Everything Has a Limit, Life Goes On

when you ever made a women crying,
don’t expect her to see you in same eyes in another time.
when you throw those bad statements,
don’t ever expect it will not make any scar and disappear so easily,
cause it’s not,
its remain till the last.

she will forgive you,
she will forget it,
she will live through it,
but she will never think about you as the same she thought before.

she doesn’t hold grudges,
she doesn’t hold indignation,
she will easily to forgive you, forget everything that makes her hurt,
she can throw another smile to you,
and live her life as nothing happen before,

but don’t blame her,
if it’s always happen all the time then her heart becomes cold.

she will never give any respect to you again,
she will leave you in the middle,
she will walk on and forget.

it’s so normal. try to understand.

have you ever heard this statement, enough is enough.
the more you push her to be with you, the more she will go far away from you.

she used to stand so strong, she used to see everything from the brightest point of view. she used to forgive and forget all the time.
but heart has limited.
trying has it’s limit.
love can dries, just as died browns tree dying without the water.
and the answer will be look like this, “we’re not fit anymore. walk in to our own world is the best thing we can do now”.

as the sunshine comes to our window every early morning, everything changes just the way is it. there’s no one fault. it’s only happen, by the simple things we made in days before, all become so big, that we can not handle it again. i live my life without regret, now i never regret what we have before, and also i never regret my decision to let you go. the more important thing is, i never regret to let myself back off from yours.

there’s no point to regret at all anyway.
life goes on.
people come and go.
i still treasure our memories, all that we ever felt, we tasted, we cherished before. all are our treasure, and we can put it inside the box, close it, lock it, and never try to open it again.

put it under our head, fact is, we used to have that all, but now, they are all gone.

please don’t be pathetic.
love is strong while both of side has the same feeling.
but it will pathetic and sad if you try with all your heart when the others push you away.

it will hurt you, and it will make the other side go away far away.

maybe you took mistaken my want, i do want my man do his effort to get me, but it’s from man that i love. not from man that i’m losing interest now.

i sound mean, i sound bad, i sound evil, but it’s all the way i think now.
what i feel now, and i already explain in many ways, but if you still don’t wanna hear it. just mind your own business, and respect my privacy.

if i always looking back, i will not go anywhere.
chance is, life goes on, so God allows us to make another decision to breathe and choose where we wanna go.

perhaps that path makes us happy.
perhaps you will understand, love can not be pushed.

and i need my own life. alone.


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