Daily Battle

Do you know, in the middle of a battle, it is required a full heart and mind. A brain that function completely perfect and a body that fully health from up to down. Once you’re not fit in your heart and mind, you will lost the battle. Immediately, if you’re not focus, then you failed.

I thought life is as daily battle. How my attitude toward life and myself determine how this battle would be. Every morning after you woke up, you need to compile all your energies for a while before go out from your bed and set today’s resolution. Those plans you make for today will be just a thought of dream if you even don’t have energy to make a first step. So for me, being focus toward life, about what is my goals, are so important for my daily achievement.

Focus needs passion. Passion that will lead you to make your best in every foot prints you create. Passion will make your life full of spark and joy, like you never need to feel stress and suck about what you’re doing, cause you enjoy it the most, every details thing you made.

As written in Joyce Meyer’s book, “passion is not a feeling that comes and goes or a mood you wait to have in order to act on something. Passion is the way you approach life. No half hearted effort will produce true joy in our lives.”

When we embrace life with passion we won’t experience as much dread or regret. Our lives become filled with zeal for the present and we are become a now person. Someone who is fully living in the present and getting all they can out of each day.

What about if you lose your passion and can not focus in your daily’s battle? When life is knocking you down, and you try to stand up, but life is knocking you down again? Then you started to being bitter. Bitterness is a very dangerous feeling. The root of bitterness can leads you to many negativity and growing spread to places you never expected. If you never let go the bitterness from your life, years after, it will show up eventually and dread you down. Some bitterness can make someone’s life stop. Mentally and physically.

When it comes to “stuck of your mind, can not think anything, don’t have passion at life, knocking down so many times, and lose your direction, too tired to stand up and moving your steps,” all you and me can do better is still walk. Still walk with all you have. Still face your daily battle, whether you want it or not. For me myself, I always remember what Paulo Coelho’s write in one of his book, “Never give up. When your heart becomes tired, just walk with your legs, but move on.”

There’s no benefit at all by staying in the corner, with the dark of light, crying the whole times, careless or being bitter toward life, God or people around you, think you are the one who has the problem and no one can understand you. There’s no point stay with that attitude, cause your times ticking up, your daily battle still there, you’re going older and your life continues to move whether you’re being passionate toward your own life or not.

I fell, so many times. I lost my battle, I was knocking down by my expectations, by my past, by my experiences. I reached my below zero stage many times, I felt like my blood never there and my soul empty, I felt pity to myself. I tempted to stop..

But I keep walking.


And walking..

As long as I still have this breathe on my lungs, I will keep walking.

And somehow, I walk by faith, not by what I see.

All of my journey in life, I need to guard my heart, because from my heart, it will flows everything I do. My motivation. My passion. My desire. My goals.

I know I am human, I am weak as jellyfish. I am very vulnerable. Even my childhood taught me how to be a strong woman. Many times I want to give up and careless with life, many times I feel so alone, loneliness that can killing me from inside. Many times I want to stop and feel regret about what I’ve done or situation that I have.

That’s why I need someone who will take care of me. Once I fall, I will fall to His knees and let everything out from my lungs by my tears. Let all the pieces of shattered heart that I have become a complete puzzle on his hands. The good news for me is, I have God.

I am here believing that I am not alone passing my daily battle. I have someone who sufficient cover my past by His grace. I have His promises about my future. When I failed, I failed to His feet who will help me to stand up again without condemnation. Which help me to repentance from my old ways, to the new life that He want me to have.

Life is hard. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are feeling so down. Listen to your heart will only make you confusing, because naturally, your heart will follow your mood. I prefer to seek His promises, to remember what he said about me, to believe in strong hands that will never leave me, no matter what. He makes me possible to keep doing my daily battle. He knows my weakness and He still has a faith in me. I am fully equip to face my daily battle with Him around.  With Him on my journey, instead of thinking of my bitterness, He makes me able to still see life as beautifully insight, to show some kindness to those who needs, to form a new concept that life is not revolving around my problems only and I can learn many things while I still walk and showing kindness.

I feel blessed.

Even I know, I can not see anything ahead. I will walk by faith not by my sight.

“While you lost your energy, being close with Him is the only way you can do to restore your soul.”


Dea | 4 November 2012 | 5:56 pm


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