Notre Dame – Patheon – Quartier Latin


Today is Friday!! And I was soooo bored to the death waiting for the clock exactly become 4.30 pm, which is our time to go home. But but, I just have a call from my friend that we will have a drink or two tonight. Good for me, it will be a fun time for sure 😉 – the problem is, it’s quite late for our appointment to meet, and because the place near with my office, so I better to stay at office, waiting for the time, reading my material for tomorrow’s exam, but for now, spending my time, writing. It’s been a while since I didn’t continue my experience for last trip in Europe. I’m so sorry for myself, but thank God I have a good brain, so I still remember quite good for what happen in my trip.

While waiting the time clicking and clicking until I can grab my bag and go to Vin+, let’s continue the journey…

As I mention before that my brother in law, Greg, taught me how to use the public transportation around Paris, so I decide to go by my self the next day. Actually it was not by my self hihihii, since I have a friend from Couchsurfing in Paris. If you don’t know, Couchsurfing is a website for travelers who want to find friends before come to the country. Some people also can able to give you place to stay, that’s why the name is couchsurfing, which is referring to couch they will let you to use it for sleep (or if you lucky, you can get a room, complete with the bed inside, hahaha), or you also can just go hang out together, and ask them to show the city.

So I have this 2 friends from Paris. Both are nice. Both are showing me the city so I didn’t get lost 🙂

First one is Hakim, a Moroccan who live near with Eiffel tower. He is so sweet and we’re going around the Eiffel. We didn’t spend much time cause I need to go to other places and he also has a work to do. We were having a good conversation and he helps me to took photos in Eiffel, hihihii.. What’s the purpose of traveling if you don’t have your own pictures for your memories, hahahaa…  So I’m very lucky honestly, I have a friend along my journey, so at least there’s a proof of me visiting that places 😉


Hakim is a surfer and he ever visited Bali for surfing. I remember he told me that he will come to Indonesia for a surf camp. I never heard before, but I really amaze with his idea to leave the job fora year and go traveling to many countries. Wow!! I am definitely so jealous. If only Indonesia has the same system, which you can go around the world and you still get paid every month, I also wanna take a break from a work some moments, and exploring different culture and country around the world. But we don’t have that kind of system, we are too poor to even fulfill our people need, so that’s a dream of every people live here to have that kind of social security.


After a very short moment together, I went straightly to the fountain of St. Michel. It’s close with the famous Notre-Dame. Walking around Paris is so easy with the Metro, especially because they gave you the Metro map, and it is very clear system the direction to go from one place to another. They also explain you a lot in the map, in where you can transfer and catch another Metro to get to another places which are not in the same line as your Metro.

The price for one way ticket is around 1.2 euro, if you do lots of visiting place from places which are using Metro, better you buy the package, such as 12 tickets as per transaction, so it gets you cheaper. And the ticket can be used without any limited date. What really different for me is the cost of public transportation in Europe. Comparing to Indonesian money, only 10 minutes trip can be cost you Rp. 20.000 (1.5 euros) or more per one trip.

I met with Jean, another friend from Couchsurfing, in St. Michel fountain and we went to Notre Dame. But I saw there was too many people that queing outside the entry door, just want to come inside of the cathedral. Oh summer!! You made it’s so hard to enjoy many famous place. After seeing it’s impossible to follow the line, because it might need 2 hours or more only to get inside the Cathedral, so we thought better later I go to there, but so sad, I end up never visiting inside of the Notre Dame in my trip.

I was promise to someone, an Author of travel book, which her book I bought and read to find out about Benelux country (Belgium-Netherland-Luxembourg) and France, to make a picture in front of any place that she wrote in her book. So I just made a picture in front of Notre-Dame. Quite good picture actually, even at that time the time almost being dark.


Well, after seeing it was impossible to join the line, me and Jean go to other place. First he brought me to the bridge where so many couples put locks there, in hope that they will last forever with their couple. They write down the name of the couple and lock the key in the bridge. So romantic! If I already have a boyfriend, I should follow that myth, that’s just fun and sweet I think 😉

He told me that he want to show me something, so I follow him, and it was a really beautiful place! The name is Patheon. Jean told me that less of tourist in this place, cause mostly people only want to go to Notre-Dame. I really amazed with the building, inside and outside. It’s very detail and classic. I don’t understand why people nowadays can not enjoy being in church, that beautiful building such only become an admire object for some people without knowing or maybe forget the core function of this building. I said so, because when I was visiting a church, place where my sister and husband married, there are only few people in church, following the service. So few, even your fingers can count how many people that following the sermon.


Very different with us, in Indonesia, to held a service sometimes so difficult cause need so many permits and mostly we are too tight watched by the local and government, which sometimes not so comfortable. If we have that kind of beautiful church in Jakarta, absolutely we will be very totally happy, hahaha.


Before arrive in Patheon, there is a pretty small alley that become Jean’s favourite place to go, he is a photographer, so he does know which places are good for making a picture. We walk again and we arrive in Quartier Latin, it’s also including in travel places to visit in Paris suggestion by traveler website. In this place, mostly people go hang out in cafe, they said the price is not so expensive here. We take a break and enjoying a very sour lemon juice here. I thought juice is same like in Indonesia, water-fruit-sugar-ice, but it turns to be so many lemon, I think without water and sooooo sour. The more I put the sugar, the more I taste the sour. So I try to enjoy the drink dip by dip.


We end up the day by hanging around, sitting nicely in the park. In that park, there is a very huge mansion, called Marie de Medicis’ Royal Residence. We spent time in Luxemburg garden, a very pretty park. Usually I bought some snacks and water anywhere I go to avoid hungry and thirsty. Was good that in Europe, mostly you can drink from tap water, and tap water in the park usually very cold cause it comes straightly from the soil, so it’s veryyyy good!. Many people also spent their time in the garden, reading a book, talking, enjoying the sun and summer’s breeze


Time was going so fast that time. It’s almost 11 pm, even there was still some light. As we know that in Summer, sun tends to light longer than other season. But referring to time, I need to go back soon cause I’m returning to my place by Metro. I also feel a little bit tired since we mostly go one place to another by feet. Actually I was wondering what is Paris look like at night, especially the Eiffel. But maybe later I can go around Paris at night. I arrived home around 12 am as I remember, if you are in Indonesia, that’s soooo late. But because the sun just setting down, you didn’t feel late but suddenly your body feel so tired. It was a good day, and I’m so happy 🙂





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