Books and How Its Mean to Me

Books, lately, I bought so many and still on progressing to read it all.


Since my childhood, as I remember, I always eager to read something. From the comic until the novel and non-fiction books. First the books that took my attention was some huge but thin comic or it called as cartoon books such as Tintin, Nina, Steven Sterk, Asterix, Papa Nick the Red Beard and many more.


I will tell you a little bad secret about me, hehhee. Since my house and the elementary school was so far away, it just a common news, the public transportation doesn’t want to ride the school boys/girls cause we were paying so low comparing the workers. It always so hard to find public transportation and always make me came late to the school.

Bored with the punishment I had if I came late, such as running in the middle of car parking or basketball court or standing for half an hour or more in the heat of the sun while other classes can see me and making joke of me, so if the clock already went to 7.05 am or more (my school was starting on 7 am), I was directly going to the second hand books shop in Jatinegara market rather than going to school. Very naughty huhh?!


In the store, I will quietly sat on the corner reading some stuff while the owner already recognized me since I often came to the store. For me, books are like a hidden treasures. It can brings me to many places I never seen or heard before. Usually, me and my other sisters and brother always competitive to read some books, once they finish read one book, that book went to me, and so on.

Growing up as a teenager, I started to read Japan comics, aka manga. Once I read the manga, it can like 5-10 books in a row. Of course, it’s too much pictures rather than words. Then I started to read another fiction books and romance novel. The funny thing is, I never that so eager or curious about school books, hahhaa.. well except History and Anthropology as my favorite subject. Other than that, I usually opened school books only in the day before the exam started.

But it is so true, you can easily recognized someone who like to fill his/her brains with knowledge from books or others (I prefer books) by how they talk and their analytical thinking about everything. Women mostly found themselves worrying about her faces and make up, but honestly, if you can ask to guys, mostly they enjoy have a conversation with an ordinary face girl with brain, rather than red-nail in sexy guitar body and heavy make up without brains (Actually, if you have both criteria that will be better ;))


Talk about now, in the presence, I grabbed a book “The Diary of Young Girl, Anne Frank” from the book store days ago. Actually, I still have on my hands another book I read, called “Man seeks God” by Eric Weiner, a bald jews journalist that living in US and started to finding his God by learning 8 biggest religion in the world. I really like how the way he wrote, such a live hand-writing, it sounds like he is talking to me himself. But that’s also happen to the Anne Frank’s book. I feel like, she’s talking to me by the letters she wrote for “Kitty”, the nickname for the diary.

Apart of 2 authors above, I also in love with Paulo Coelho, once a hippy and teaching us about his experience of life, I know, I know, he sounds so crazy sometimes, so positively new age thing, so amazingly deeper for soul, but at least he teaches me somethings. That’s what good from other people experience that you can read. You don’t need to experience it by yourself, you can cut many wasting times in the name of experience and you can focusing to experiment other things that maybe not writing on the books, and the best of it, you can see the pattern and try to apply it in your life. Some might success, some might not.

Also another jews journalist that becomes my favorite author is Mitch Albom. First book he wrote that I read is, “Tuesday with Morrie.” From his simple writing and honesty, he just captured so excellence of Morrie’s lesson (Morrie is a professor that soon gonna die and taught Mitch about the lesson of life) and spreading the good lesson to us, his readers. Another books of him come, and I can applause him sincerely.

I admit sometimes I’m getting bore with the books and don’t want to touch them in a long time, but later on, it has a voice that always calling me to open another pages of it and continue to read. On my spare times, what I really want most only staying at my cozy couch, preparing a cup of hot tea or coffee, playing the music in slow volume mode on and starting to open page by pages enjoying the dancing of words around the white paper on my hands.

Yesterday, I found a funny quote from the internet :

“Book lovers will not sleep alone.”

And you can be sure, how it is so true.

Happy reading Friends, as I wanna back to work with a little bit fever and flu, then I will continue to read my Anne Frank’s Diary Book after finish work *happy*.




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