contact, which the official agency as third party from France Embassy. Got the information that my visa has been approved in the middle of the day, so most of my office friends knew it and I was smiling the whole day!!

Actually, my trip to Europe not so smooth as people may think. Sometimes, because I want to see some places, and my sister wants to see the other places, we argue and end up by mad to each other (that was sisters are for right? arguing, hugging, laughing, tearing eyes, arguing again, smile again, treating and anything sisters will do together *hahha*). I remember once a time, we were so feeding up to each other and turn to cancel the plan even already bought the ticket, hehehehe. Now it’s so funny to remember and give somehow a warm feeling to feel; LOL.

Well, when me and my sister were sober *hahaha* we planned lots of things and agree with everything 🙂 – So here are the first plan we have. Me arrive in Paris, visit Paris for 2 days, go to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Amsterdam, Munich, and return to Paris. All do by car. Sound soooo fun! Like a gypsy!!

But as we human never know what future might hold, we got a bad news that breaking our heart. My brother in law dad’s passed away. So it’s kind of possible to do the trip. That was a very sad moment, and I do understand how its feel, since I also lost my parents before. We need to cancel the trip, the hotel and everything, and I was feeling so stuck. I really want to visit others countries as well (since that will be my first time visit Europe), and I also don’t want to make a burden for my sister, brother in law and family.

Finally the idea came. I saw a good promotion to take bus trip by Eurolines to visit 51 capital cities in Europe by 15 or 30 days. My time to go to Europe was in Summer, which all the price are mostly higher than any other seasons. I have to paid 350 euros for 15 days trip. I can go as much as I want with bus to those 51 cities. So after discuss it, I decided to take the risk and journey by myself, after spend a week in Paris, meet up with my sister and family.

WOW!! for me it was like a WOW!!

Never cross in my mind that I will go alone in unknown continent (for me is unknown since I never been there) which very very far from Jakarta, Indonesia. I also asked myself whether I am really able to go this trip, but the answer again YES! You only live once, and the opportunity might be never come again, and I am adult plus health plus smart plus a tough girl, LOL. So I started to make a plan. I still don’t really know where to go. But Charles Bridge in Prague really attracts me so good. I have a desire for history and old places. So I chose Prague and also because there is an Ossuary in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic. I saw in google it’s really amazing place. A church with 40.000 human skulls and bones. I wrote a note to visit it in real. I am so exciting.

Because I chose Czech to visit, it’s wise to choose other countries as well that not so far from Czech. Even I want to put Venice in the list, but Venice is sooo far from Prague. If I want to go to Prague and Venice, maybe I will end up visiting Rome and Florence. In other hands, I really want to see Netherlands in real. Except the long story about that country, now I also take a Dutch course language which always talk and discuss about Holland, so why not put Holland in my list also. I’m curious about the country that has windmill, cheese and many Indonesian people there :p

So I think and think and think like Winnie the Pooh in the movie, but without hitting my head seriously a lot, hahaha.. And I remember I have an acquaintance in Budapest. Maybe it will good also to go to Hungary, I thought. Funny thing about go to there is, because I talked with this guy, and I told him definitely I won’t visit Budapest, cause there is not in my list. But he gave me his number months ago, in case I change my mind and want to go to Budapest. For me it’s like a fate. In the end, I need his number to contact and asking for the city.

The list goes on and I was so exciting for the trip. Days before I go, I really pray to God for let me meet with nice people, with people who will help me in good ways, with people who will make the trip be fun, and keep me in safe way, and perhaps there are always be joyful in every situation and not sick. Being joyful in the trip is really important, cause if you get a bad impression and being negative, the rest of the trip will be not so nice anymore. Plus if you get sick, and can not wake up from your bed, it will be like a nightmare for a vacation that you already waiting for before.

I also asked to God to guide me in the trip, make me flexible with different culture with mine, has a strong stomache and let me learn good lesson in the trip.

So I packed my bag, my documents, 2 shoes, 1 kets (sport shoes) and 1 sandals. Go on with another list that every woman need, such as lots of clothes, perfumes, necklaces, hats, sunglasses, toiletries, and yessss… I’m ready for vacation!!! Yipppiieee!!!!




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