Flight to Jeddah! #EuropeTrip #Part2

10 August 2012, my luggage already stand in good position and ready to be lifted up to the car. We were going to the airport, taking me there for flying to Paris. Yayyy!!

After felt so nervous with Jakarta traffic which is not so friendly at that Friday afternoon, finally I arrived in the airport safe and sound with loads of bags. In total around 5 bags! 1 big suitcase, 1 Adidas bag, 1 bagpack, 1 camera bag, and 1 more bag. Crazy!!

Why was it so heavy?

Hehehe, that’s because I love my sister and she asked me to bring some stuff from Indonesia. She already lived in France for 2 years, and it’s so difficult to get some herbs and spices to cook a la Indonesia there. As a good sister for her, I bring all she request and the result is, my luggage overweight!!! Of course!! LOL. I only allowed for 30 kgs in baggage and 7 kgs hand carried, and it turns to be 44 kgs in baggage and 15 kgs hand carried.

The airlines crew asked me to take out some stuff if I don’t want to pay for the overweight cost. In hurry, I took out some things that not so important to bring in my trip. I knew the line in immigration is so long. That’s why we mostly have to be there at least 3 hours before departing. In my second time came to the check-in counter, finally the crew allow me to let the 38kgs luggage depart. Only 4 kgs less from first weight. But God is so good!! And I need to carried the others 3 bags, which is maybe 15 kgs.. So heavyyyy!!

Anyway, I made a stupid mistake. Because I was in panic, I put the Kratingdaeng bottles in my bagpack 😦 It was for my brother in law, cause he really loves Kratingdaeng, made in Indonesia. Europe knows it as Red Bull. But Red Bull there with the bubbles, my brother in law doesn’t really like it and prefer Indonesia’s Kratingdaeng. So when my bag is in the liquid filter machine, the airport crew asked me to drop some bottles, in total it was 4 bottles. She said, “Do you want to drink it all or let me put in the garbage bin?” Hahaha, of course I won’t drink it. First, I never try it and I bet I don’t like it. Second reason, it’s an energy drink! 4 bottles drink in a row can make you awake for more than 72 hours I think, LOL!! With a very sad heart and bad feeling for my brother in law, I have to gave up the bottles. Bye-bye 4 bottles of Kratingdaeng. A good news is I still have 2 more left in the luggage, so at least my brother in law can smile to me when see it, hehehe.


It was so good, finally I can rest my legs. Going here and there, run from here and there in short time to make yourself on time for the flight really made me feel so exhausted.

I look around…

It’s an international flight, with destination first to transit in Jeddah, Arab. I wish I can see handsome faces to freshen my mood, hahhahaa… But unfortunately, I found no one. Only those who wants to do pilgrim and go to Maccah, in same uniform, Red Batik. I guess it was a group of Pilgrimage tour. So I enjoy my time waiting, while chatting with my family, saying thanks, asking for blessing and also gossiping about “No one so handsome here!!” LOL.

Suddenly, the announcement came to our ears. Saudi Arabian Airlines, Flight SV 126, destination to Jeddah now it’s boarding. I joined with those crowd to come inside the airplane. I check my ticket and found my seat is in window and the very good news I was sitting alone in that 3 seats (1 row)! Yayyyy….

I waited impatiently for the airplane finally flied to confirm if there’s no one will seat next to me. I remember there was a woman that already have a seated, and want to change her seat and sit beside me. I put some of my bag and hat in the other seats in hurry, to pretend there’s someone sitting in that chair. Hahhaa… A little cheating, but actually she already got her number of seat, so why did she try to take other’s chair? :p After saw my bag and hat, the woman cancel to move sit nex to me and go to find other place to sit 😀


So la la la la la… I was sitting alone for the next 9 hours flying.. It feels sooo good!! I can sleep very well, especially because it will be also as an evening flight, and no need someone’s permission if you want to go to toilet. Yippieee!!

Once more, I look around. I like to see everything in details. And I also love to enjoy every minutes of my first experience. There were much older people in the plane. I don’t really see other people who are not in Pilgrimage tour with Red Batik uniform. But the airplane is so big, maybe there are there in other side of room.

The plane started to fly, after much of preparation. I saw lots of pretty stewardesses are walking so busy to help those people for being ready to fly. Because I am an Asian, in short appearance (literally) so I don’t get any problem with the chair size. My feet lay down in very well position, my knees being good, and I have big space to laid my body. It was all soooo good!!

After the television showed the prayer of Prophet Muhammad, a prayer usually he took before going to travel, smoothly it was reaching up, trying to touch the beautiful skies…. I pray to God, may we arrive in Jeddah safe and sound.


Now, time to eat!! Yayyy…


Oh, when this happened, it was the fasting month for muslim people. I feel so pity for Indonesian who fasting at that moment. First, they have to woke up in early morning for eating to start the fasting (Sahur in Indonesia) and usually because Indonesia only have 2 seasons, time for eating & breakfasting always fix, they can breakfasting around 6 pm. Because of the flight, they have to adjust the breakfasting time with Jeddah time. It made them to wake up at 3 am and able to breakfasting by following Jeddah time, which is 9.30 pm, in Jakarta could be 12.30 am, almost a day fasting! Ckckckckkkk…. May God bless their effort of worship Him…


(The Chitato is on me, hehehe, not from the Flight)

A funny story came up when the stewardess tried to tidy up the plate after we ate. I was so ashamed but also want to laughing, cause the stewardess can not find many of plates and bowls.. hahaha, it might be someone who trying to hide the cutlery. So funny!! I was trying myself for not laughing. But the way how stewardess asked about the plate is so ironic. She said ; “Ibu, Ibu (Ma’am), where is the plate and the bowl? You can not take it home.” And those ma’am answered, “No, we don’t see it.” But me and the stewardess saw that the paper bag for the airsickness is full with some stuff. Hahahahaa… Awww, as Indonesian I quite shameful 😛 But I’m not that sure, whether the plate and bowl return to the kitchen or going away safely inside the airsickness bag 😀 LOL

So far the journey was so nice, there were not much turbulence. The weather is nice and flying for hours it’s not so bad as I was imagine before. You can hear lots of music collection or watch the movies. Suddenly I feel so sleepy and it was so good that Saudia (the airlines) gave us 1 package which is contains : a toothbrush, a toothpaste, a socks, and a bed eyes mask.

Another funny thing happened!!

When I want to prepare myself to sleep, I saw those ma’am wearing the bed eyes mask in their NOSE!! WHAT?!! OMG, I was really feel like split one’s sides seeing that. So they are 6 women who did the same thing. Put the bed mask to cover the nose, they think it was for the nose mask to against swine flu or something. It was very funny!! But I was trying to see to different side so they can not see my smile 😀 and I put the bed eyes mask to cover my eyes, perhaps they saw it and change the mask’s function 😉

Good nite 🙂




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