First time arrive in Paris…

I arrived around 6 in the morning in Charles de Gaulle airport.

I was quite worrying before about my baggage. Since sometimes they need to check it if they thought you bring something strange in your luggage. For me, it didn’t mean that I bring something like that, but because it will really complicated if they asked me to open the luggage and check one by one the stuff I bring and in the end, I need to tidied up everything and put it back to my luggage.

It was a quiet morning. Only few people I saw in the airport and I just follow those who with me in the same flight. I felt a little bit nerve, because I know this city really modern and I am worry if I can not the rule here. Well, the safest way is to continue following them. I saw the baggage waiting room. After wait for almost 20 minutes, finally I saw the bright green of my baggage. Yiiipiiiee…

I saw a very efficient woman always make sure whether the bag come or not. She has short hair, red lips with a very efficient clothes and heels. I called efficient cause it’s really true give the feeling that she is very competing with her jobs, hehehe.

She speak in french and it brings me to remember the fact. I am now in PARIS!! YAYYYY!!!

All the dreams, prayers, hard works to make it come true finally reward me with Paris.

OMG!! I still can not believe that I finally stepped out my feet to this land.

I still remember those years when the first time I knew internet, the first time I knew about other countries, the first time I had a dream to go to Paris, France, and made me learn their language in Centre Culturel Francais in Jakarta. It was a dream since looooong time ago, and in the next 10 years maybe, finally come true. Thank you God. Really thank You.

I saw the sign board. Exit. Without any machine or any people who asked me or check my passport, visa, etc. So I just go straight to the waiting room. I saw it’s a 2 D sign board. I gave message to my sister that I am waiting them in 2 D. It’s so funny cause I am actually in 2 C. 2 D is in another building front of me. But because I was writing to her I am waiting in 2 D, so the misinformation happened and make us really can not see to each other and getting dizzy for sometimes. My phone credit also empty because of sending text and else. Too bad, I don’t understand how to connect to wifi at that moment. Actually in CDG airport, you can get free wifi for 15 minutes. It’s enough to send urgent text/else.

When I am waiting to her, a black guy come to me. As I look at him, I knew that he try to get something from me. Money mostly. He really not look so good. He has yellow teeth and mostly of his tooth not in there anymore. He uses dirty clothes and smell a bit. He tried to greet me with Chinnese greeting, “Ni hao?” I think, he thought that I am Chinnese, hehehe. And my reflect is, “I can speak English” but saying that in English, very stupid huh?! He said, “Can you give me money to eat?” I replied, “No no, I can not speak English” hahaha, that’s very funny. I heard lots of people told me about thieves and beggar in Paris, but I didn’t expect it is also in the airport, inside of the airport. Because he failed to get some money from me, he try to get from another person in front of me. But sound he also failed.

Finally, I saw my sister, my brother in law and my youngest niece, Chloe. Yayyyy!!!

My sister looks so happy and not change at all, except her size of course, lol. But she didn’t look so cliche as how usually people will try to look after they move to Europe! And my brother in law looks taller, bigger, and has a quite long hair, hahaha. Time to cut your hair brother!

Then, Chloe!!

Sooooo cute! The funny thing about technology is when it can be bridget whenever or whatever you are now, so I feel like already saw her for so long, even that was my first time in real see her. It’s so good to hug and lift her body in real for sure. She’s so cute, a good mixture from Asian blood and French. I wonder how she will look like in the future, hehehe.


So the adventure begins.

Welcome to Paris. Welcome to the city of love. Welcome to your dream. Welcome to the city of beret, croissants, cheese and wine.

I am so excited seeing everything, and the first time I saw the city from car window, I feel like “wow, wow, wow” hehehee… It’s so funny cause in France, a baby can not sit in front seat. The baby has to sit in special seated for the car and should be put in the middle row inside of the car. It means my sister has to sit next to Chloe, which has special chair. So I need to sit in front, next with Greg, my brother in law who drives the car.

France use the right position way to driving. So the driver sit in the left, and passenger in the right. It’s confusing for me, since in Jakarta is in the opposite way. Many times I opened the door of the driver side, and Greg laugh at me, cause he thinks that I want to drive the car. Hahaha, absolutely I can’t. Not only it makes you always do a mistake when open the door, it also brings you a weird feeling when you sit nicely in the car and the car start to walk in the opposite way as usually you feel in Jakarta. Most of times I felt like the car want to crash or we ride in the wrong way, need times to adapt with this such of condition.

We go directly to my sister apartment. The first plan is to go straightly see the city after I arrived in Paris, but it turns out that I am feeling so tired. I told to my sister whether I can close my eyes for a while, it was around 9 in the morning I think. But I end up awake around 2 pm, hahahaa… My body is so tired and maybe because I can’t sleep really well in the plane before.


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