A Story of a Girl

This is a story of a girl.

Again, she was falling to a wrong guy.

This girl tried to take it easy and let it go. But later on, she continues to fell in a wrong guy.

She’s a positive girl, a cheerful one and she loves her life indeed. But she also doesn’t know what was wrong. She always end up by meeting wrong guys to mark her heart with pain and scars.

One day, she get up from her bed, she’s thinking, will today become same as another days? Will it be lonely and hardly to pass? Will it just be such as another ordinary days, without anyone who she can share the happiness and cup of coffee?

Then she tried to write down her feeling. Only one blank paper that can understand her heart more than anything else. She try to pour out all her dreams, all her pains, all her fears, all her ambition in that blank white long paper.

But her pen suddenly stuck.

She can not continue to write.

She feels so lonesome inside. She feels so despair. She always see positively about everything, but reality always drain her energy and try to bring her in a wrong-dark holes many times. She tries to run, she tries to escape, she tries to hide, but she always faces disappointment, she always end up meet with sadness, and again she always end up staying alone in this savage world.

She knows, she is not the only one, that feels hurt and pain. Many people around her that feel worst than her. She slowly wash a tear that suddenly flow in her cheek.

Times brought her to a glimpse of heaven. But time brought her also to be in hell on earth. To be in places which she doesn’t want to visit because it makes her can not breathe anymore. She thought she die already. But indeed miracle happens, she is breathing. She is alive.

The only thing that left is only her heart. A heart that many times being broken and try to be healed over and over again. A heart that still easily trust people that she love much and then again being disappointed by the same person. A heart that try to seeing life from it very best point of view no matter what already happened. A heart that still gold, even already be in fire, lots of times, but this heart still pure as a gold. A heart that still want to believe that beauties are still around there. A heart that teaches her how to be strong, how to cry and wash away her own tears by her own hands. A heart that speak to her that she is an unique girl, no one can replace her and no one can be her. A heart that always say that she is more than all those problems, she is more than those loneliness times, she is more than those breaking dreams, she is more than those obstacles that came up, she is far and far and far more beyond those things that make she weep. A heart that tells her to keep make a story, to keep move on, to keep make a meaning from every step she make, to keep walking no matter what, as long as she has breath in her lungs. A heart that give her reason to be alive.

She believes as long as she has a heart. She will be okay.

She close the book. She can’t write in the paper, but she wrote in her brains. She made a resolution from her bed.

She saw the clock. It’s time to start her day. It’s time to grab a bread and a cup of coffee. It’s time to do her daily routine. Work.

And she knows, she will not give up.


“It’s not about where you’ve been, it’s all about where you’re going.”


dea | November 14, 2012 3:05 pm


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