A Short Note from Pekanbaru Trip


picture : a beautiful morning mist from my window view

Here I am, in a city named Pekanbaru. A part of Sumatera island, precisely it’s in the center of Sumatera. The weather is hot. I saw many dry grass here. A vast and large land which not so utilized, just leave standing alone with some wild grasses.

Just a day, before my sister and family come from France to celebrate Christmas and New Year together with the family in Jakarta, I’ve got the instruction to prepare my self go to this city. I always need to be ready.

I have no idea, what Pekanbaru will look like.

I thought, it will be nice as Jakarta, or at least as same as Palembang.

Accidentally, I met a nice family tonight. I was sitting alone, and feeling a little bit lonely thinking about how cheerful my home in Jakarta at the moment, while this family approached me and asked whether they can seat together in my chair. My table was set for 4 person, and I was sitting alone. Out of many empty tables with single or two person, they chose me, so I just nodded agreely. Then soon, we have a short conversation about what I am doing here, and about the city in generally.

Proudly they said to me, that their daughter is pursuit her career in Jakarta, in Taxes Institution, and now studying in US for her master. What a proud parents. We had a short comments about Jakarta and how they don’t love to stay in Jakarta, I could say nothing, cause I agree more. The traffic and bad pollutions can’t make you breathe freely and how easy someone becomes older than her real ages if living in Jakarta (true!).

They told me that the economic growth in the city is very fast. Comparing to other city in Sumatera. I don’t really smart in economy, micro or macro, but as my eyes can see, this city still need to be developed in so many ways.

I love here, you won’t feel so depressed in crazy-stuck-traffic-jam. But in other sides, this city still in its humble way. Many roads and homes need to be fixed. People can be more organized if their infrastructure well develop. I didn’t find any public transportation except taxi, which my company asked me to go everywhere with a certain taxi. They said, there is a bus, same as bus in Jakarta, the Trans Jakarta, operate only until 6 pm. But honestly, I haven’t seen it yet with my own eyes, so I can’t comment anything.

Our event is held in a large and famous oil company in the area. I went there this morning and spend the whole day following and thinking about some rules that need to be interpreting, understanding and if possible, make a feedback about this new rules. Such a hard times. But on behalf of my company, I really enjoy my time there, always like this, every time someone or something push me to use my brain and learn something, I feel like ecstasy. So I stay there, make some notes, try to give some comments, and involve in the group. I do enjoy it and guess, tomorrow will be hard as today. Who fears?

Talk about the business we do, I can see how it makes a good impact for people around. People can say bad about who steal who, but honestly if we can humbly enough to admit, we can say, “Yes, they make a good impact.” They provide job for the locals, they continue in many ways to improving the city, I can say that many road just built by these companies that also can be useful for them and also for the locals. But still, some hypocrite keep pointing all the blames to these companies and don’t realize what they already did to many people, including them – maybe!. For instance, I was enjoying a sight where some kids happier in swimming pool. The pool built by the company for their employees and public. Not mentioning about school, hospital, markets, post office, gym, many more building that built by this business for people.

I honestly think, people should speak fairly and use their healthy logic.

But back again talk about this city, my impression on the city, even my opinion can be wrong (who’s perfect?) I really think, they could do it better. From the local government or each companies that operated in this area and pay taxes, they could do their best job to develop the city. Not only this city has a large potential, but also they do need many improvement. In some way, they are modern, but in other way, many are still live below the normal life. I know I know, you might say that you will find this case in every cities, but why, in this beautiful area that famously contain with natural resources, people can’t do better to make it better?

I remember about Balikpapan. This city can be a good example for all the local government that proudly say they want to do the regional autonomy but again and again, it ends up to… so so development, some are still on progressing, some are stuck in the dot.

I stay in Swiss-Bellin hotel, a Swiss Bel Hotel group. Next to the hotel, there is a mall, SKA Mall, which really familiar for me for these few days. Don’t expect so high and comparing it with malls in Jakarta. Can not be! But it is an enchanted place, where you can find many things here. Once my belly needs to be feed up, I’m dragging myself walk around and try to find nice food. As per tonight, once I return from the discussion, I feel so sleepy so I decided to take a nap. I felt fever and really craving for rice and other tasty food, hope spicy.

Finally I got it, and also I met that kind beautiful family. I always love to hear their accent here. It closes to Minang people or Melayu as they said, accent. Nicely to hear, and somehow, give you a sudden feeling to speak like they do, hahhaa.

Other thing you can not avoid to see around in the city, it’s their beautiful mosques that have an unique dome, mostly yellow, and also I notice some old houses still with their authentic wood carving in the roof or wall.

Now already 1 am. The short nap brought a curse to me, cause now I can not sleep, but tomorrow I still need to wake up early. One more day, and after that, I will fly back to Jakarta. As usual, I always look forward to tomorrow and secretly whisper, “Hope tomorrow is better than today. Even, today, I feel so good indeed.”

Have a good night,
Dea | 21 December 2012


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