Those Footprints

As I look back at my life, there are some footprints that leave behind, some are started to fade away, some still boldly I can see,

The footprints I made when I was walking or just got lost, footprints that make me as I am now, to make me understand life from my very point of view…

As I look to the mirror, I know everything is happen for a reason, once you were there to hug me so tight and lift me up,

Once you just being quiet and leave me without any reason, it was all help me to be strong, to be tough, to be who I am now,

Your charms, your smile, your eyes, your words, your hands, your shadow, your power, those help me to seeing life in new opinion, to not only have a prejudice but instead experience it with my own way.

You help me by my tears, you help me by my joy, you help me by my weakness, and those footprints will never disappear without any marks, it was good, it was bad, but the marks exist.

My footprints still lots to come,

My dreams still draw so close,

My brains still there to work,

My faith gives me a reason to continue,

My life is not stopping here today,

I will make another footprints, I am now making those footprints.

It is me and my soul against the world,

Surrounding by love from those who care to me, my God, my family, my friends, my dogs and even YOU,

Together they are inspire me to make another footprints in life, to make life as I always want it to be, a life which brings me to meet so many people and things,

People who from them I learn a lot, people who from them I know what is tears and what is joy, people who taught me to be strong, to be weak, to be someone I am now to be.

As I am continue to walking in this road,

I will never forget who I am,

From where I do come,

The very core soul that I have.

I will never forget those people who love me unconditionally,

People who trust in me, see me beyond what I see about my own self, people who care me enough to say “No”, people who will slap me for my own good, people who give me their sincere attention and pray for me, people who will put smile on my face and have faith in me, people who will wash tears from my eyes, who make me strong, who make me believe, that life is really worth it to risk, my dreams are worth to risk.

I will not settle for less than I deserve.

As I am continue walking in this narrow path,

Sometimes I go check and look my back, not much as I am looking forward in hope about another new days ahead.

I know everything is happen for a reason, every rendezvous are worth to experience, every moments I felt, it was there for a reason, which sometimes I don’t even understand..

But there is a reason behind, a reason to make me and you as become who we are now, to make us continue make those footprints with our steps, to continue living our life to the fullest, because we are designed to live our life until every drops sweat we can give out..

Until we are no more questioning about our life, about what we can reach, what if, what if not, until we look back to those footprints and we know we already learned a lot, and we are not regretting at all, all those moments, all those lesson, all those experiences, all those footprints..

Until we know those things always happen for a reason,

Until then… life is worth to risk.


dea 20:31 pm | 22 Oct 2012


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