Achieving One of My Goals in 2012 – and Continue Do It

Here we go. Another day and then we skip our calendar to 2013.

Wow. Life goes so fast don’t you think?

I just still remembered how last year, I sat on my bed and then just like everyone else, made a resolution for 2012. It’s quite funny how I found a piece of paper inside of my Bible, then I read it. It is mention about what goals I wanna reach on last years (actually, I don’t really remember when was I writing that note).

One of the goals that I wanna reach is speaking fluently in English. I know, I’m not that “miraculous” regarding to English. I always edit my note and blog after I post it, then I read, and I find out some weird words composition. Grammar sometimes can be so stressful and confusing. And I humbly admit that my English is far than greater. I need my practice as much as I can. Thanks God, I don’t easy to be upset to myself as so many mistakes I make while I’m writing words in English. Hahaha, sometimes it’s shameful while people try to fix your grammar or how the way I speak it. But actually that’s fine, they are care enough to not let me repeat the same mistakes.


Well, I always believe every big things started by small things we do continually daily. So my strategies to able in speaking English by reading books in English, and reading it loudly. Whatever I make good or bad pronunciation, at least, I let my mouth and ears familiar with the sound of English haha. Usually my sister and niece that live together with me at home, already knew my habits, good for me they are ok with it 😀

Languages is something that we need to talk everyday if we want to be fluent in it. As in Jakarta, or in my office, sometimes we use English on presentation or writing our reports/daily task. But not that much as a real active conversation. So I try to expand myself by writing this blog. Before I started this blog, I already had another blogs which I don’t maintain it really well (even to write, that’s so much excuses and temptation to stop this habit.. too bad.. main reason because lazy, haha). And my other blogs are in bahasa (Indonesia’s language), once I want to start Tumblr, I asked to my friends whether I write it in Bahasa or in English. But I see it as another good way to sharping my English, so I embrace my self to write with collection of vocabularies that I have on my stock, hahaha.


Another strategy that I made and continue to do is to having as much as I can friends around the world. That’s pushing me to speak/write in English, mostly in proper English. Thanks goodness, for I have some of them that help me to practice it over and over again.

Now English, that firstly I thought as a nightmare, now, sound so enjoyable. I’m so sorry, but honestly, sometimes I’m more comfort saying something in English rather than my own language. Even some of Indonesians will say I’m too arrogant or showing off, I don’t care. It’s me that trying to building my own skill, and it’s me who trying to help build my own future, so I keep doing it. Frankly to say, you are for sure need it if you want to go internationally, if you want to have network outside your own country or if you want to see another world outside your own world. Even it’s important to building your own career.


For me honestly, learning language is so exciting. I ever learned French (which I failed cause the teacher is very bitchy! Eerrrr!!) and Dutch (I love it cause the teacher really nice and I think to continue it again next time). And for a traveler, it’s really important to know some another languages of the countries they want to visit.

Talking about diversity of language in the world, is quite interesting. Do you know that there is 6800-6900 languages in the world? So much right! I quote from a website I found in google : “The Ethnologue organization speaks about approximately 6900 languages, and specialists from the National Virtual Translation Center agree with it. The Linguistic Society of America says that there are about 6800 spoken languages.” (

And as I remember, in the Bible, there is the story about how human’s language started to be disparate. It was starting when God see human being arrogant and thought they can reach God by building highest tower ever. So God made them in tongues confusion.

In Genesis 11 : 4-9, it’s explained that human try to build a very tall building in order to make themselves famous : “Then they said, ‘Let us build a city for ourselves. Let us build a very tall building. Its top will reach heaven. We will make ourselves famous. And we will not scatter over the whole surface of the earth. So the men built the city and the tall building. The Lord came down from heaven in order to see the city and the building. And the Lord said, ‘Look! They are one nation. They have one language. This is only the beginning of the things that they will do. Whatever they propose to do, they will be able to do it. Let us go down to the earth. We will confuse their language so that they will not understand each other’s words. So the Lord made the people stop building the city. He made them scatter from there. And they scattered over the whole surface of the earth. Therefore it was called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth. And the Lord scattered them over the whole surface of the earth.”

It is not about building the highest building that make God punished human by confusing their languages, but because what the people did was evil. It is not evil to build a city. But they tried to show that they were important. They did not give honour to God. And they thought that they were more important than God. And Babel can be 2 meanings as I search about it, that could mean ‘the gate to God’. The people thought that its top would reach heaven. But also can mean as “confusion.”

Very interesting fact I think!

Back to language, and especially English, I could suggest to all people who want to learn, keep trying. Don’t shy to make a mistake. Honestly, it’s sometimes make me smiling if I read a terrible English writing by some people, indeed a different of one word can make a big different in meaning, but don’t give up, keep trying, but sure it will be better if you check to dictionary first or before writing it in public, lol.

I still remember how me and my best friends have a rule to speak English while talking to each other. We were like making a “day all about English” and we just continually talk even though we were short in vocabs or difficult to response ones question or statement.


Another way you can make by reading a book or newspaper in English and start to write which words you don’t understand and compile it together then translate it, make in simple card and bring it wherever you go, then start to remember it. I do this, until now.


Oh well, I just so happy, I’m doing my dreams and expected this year resolution. At least one of it, I’m continue to make it happen and will learn about it over and over again, as it’s not my mother’s language so indeed need to be practice.

Keep on dreaming, keep making your own goals and make it happens! 🙂





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