What a Night! {Owl City concert in Jakarta}

What a nite!

I heard about Owl City performed in Indonesia, in Jakarta precisely, already since a year ago. In their first concert here, I wasn’t able to come. I don’t know why. I think because the ticket was so expensive. Crazy price!! What I don’t understand for concert held in Jakarta, or big cities in Indonesia, are mostly soooo high expensive crazy price (you name it!). Even sometimes, you need to paid around $100 for a concert. That’s stupid right?! I won’t pay that much to seeing someone/a band from far away. Better to go check in the Youtube. More privately.

But tonight, is the exception.

Owl City come again to Jakarta, 14 November 2012 for their second performance. I really look forward for it. I bought the ticket like a month ago. Thanks God, for now, the ticket price was not so crazy. I paid idr 450.000 (around $45) for seeing them about 2 hours live. And it was worthed it. First I wanna see Creed performance in Guiness’s Arthur Days. I was attending first Guiness’s day here, while Lifehouse came, and it was so good performance too. Also good concept and event promotor. But now, I choose Adam Young and friends rather than Creed (I’m sorry dude!). Even some of my friends said Owl City kind of band powerless, I don’t think so, well, indeed I agree, their music is not so hard as Creed or Lifehouse’s music. But he has his own unique voice and music and I love it.

Since I know, Owl City is a good-easy-listening music, I chose to seat in Tribune class, rather than standing the whole night in Festival Class. People said, if you go to concert, it will not feel satisfied if you’re not screaming out loud and stand up in the first line, which is in Festival, if you lucky, you can get some things from the band. But who cares about what people said? Tonight is my night as well!! So I go on my own way, and enjoy every minutes of it.

What I did expect is a good weather tonight, since lately, there was always raining in Jakarta at night. Well, tonight it wasn’t. That’s good right? Maybe it was raining, but fortunately, I’m already inside the building 😉

I went alone to the concert.


Yes, alone!

It was my third times going alone to a concert I think (I forget!).

First was when Anggun concert in Mulia Hotel, Jakarta, then Ne-Yo, then Owl City. Some times, I can find my own self by doing something alone 🙂 and it was my “me-time”.

I changed my clothes from worker dress to a short pants and a tank-top. Who wants to see a concert wearing a worker uniform? Hahaha…

Traffic was so bad as usual.

But I arrived there around 1 hour before. I know that you can not come inside to a concert with a bottle of water/professional camera. So I just brought a pocket camera, and I was making a mistake by buy a cappuccino just before I join the queue to come inside the building. They told me to drink it all before come. But.. luckily I’m a girl, hahaha, who can avoid a girl’s charm? None right.. Lol. I told them, don’t worry, this cup will be definitely empty before the concert started. So, they allow me to go. Yiippiie, hahhaa.

Then I chose a place that straightly facing the stage. It was near with the video camera from the promotor.

Another trouble that might be happened if you go alone to everywhere, when you want to go to toilet, no one can look after your stuff. I brought a big bag, cause I will go to another place as well. Suddenly came 2 teenagers and sit next to me. They were starting to speak English really fluently. Wow! I was amazed about how many teenagers I met there who talking to their friends with English, with excellent accent. Wow! I don’t follow that Jakarta’s people now are so improving, hehhee..

I also notice that many parents come and brought their own kids, it’s so funny. First, the ticket is so expensive – even for me, a worker. How come they able to pay for 5 person for one family (for instance)… I can’t imagine it? Ckckckkk… Well, these kids extremely love Owl City too, and they sing their song, one by one. Wow!! Hahaha.. I feel so old…

Back to the 2 teenagers sat next to me, I asked their permission to go to toilet and perhaps they want to look after my bag. They want! I’m so lucky.

And as I guess…

Adam Young is so simple guy, only wore a t-shirt and a black long pants, but he’s looking soooo cute. Oh, I’m melted! Not only the voice of him exactly the same as their cd. But also how he always say “Thank you Jakarta, and God bless you” plus his voices and the songs, really make my heart melted. I enjoy all their songs as well, as I enjoy watching him singing so cool!! He is definitely so handsome.. hahhahaa…

I don’t count how many songs they sang. I always try to count in every concert I came, but end up, forget to count if because I’m too enjoy following the songs. Hihihiiii…

Around 10.30 pm, the concert finish, and I need to go to Emma’s house. Tomorrow morning we will have another journey. So I follow the crowded to find out taxi or any public transportation to bring me to Emma’s place. I can not find taxi 😦 too bad… too many people that night.

When I walked to find the taxi, a guy tried to gain my attention. It was dark cause not so much street’s lamps. I stop for a while because he insisted to ask me something. He asked about the direction to find a gate. I don’t really understand what’s he saying, and he always said, “I really don’t know cause I came from other place, can you help me?” But because I don’t understand his question, I told him, better you asked other person. I was lifting my bag on my back. So when I turn around, I almost collide with a guy. I don’t understand why he behind me, cause I was stop and talk with the other guy. If he want to walk, he should avoid me not standing on my back. Then I realise, he tried to steal something from my bag, cause I saw the zippers of my bag almost open a bit. Oh well, good Lord still protect me. Just a minute before that guy success to steal something from my bag, I already turned around my body and collide him.

Yes, you must really really be careful if you are in Jakarta.. too bad 😦 this city should be more safe for it’s people…

Then I decide to took the bus until another place, and after that take taxi to Emma’s house.

Another strange story happened.

I was stop in a place which I thought, better to stop there. When I walked, I saw a “girl” standing with only underwears in “her body”. First what I saw, wow, this “girl” don’t have fat belly.. hahaha *girl!!!* then I questioning myself, Is “she” really a “girl”? I am so curious until I asked a security in a restaurant, cause I saw around 2-3 girls with underwear only standing without shame in the street. I also wonder, what street I was stop it?

Then I found out, they are not “girls”.. Hahahaha… I’m jealous with a slim belly from “a not real girl”.. and that place is kind of prostitute place..Ckkkckckckk… what a nite!! From another situation to another situation, lol. I really amazing how randomly things happen in my life, such as my best friend Ika, always told me, “Dea, why your life is so randomly fill with different situation.” I also don’t know… Maybe because I took attention to everything, so I tend to seeing and feeling something deeply.

I continue my way by hoping a taxi come. Then again, no taxi. Ckckckkkkk… I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find taxi…. The security still accompany me while we talk about that prostitute street. Suddenly his friend bring out his motor and asked me, “where do you want to go miss?” I said a place, and he said, “oh, that’s same with my way, you can come with me if you want.”  Haaa… seriously.. cause the place is quite far.. but he convinced me that’s fine. So I get a free ride until the way to Emma’s house. We talked about the restaurant and his job. He is a chef in that restaurant and already worked for 10 years. He invite me to come to his restaurant. A really nice guy.

So the nite end up with a positive thing, hihihii..

And Emma listened to me who talk every situation I met tonight enthusiastic.. As usual, I talked a lot and she listen. Hihihii..

What a nite, huh?! 🙂


Dea | November 16, 2012, 8:13 pm


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