Talking about God

Well, I’m not a pious person or a fanatic one who think, my belief is better than others. A short conversation with a friend of mine and from the book that I’m now reading, suddenly make me wanna write things on my mind about God. God from my point of view.


As we know in world, there are so many religion or system made by human to identified their way to worshiping God. In Indonesia, government only acknowledge 5 religions to believe. Islam, Catholic, Christian Protestant, Buddhist and Hindu. More than that 5, it can be counted as blasphemy or rebellious belief (I know it sounds crazy).

Growing up in Indonesia, I just knew that 5 beliefs above. But as time goes by, and internet arose, I am now knowing that there are so many, very much belief/religion/sytem/or anything you named it, that revolve around the world.

From, it stated : There are more than 730 established Religions in the world which are broken out into more the 3200 different sects. Christianity, for example is 1 of the major religions but has more than 200 sub sects, each with their own unique traditions and interpretations of the bible.

First I heard another way of religions from my friend, that once ever hold a pantheism.  A belief that based on nature and worshiping it. Honestly, first time I heard, it sounds really weird. How come you believe in creature that made by God? Then again, another one, who believe in Paganism, a belief with so many gods, as polytheistic. Not mention about Raelians, who invented by French journalist, named Claude Vorilhon – a belief that believe about body free expose and Aliens as their God.  Shamanism who believe in animal spirit and animism. So many more..

Then I realize, we are human, always try to invent something, cause we never satisfy. We can tell many ways to believe on something and call it as “our religion”. I don’t learn religion that well, as theological student or religious student. But on my own understanding, religion created to make us discipline and has a proper system to worship our Maker (but there’s also some belief who don’t believe in God, but they believe in themselves).

Well, from those names of the system, we might called it as “our religion.” But what I wanna talk here is about God.


I do believe in God.

I believe He is exist.

Some may say how can I prove that He is exist?

I simply can not prove it, as I can prove a thing named stone by show you a stone on my hands. But I can feel His presence.


As I ever talked with a friend of mine, who is an Atheist, he is indeed a sweet person but hard as stone regarding to our discussion about God, he always asked me to prove about His existence. Well, I can’t. But feeling God is like feeling the sun, you maybe can not see it clearly, you only see the light, but you can feel it heats. Also with the wind, the electricity, it all can not be seen but indeed can feel. We don’t believe wind and electricity not exist because we didn’t see it right?

For me, talking about God’s existence is simply by seeing this world, seeing people’s eyes. In every things on world, all those shouted loudly about God who created it all. I don’t believe God is a thing. I do believe He is more beyond our understanding. He has supreme power to make us able live this life. My belief about God is God who I have a personal relationship with. I can talk with Him, I can share my feelings to Him, I can ask Him to help me sure deciding something, and for sure, I can really distinguish what I feel after I pray and before I pray. When I see the clouds, when I see the mountains, when I see my family, when I see a baby, when I see the land that I step, when I see kindness people make to others, when I see smile on people faces. I believe, it is God who invented all of that for us.


Talking about God, I believe is talking about Love. Please underline it is love, not lust. Love that covers many mistake by seeing something beyond our “human eyes”. Love that help us to forgive someone that we really hate. Love that make us able to awake again, move on, after situation made us fell headlong. God is not about a book that writing by many people to jail His existence in their understanding. God is not about a system that men created to organized thousand people in a house of worship. God is not about an image that we build to representative about our imagination of God. God is God. He is simply He. Above all, God is close to us, more than our skin, more than our blood, more than the air that we breathe. Honestly to say, it is us who sometimes gaping our self from God Himself, not Him that walk far away from us. God is how the way we treat and love to each other. God can not be imprisoned by our pride of thinking that our way in serve Him is better than others.

And it’s really hurt me to hear someone talking bad about others religion because he is too small minded to accept variation point of view of others. So hurt even some of small minded teaching limiting some people to say “good wishes” to those who different than them and celebrating their feast day.


I grow up from a family who embrace 2 different religions. My number 1 and number 2 sisters are holding their own belief in Islam, while the other 4 believe in Christianity. We grow up really well. We might have different understanding about some ways, because lesson we believe in our own bible, but apart of that, it’s love that combine us together. God is exist when we love to each other even we are different. For sure if you are as a human who frenetic holding their own believe it might be a difficult thing to do. But because God is love, and He is beyond our egos, He makes us able to love to each others. That’s why I believe in God. Life is must be better if we, as humans, can respect others faith and love to each other, no matter what faith they hold. A sincere love, an open minded mind and an act based on love not intention of harming another humans. And personally I could say, If you also don’t believe in God, that’s fine for me. I still see you as human, not an alien, lol. But, as me personally, as I told to my friend today, “World will be so lonely if there is no God here.”

“We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade the presence of God. The world is crowded with Him. He walks everywhere incognito.” (C.S. Lewis)

“Our belief in God is not blind faith. Belief is having a firm conviction something is true, not hoping it’s true.” (Max Lucado)

“Likewise today, some Christians are content to merely exist until they die. They don’t want to risk anything, to believe God, to grow or mature. They refuse to believe his Word, and have become hardened in their unbelief. Now they’re living just to die.” (David Wilkerson)

Yahweh said to Moses, “How long will this people despise me? and how long will they not believe in me, for all the signs which I have worked among them? (Numbers 14:11)

I hope you have a good day! 🙂




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