In King Abdulaziz Airport, Jeddah #EuropeTrip #Part3

Ok, now I’m in the mood to continue my story of Europe trip I had before.
On August 11, around early morning, we arrived in King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. I need to go after my next flight which will bring me to Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris.

The journey was so smooth as I remember. A little bit exhausted because of the 3 bags I brought, I try to find out where is the next gate for transit passengers. The tips for traveling alone is, never shy to asking but in meanwhile, be confidence and don’t show a face that you are afraid and nervous. Especially if you are a girl, and step up to Arab country.

Without any discrimination, I did feel this feeling when I step inside the airport, those all man eyes were looking at me and see in “naughty and curious view”, I was not so comfort before, but later on, I tried to beat my nervous and just walked like I am there everyday.

As you may know, there’s lot of Indonesian workers that work in Arab country. So they always have a prejudice that people from Indonesia are workers for them, get the money from them, that’s bad. Sometimes I feel they see Indonesian so low. But that’s only from my point of view, so maybe I am wrong. That’s only a feeling that I get when I am there.

Nevertheless, I also met with nice guy there. He is a sim card seller, so he quite nice with me, because he thought I will buy the sim card for my phone I think, lol.

Well, after arrived in the airport, I didn’t hear the airplane crew tell something. I just followed the crowd to go inside a bus. The bus that I know will bring us to the main airport. I see around and I found another western people, 3 person, and also another people that not wear the red Batik uniform (see my previous article to understand), so I think it all were good.

We came up stair and arrived in one room. That’s weird, I think to myself. I didn’t see any other people except the ones who came with us in the same bus. More than that, there’s none any sign about next airplane schedule/gate sign/any normal sign that you used to see in the airport. The room is so empty. And as far as my eyes can see, all are the pilgrimage group. I feel weird, and also the others western and people who not wear the batik.

Later on, we found out, that the room is specially for that group. It was like preparing by the tour agent to gather the group in one place and give them another instruction to follow.

So we, around 7 people go with another bus to the right place.
I can heard the Arab man is talking very loud with accent as mad man to his partner. Anyway, they brought us to another place. Now I hope we are already arrived correctly.

In this place I met with a nice Arab guy I told before. He first suggest me to fill some form, but later on when he found out that I am only transit so he told me to go to a counter. So me and another bules (western people, we called them in Indonesia as “Bule”) went to the counter and there was 2 guy served us.
After checked our passport, visa and else, they ask us to go up stair and go to the main airport. We took the stairs, I am so tired and exhausted, my spine started to hurt. And we were really more confuse when we can not open the door to go inside.

It was the glass door, so we can see all those crowd checking theirself in immigration lines, and we can not come just standing like a mannequin in the store. People go here and there and saw us, but do and say nothing. I tried to knock, no one cares. So I went down  to meet the crew behind the desk. They made a phone in Arab language and tell me that the door will be opened.
And I just knew, we have to wait because they were in prayer.
We respect their private time, wait patiently and finally the door opened.

After passed the immigration counter, I need to go to female check room. So in Arab, you need to go to scan machine and put all your stuff in the moving machine to check whether you bring dangerous stuff, in the meantime, you go to a room which is only for women, and there will be a woman guard that will check your whole body. Thank God you don’t need to be naked, lol.. I ever heard something as extreme as that, or maybe they will do that if you found guilty of something you bring.

Done with the check up things, I feel weird when see the room straight from immigration counter is shop. The duty free shop. So where is the waiting room and flight information? I tried to ask to the bule woman which go together with me to Paris, she also don’t know.

I just continued walk and find the place that I’m looking for. When I asked about my flight, a guy answer me that I just need to watch over the information on the television to make sure about my flight, and wait for them to announce when time to boarding come. Really weird. They even didn’t tell you which gate. So I just tried to find out where is the electricity source so I can charge my Blackberry and Tab, since they all almost die. I am so lucky cause I asked to a guy who bring a bread and a coffee in his hands, and asked me to follow him, and he show the source. It was behind the gate desk,so good I asked him, cause I don’t see in elsewhere for another electricity source.

My favorite game in the tab is a word game, which you have to do diagonally or horizontally or vertically or backward to find a word. It’s good to kill the time, but also something put some headaches to your head and make you want to throw it away cause you still don’t find the last word.. hahahhaa..

Oh well, I could tell here, that the bules were so surprised when they know I’m going to Paris same like them.. Ehmm… don’t underestimate please, hehehe, we also can have a dream and go for our dreams 😉

Well around 4 hours I spent in the waiting room. I don’t buy anything in the airport. I still have on me, a cup of water which I got from the airplane, cause I forgot to bring the tumblr (not a blog) as suggested by most traveller, so you can keep tap water inside and you don’t need to spend money for water. Tap water in Europe, mostly can be drunk, cool!

The thing that I don’t like in this airport is they don’t have any internet access. Free wifi or even when you are eating in a cafe, they don’t have it. So I can’t contact my family in Indonesia and my sister in France to give them news that I already arrived safely in Jeddah. Well, I hope they were think I’m good and fine.

When finally I heard the information about flight to Paris, it’s already 12 am in Jeddah time, which are 4 hours different from Jakarta, and 2 hours different from Paris I think.

I followed the crowd and wait for my time to let the crew see my passport and visa.

I’m ready for the journey to Paris, can’t wait to see it soon!!



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