No Longer Blind

Life is full with mystery as from I can see. Yesterday you can feel you were in darkest hole which you think you will never can be able to pass the time. It looks like forever. It looks like never end. It looks like you’re going to dead soon. Then it turns not! Eventually, the light come and shine your way. You are no longer in the hole. You are no longer in the dark. Your soul awake, your soul riser and it seems that the answers of your problems and question are exactly in the end of the road. You are so close to your solution. Instead of mourning, now you can tell to your self, that those darkest moment can not be compared to the joy you found in the end of the road.

For me myself, I have been in most of misery, and sometimes I feel I can not longer able to pass it by my own strength. Every where I go, I feel fed up and my emotions going to be numb and feel like there’s no solution out. I almost giving up.

Then again, I am grateful for those people around me that fills me with lots of cares and love. A love that really true toward me even they see my very dark side.

I can remember exactly how I want to give up of this life, give up of my dreams, give up to love again, give up of my self, then come people who cheer me up, give me a reason to be happy, send me a hug and tell me that I am not alone.

Sometimes they even don’t realize, that they did HUGE motivation and brought me out from my empty hole and give me such a fresh inspiration to keep moving, to keep alive in it’s very positive way, to see myself as a conquer not a victim, as a decision maker of my own life, not a follower of decision people who made it for me.

Those people awakening my soul. They sent me kindness. God sent them for me. God Himself helps me by their existence. God use them as an answer. And the answer sometimes work in very amazing way, which I can’t understand. And no need to be understood. Now my soul awake, now my soul arise, now my head better, now my soul peaceful.

Walk in this life with God, is the best way I can do to bring out the most of life could have. To understand my purpose in this very unpredictable life. When I am weak, He gives me strength. When I am disease, He heals my pains. When my season ends, He makes everything new. He makes everything good for me, so I can glorified Him in every season I have, in every way I make, in every act I do, in every words I speak. He took away my shame, awakening my soul, He set my eyes to see only Him, not my past, not my mistake, not my weakness, but Him.

Now my soul awake and rejoice, cause I know He will bring me from one glory to another. I will not regret what life gives me until now, taught me, bring me to, cause I know He makes everything work for my good. I am no longer blind. He set my eyes fix to Him. The best is yet to come!!

Home, 2.45 pm, Oct 14, 2012.


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