Wipe your eyes (an idea I took from Maroon 5 song title)

On my way from Jakarta to Bali, exactly in my right, there was lots of white clouds which are flying around. Seems to me like children playing hide and seek, or try to pretend as some object that might be extensively cute or fun, depends on how your imagination think. Sometimes I saw it as Castle, sometimes as bird, sometimes as dinosaur, or maybe like the Easter rabbit. To kill my time when flying in the afternoon, sometimes I like to play a game on my mind, creating some objects from the clouds and imagine those objects can speak to each other and watching thoroughly through our plane, making some jokes about passengers who sometimes sleep with mouth open, hahaha.

Then my fingers tried to search for some music in the music playlist in front of me. Well, I found Maroon 5 album, could be fun to hear it, since I never hear their new album, Overexposed, from a to z. My eyes catch the song with title, “Wipe your eyes”. As usual, the song sounds easy to listening, a bit mellow and Adam Levine’s voice always sound so good for me to hear :p

During the song, my fingers write this :

“As you turn out to be someone you never imagined before, because of all those darkest and brightest days that were brought you to this very day. To your place now. A place called TODAY. When you feel you are no longer being strong enough to handle every things that seem to be burdening your back, what do you want to do is simply only to sit back, dream nothing, breathe and wipe your eyes.

All those tears, sweat and emotions you throw day by days only make you able to find your own happiness, to help you find your own paradise and to prove to the world that you are something, not nothing, and you deserve more and better, you never want to settle for something less than you should deserve, but then again, you feel like you are only fooling your self. By standing tall, you are pretending you are okay, you are tough, but in fact, you are vulnerable, inside of you is a very weak glass that easily can be broken anytime. And no one understand. No one really close to know what do you feel. What do you want to do is only wiping your eyes.

Looking back to your past, you wish that it was happened in different way. You wish that it was whitest as clouds up in the sky. You wish it was no tears, less tears and lots of laughing and smile. Less gray, but lots of pink and yellow. But it wasn’t. There were some different story to make you understand more about life and yourself. There were some colors to help you painted your life beautifully. Sometimes it could be dark black to make it bolder, sometimes it could be as bright as the orange tulip, or a mysterious purple of the blueberry. Those colors help you to remember that those days are ever exist. You can’t hide, you can’t run, you can’t escape, then what do you want to do only to wipe your eyes.

When you wipe your eyes, you wish that everything will be clear enough to see, a new beginning, a new story, a new life. Dry enough to make it easy to draw as a new picture. Dry enough, until it feels no hurt anymore, until the tears will not come anymore, dry enough until it’s only you and your soul together against the world. So, what do you want to do, is to wiping your eyes. Nothing more.


In quiet times, when you expect nothing, there will come a day. A day called TODAY. When you can able to wipe your eyes, play in the rhythm, breathe freely and simply live again. You might ever lost your way. You might ever lost your strength. You might ever lose your faith. You might ever lose your hope. You might only want to be alone. But actually, you are not alone. Lots of people feel the same way as you feel. Maybe I am either, when I’m writing this. You are not alone, so do I. Don’t be worry, don’t be afraid, don’t be sad, don’t get stuck, what we should to do now, just wipe our eyes, until it dry enough, to help us see clearly, then we move again, we walk again, breathe again and simply live again, again, and again” 🙂



Starbucks, Plaza Indonesia – Jakarta, Oct 13, 2012 16:10


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