Arc du Triomphe and Madeleine

It’s been a while since I didn’t write anything about my journey experience in France. Well, it is really true, when you are in the middle of journey, better you write it what you feel and experience immediately rather than the excitement goes away already with the time. For my case, I try my best to re-write what I feel when I was there.

And sometimes I feel my English vocabulary is so poor as a bitter coffee, I don’t have too much words so I use what I know over and over again. It seems to make you a little bit boring, but I hope you can bear with me. I mean, I still try to practice my English as much as I can, by writing, reading, listening or even singing out loud English with my false voices, lol. I even make a short video sometimes when I was traveling and try to explain the feeling with my trip in English, and then a friend asked me, why I always say things in English.. I answered : I am practicing.

Anyway, let’s continue with the story..

Next day after we went to Montmartre, we go to Arc du Triomphe. Honestly to say, my vacation that time was not such full of busy schedule as what people might think about being traveler. I put my trip here as really an enjoyable time which goes smoothly. I mean, we usually go in the mid-day, right after lunch. First because my brother in law has another thing to do regarding to clean up his dad’s apartment and bring some stuff to his apartment. Also for me personally, I need to adapt with the local time, especially my body need some adaptation, maybe that’s what they called as “jetlag”.  So it was a good help for me to not got shock suddenly with the difference time and else. It was also a funny feeling when you realize mostly of your friends in the office at certain time are still at work and for you, it was already a sleep time. Sometimes, I just can sleep in very early morning French time, after talk with friends that still wake up in Jakarta. Because of that habit, of course I was sleep in always in the next day (ups!) So for a week in Paris, I was not go to many places, only around Paris, but that’s more than enough for me, as my sister said, “you can be here again anytime in the future” 😉

If you are an addict traveler and read my blog, don’t expect me to explain to you a practice route or way to go from place to places, I prefer to write some of my experience in my personal thinking, so my opinion is not absolute. I guess many people which will or had different experience in places that I visit.


It was a little bit gloomy and windy day, and we went to Arc du Triomphe without knowing that people already gathered there for expecting a group of Olympic Athletes to come and parade in the street. Due to the ending of the Olympic game few days ago, the athletes want to say thank you by meet up with all the fans in the street. What I mean with the meet up here, is they are waving hands to their fans from the bus and fans will wave back, scream, applause or saying some proud statement about things they already did for the country. All Blues are in their action and people were craving for it 😉

First I was thinking, oh my! This place is so crowded, I feel like arrived in the wrong place and wrong station. Too many people , I can not count. But later on we knew that they were waiting for that athletes. After they gone, the street was back to normal, and we can do proper picture with Arc du Triomphe as our background, Lol.

After short picture session moment, we went to Madeleine. I don’t want to walk a lot that time in Champs Elysees, the new boots I brought is such killing me. My feet became red because of the leather. It quite terrible hurt and I felt like I want to throwing the boots then just barefoot in Champs Elysees, but I can survive the whole day – have to!!. Champs Elysees is a long beautiful road with lots of expensive store in left and right side of the street. Very famous street, you absolutely will hear Champs Elysees related to Paris. At this street, there is some chestnuts trees which pretty cool indeed, even I didn’t see the chestnuts at all, hahaha.

Talk about Madeleine, it was a very place to visit for me since I am googling about Paris. I don’t know what make it different with any other church in Paris, but hear from the name, it’s so French, don’t you think? 😉 Madeleine – I remember ever watched a cartoon movie about Madeleine the orphanage girl, which I inspire to get my red hat and dress from that movie, and the Madeleine cookies (also from France), so this name is something! I really wonder how the church will look like. I guess it will look a little bit feminine as it name. Comparing to Sacre Coeur, yes it is. Very elegant and feel like influence by some of Greece architecture I guess.

We had to meet with my brother in law’s sister and boyfriend there, I was met them like 2 years ago in my sister’s wedding in Jakarta. It was so good to see them again, and both are very sporty and lovely couple as I can say 🙂

In the entrance gate of the church, you can see beautiful flowers indeed. Me and my sister did take some pictures of course after seeing those flowers, hahhaaa.. What I love being in Europe is, you can see lots of flowers everywhere. That’s not that much such in Jakarta. In Jakarta, I even can not imagine there will be flowers so beautifully in the street. As I ever wrote, I think some people will screw it by taking the flowers home, or the corrupt workers will not watering the flowers and let it die soon. Anyway, comparing to the weather, also in Europe flowers can grow up so fast and pretty.

We did take visit inside of the Madeleine, even not so long cause we need to go to other places as well. It’s not that huge as Sacre Couer, but it is really a nice and peaceful church. Very peaceful inside with it’s unique charm. And as I guess before, I indeed felt a feminine atmosphere there. I was prayed a little prayer, people said ; you need to go to certain area in Notredame, then you will come back to Paris again. But there, in Madeleine church, I was praying for I have another chance to go back seeing Paris again in the future. May God heard my pray 🙂

Every street in Paris is really beautiful, that’s why people always try to find some inspiration there. Just by sitting in one of that cafe, you will feel like the Paris soul come inside your heart and you have a new spirit. An artistic feeling. Well, at least for me, who come to Paris for the first time, maybe for the locals, is not feeling that way…

We sat in one of a good cafe in front of Madeleine, so we can see people walk in and out in the road. I realized that cafe in Paris has this sitting organize style, which they put all the chairs to go see front in the same row, I mean, not like facing face to face seating style, but this cafe is different, maybe it was supposed to have front row seating style also, but we made it as square table, so we can talk to each other. There I was trying first coffee in Paris, hahahaa, such a special experience, well, I really prefer St*rb*cks that I usually take here, hehehee, that coffee can not win my special feeling comparing to this brand. Well, talk about this brand of coffee, I can not find it many in Europe country I visited. In France, I only saw it in Louvre, I remember I saw girls hands cup of coffee and I am eagerly asked them where did they buy the coffee, because I was craving for it, hahaha so funny. French people usually only drink black coffee without sugar and cream, and they do use sugar in small block, well in Indonesia, we usually use sugar in grains form. They said coffee with milk and cream as an American coffee 😉

When women as me and my sister are in love with sweet-whipped cream-coffee-who-make-us-gain-some-fat-as-usual, French prefer white wine in that afternoon time, as what my brother in law, sister and her boyfriend took. For Chloe, I guess it was the first time for her cafe-ing in Paris, hahahaa… She such a cute baby, wasn’t cry and just see people here and there with her curious eyes, a very kind baby indeed to hang out with, hahhaa…

Back from the cafe, after made appointment to meet up again in a dinner with my brother in law’s sister and her boyfriend, Greg – my brother in law, took me to the metro station, and taught me how to go around with metro, such as how to buy the ticket, and how to go transfer from one station to another, I was so exciting cause tomorrow, I will go around Paris with metro by myself.

Despite my crazy boots and sore legs, that day was really pretty good, as usual… how I wish to feel more and more days stay in Paris… ehmmm….


-dea- 22:51 pm | at my room


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