You might crazy, but I am more crazy than you cause I choose you, I choose to stay…

Well, today is a very stressful day for me. I decided to skip for a while, take a breathe, dip my coffee, and writing.

I promise myself to write about my last trip, but instead of writing about Europe, now I wanna share something that suddenly struck in my mind.

Today, I realize that I know lots of people, maybe not so much comparing people as your acquaintances. But for me, knowing someone, got introduced and steps from strangers become friends are like a process that really special.

First, you don’t even know them. Starting from one or two words, then you continue to talk to each other in any moment you can, then become closer, you show them your real feeling, real emotions, and you started to trust their opinions. You search for them while you need others point of view about your problem or simply when you want to share the joy. Eventually you miss them when they are not around. You already being attached to them and you count them as part of your life. Friendship started.

Apart from above matter thing that struck in my mind is, how people can be so different and still get along in one good harmony, build something strong and accept each other so well. It is required 2 sides when seeing 1 thing as priority or important thing to be fighting for. For example, it is required 2 person to keep up the friendship get along no matter what. If it’s only come from 1 side only, eventually, the friendship will be drown in time and fade away.

I remember I once told my best friend a statement like this; “you might crazy with your ideas and point of view that against my point of view, but I am more crazy than you, because I still choose to be with you no matter what. I still here and let you influence me with your head and emotions.”

Being different is ok and so normal. There is no one that exactly same in this world. From appearance until how the way to think, every each human is different. You might meet with someone who really opposite with your natural behaviour in your life. For instance, you maybe crazy with clean and tidyness, when your partner tends to careless with everything. Or you maybe a kind of person who always read a text and immediately reply it rather than forget and in the end not answer it. But in other hands, someone you know is different person as you, which is not so hurry in replying your text, or read it and saying yes in her heart but not express her mind in form of an answer (sound familiar  to you?).

Anyway, there’s always  a chemistry that can not be explained to make someone choose someone as his/her partner, even as friend or more, and that chemistry is become a glue that make this 2 different person continue to growing in a knot as friendship/relationship. This chemistry can be called as acceptance which not see the differences but seeing only the feeling we get when we are close to someone. The happiness we feel only by staying to someone’s side. This chemistry leads us to continue to run the relation with a person no matter how many weaknesses and strength that we have seen from him/her.

But this chemistry can not happened just that as a magic, as eating chili that suddenly feel spicy. It needs time and patience to let the chemistry growing and being deep. It requires decision to accept someone behaviour that differences from you. It asks forgiveness when he/she is doing something wrong and make you upset. It demands understanding and willingness to let the friendship continue and not stop. It needs love to cover his/her mistakes on our eyes.
Some friendship continue to grow closer until the old time. Some friendship die because people don’t give a chance for it to repair. Some friendship last forever even keep continue to a new generation. Some friendship go nowhere, some friendship become blur and break hardly and make the person became a stranger to each other. Some friendship stay, some friendship stronger than death.

I don’t know why my mind lead me to think about things that I write above. I just be grateful for so many people that I can called as friends and best friends around the world. I can honestly to say, in a good way, they motivate me to continue walk this life the best I can. Some people are people that I always waiting for to be with, talk with, see for and meet up.




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