Hello Eiffel Tower!!!

After a short but full with good quality sleep, I feel much better and ready to see the city.

Then I found out that my sister and brother in law were waiting for me while I sleep. They saw me really deep in sleep and don’t want to wake me up, cause my face looks really tired. Awww, that was so sweet!


In a rush I change my dress, I took one with the flowery pattern. Sssttt… I already prepared a lot for this trip. As a woman it should be an important hint to be great in the picture! LOL. We usually do mix and match about the dress before wear it for real. That’s also happen with me. I already prepared a red hat, my fave hat, dress and boots. I still remember when I was talking with a friend in What’s app, I told him that I will bring 5 shoes, 2 boots, 1 sport shoes, 1 sandal, and 1 flat shoes. He like, “What, Dea?! 2 boots for what” shortly I replied, “For a catwalk” LOL

It was already late for a day trip, so we just went to Eiffel Tower and do a groceries shop. Well, lots of people told to me before that I must manage my expectation about Eiffel Tower. A friend also told me that she had a bad experience when she was in Paris, she was met up with some beggars that trying to get something from her and asked for money. Another friend told me, that mostly Japanese that visit Eiffel will return to their country with disappointment cause Eiffel is not as their imagination before. Eiffel is only brown iron tower which not so romantic as it sounds or as how the romantic movie makes impression about this famous tower.


But for me, when the first time I saw Eiffel, in the very hot afternoon. I feel soooooooo amazing. I feel so close and feel so warm inside my heart. All those counting days I count before to see this huge tower for real can not compare with the emotions I felt that day. It’s true that Summer not so good for those who want to find quiet place or want to enjoy the area by own self. Lots of tourist in everywhere, absolutely Eiffel tower becomes their number 1 priority to visit. I saw lots of Asian, Indonesian also, and much much much more people around the world. The area around Eiffel is so hip, crowded and unorganized. But I like it! A lot as I can say.

I saw lots of people tried to gain pedestrian attention by showing some magic card or gambling. It was an old trick to let someone (usually his own friend) to put a high bet in high amount of money to attract attention from people and make them also want to try their luck. The game mostly like guessing which one the red ball hiding under 3 bowles which they tried to make us confuse with turning it around and around and around, and asked us to guessing.

Lots of Romanian and Black people also which I already warned many times about thieves and beggars. And yes I am definitely agree to watch up my bag carefully wherever I am go. All the travelers should do that, wherever they go. Especially the stuff such as our passport, visa or money. You just need to be careful with your belongings. And don’t let those strange people ruin your mood of enjoying the Eiffel and Seine River.

I saw a huge park which everyone can just sit there, have a talk or two with their loved ones, do the picnic, or just take a rest after continue walking around. Also a beautiful fountain which they use to refresh their self, I saw adult who took off their shoes, and put their feet to the water, and mostly kids took off their clothes and swimming in the fountain, which is allowed. The place is really full with people but for the local people themselves, they were going to other countries as well to take their Summer break vacation. It’s funny how the city like exchanging the people who live there for the Summer.

I didn’t go up to the tower. Things that quite bad from traveling in Summer time, that all the line was so looong!! Except the price was so expensive for me, hehehee. I don’t bring lots of money since the plan to Europe only happened in 2 months before I finally go there, so I can’t 100% save my money for the trip.  I think it costs you around € 12/person to go up to the Eiffel with the lift. I believe it will be a priceless moment, but another reason why I didn’t climb to the top (with lift of course) cause it will be really sweet if I go there with someone I love (ahem!!) so better I wait for the right time, hihihiiii…

But I do take a chance with the carousel in Paris. Yayyyy!! As I always see about pictures in Paris, people related the Eiffel and Carousel. But yes of course they do, since the carousel is like a trademark for Paris image. There are 2 carousel over there. And I feel like a little princess while climb up the fake beautiful horse and enjoying the riding with the classical and joyful sound from the machine. My brother in law was shaking his head when he saw me wearing a dress but climbing the horse enthusiastic like a child. I do feel like a kid anyway. Glad I have a sister who suddenly become a freelance photographer, lol, she busy taking pictures of me, while I was enjoying the riding for 15 minutes around € 6, money money money 😛

Now I can say honestly, I wanna back to the Eiffel Tower. It’s not just a tower. It’s EIFFEL!! And so PRETTY indeed. Eiffel is a place where you can eat Creeps, Lollypop, Ice Cream and feel like in Fairy Tale, where the street artist try to get some attention by doing their performance on other hands some people reading a book in the park – definitely like Paris in my mind 🙂




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