Ujung Kulon – Java Island, Indonesia

Hello world, am I too addicted to travel? I think the answer is yes. Even I can’t stay for a while in same routine boring days. I don’t say my days are boring, but getting stuck in Jakarta’s traffic sometimes can make you crazy and make a good reason for you to escape for a while from those stuck hot sweating days.

For me, or I should say us, we chose to go to Ujung Kulon to escape and feel the sea breeze. Ujung Kulon is still located in Java island. Actually it is located in the very edge of Java island. So it is really cool to go there. Especially because in Ujung Kulon, government of Indonesia make the area as National Park, where the wild animals can live there freely and the forest still not touching by human.

So we have a day off, national holiday on Friday, 26 October, we started our journey from a mall as our meeting point. We went at 11 pm and arrive in place called Sumur, Pandeglang, Banten at 4.30 am. Still dark! So we can not go straightly to Peucang island, place for us to stay over.

Served by a delicious yellow rice, fried banana and also tea and some coffee for the lucky one (I’m not that lucky, too bad!) we eat our breakfast and enjoying the scenery around. It was so beautiful. I was sleeping at a humble rottan gazebo while waiting for our time to go to Peucang island, and woke up by the sound of the water. I was thinking I am dreaming, but I was not. I see directly on my left, a sea, not so huge cause it’s kind of sea with people use it as port. But my adrenaline blood seems like raising up as well, wow, we are close to the adventure! I’m really looking forward for it. The atmosphere quite a little bit look like in a myth world, purple, blue and grey was mixed as one. Resulting us very beautiful pictures actually. We were go to the bridge (not actually a bridge, but I don’t find the proper word to express it), and we took some pictures around, and our self as well.

We went to Peucang at 8 am, and the journey took around 3 hours. At that day, the weather is not so nice. Very heavy gloomy. I was afraid we will wet in the middle of the sea. I can’t imagine if it was hard rain falling down, what happened with the boat. I believe the boat is strong enough, but everything will be wet and we won’t enjoy the journey as well.  Thank God, there’s no raining in the middle of our journey. It was finally down when we were arrived in Peucang island and did the snorkels. Actually I never been in the sea in the middle of raining, it’s really fun to swimming, running in the beach and getting wet! Really wet!! Hahaha.

Once when we were on the boat, I was really so tired and can sleep like a death. I was sleeping and suddenly my friend, Emma, woke me up, cause the wave getting stronger and the boat shaking a lot. She quite afraid and tried to sleep next to me. Me also pray, perhaps nothing happen. I can’t imagine how people can live in the ship for long time. Sometimes I feel, sea is really beautiful in the daylight, but when the night come, those blue water looks so dark and make you feel you are in different world, an unknown world.

It’s really funny when I was exciting jumping from the boat to the sea, suddenly I feel many itchy in my skin. Even I also wear a clothes, the tickle can come inside of my clothes. I was really shocked and worry as well. What’s that? What’s that? Is it poisoning us or can damage our skin? Then it turned out that baby jellyfish cause those itchy. Very small and transparent like a jelly and we only can see some black dot inside of the jelly. So there’s true that jelly fish can make you death by their electrical bite and poison, since the baby itself already can make us so itchy.

But for few times swimming in that sea, I am getting familiar with the feeling and enjoying water as well. Oh I love water soooo much!! The sun, the beach, the trees, the lands, I feel like I am belong to the nature. Hahahaaa…

Well, comparing for other place, such as Belitong and Nusa Dua, snorkels in Peucang Island is not so great as those places (I’ve only visited that place, so I’m comparing to them). But every each place has it special unique atmosphere. For me personally, I like Ujung Kulon and the islands around because it’s nature, un-touch and wild atmosphere so interesting for me. I enjoy every minutes I am being there. The secret of true traveller is you should remember that travel is not about the destination, but about enjoying the journey there. How you blend to the local, how you see such as they see, how you respect their culture and nature, and how you adapt with the different with you usually have, that’s the point of being traveller. If you always comparing one place to another, you won’t enjoy your trip and of course you don’t get the charm in that place.

We don’t have electricity in the island except from 6 pm until morning. At that time, they also in a dry situation, so it’s really hard to get fresh water. That’s why the available water only 1 can, which is you need to share with your roommates. Quite poor! But you MUST enjoy it! That’s the purpose of travel, especially if you call yourself as backpacker, hahhaaa… Don’t compare an unknown place with 5 stars hotel with excellent facilities, you will feel not satisfy in anything.


In generally, I enjoy the trip, it was nice to know the people in trip are also awesome and nice to be with. The tour leader also do some effort with care in detail, such as bring us coffee, tea, fruit, coca cola, that was a very thoughtful I think.

For me personally, I really glad being there. First time for me go into the forest and staying in house which lots of deers, monkeys and pigs outside the house. Also living very humble by adapting the situation there, with few electricity and lack of water but still able to be happy.

I’m looking forward for another trip around Indonesia. My country is so beautiful!!!





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