A Happy Journey at South Sumatera

I ever read a statement, a time do you enjoy to waste, it’s not a time wasting.

Today I have my own statement, “The travel you do enjoy, it’s not a boring trip, whatever the purpose is, even for work.” Hahahaaa…

So here I am. In one of the Regency at South Sumatra. Enjoying my room, while outside, rain keep continue poured so hard.

On Friday, my boss just asked me to go with him in a meeting. As my nature, I always accept any kind of job my boss want me to do (well, in professional things obviously) and travel for me, as in my dictionary, any kind of travel that means escape for a while from Jakarta should be appealing to refuse. So I said YES, and actually, of course I can not say NO without strong reason.

Last weekend quite a full days for me too. My sister and family left Indonesia and return to France on Saturday. On Sunday, I have a promise to meet a friend from Czech in the afternoon, continue to meet a pretty girl with her friend from Russia in the evening. But I was so exciting. I really love this idea of build networking friends around the world. Years ago, I never imagine myself can be in Europe, but it happened! Years ago, I always thought Russia is a very far far away country. I never imagine I will meet people from there, and make friends with them. But it also happened. So… That’s really true what people say about dream. Dream on babe! As much as you can, keep dream on! You will never know what may be come to your path in the future.

I started my day at 4.30 am on Monday. Out from home to go to the Airport. My flight to Palembang, South Sumatra is on 7.50 am. Living in Jakarta, you need to save 2-3 hours before to go to the Airport. Anything can be happened. From traffic to flooding. Especially, that was a Monday morning, when everyone wake up earlier in order to avoid traffic, but result is, they make traffic worst in early morning, cause mostly all doing the same.

Arrive in the airport at 6 am. I grabbed my Starbucks and a sandwich. Waiting for my team to arrive and go together in the same flight. I was terrible sleepy since the night before, I slept on 1 am. Only 3 hours. I try to keep my eyes open with Dark Mocha, without whipped cream, less sugar, low fat milk, as my favorite choice of coffee in that brand. I looked around and I saw the South Sumatra current Governor exactly sat in front of me, with his face toward me. I wonder, why he should sat in public place like mine? He can go to executive lounge or else, but probably he starts to gain some good impression by dealing with public as ordinary people.

Then time to boarding came.

I slowly go to my gate. Meet with all the team there. And I got a window seat, my fave place on the plane, but I didn’t do anything with my luck seat. I just slept the whole journey. I can’t stand anymore. Once I knew, I already arrived in Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II airport. OH! Thanks God 🙂 Here we go again, step the land of Sumatra again. So poor that I even never been on my own hometown in North Sumatra but always visit South Sumatra, hiks. I should go to Medan one day for sure! *promise to myself*

It is me, and the other three guys from the office that go in the journey. It’s quite funny while they waited for their luggage, and me, the only woman in the team, not bring any luggage at all, it’s only my backpack. C’mon, our business trip is only 3 days, hahaha, so I put it all on my bag. I thought, guys like that, but obviously these dudes more charming than me, lol.


Then we started the journey. It’s commonly know by us that from Palembang to our field will take 6-7 hours. We stop for lunch, toilet, and else, we started from Palembang on 10 am, then arrived in Tanjung Enim, at 3.30 pm. So exhausted. Plus, we need to review and discuss the material stuff for tomorrow’s meeting. Our day ended by 6 pm arrive in the hotel. I skip the dinner time together, cause I was pretty tired and sleepy. There’s no wifi tho’ in the hotel. It was broken, so I just can sleep suddenly to re-pay my lost hours of sleep.


A new dawn has came.

My alarm phone woke me up while the time already showed at 5 am. I went to catch the shower and pick my clothes carefully. This meeting is important for the company. I don’t want to leave bad impression because of my dress. It’s important if your job is meeting with lots of people and mostly government like I do. I’m not expert in my job. Still need to learn many things. But as Public Relations or any kind of similar job as it, you should prepare your best in dressing while meet up with other parties. That’s the first rule. My own rule is : Smile. No matter how hard it is outside, how rough my day is, or how down my mood is, while I need to meet with ones regarding to business matter, I should put my mode into Smiling Mode On.

It helps!

What a meeting.

I honestly feel so grateful, cause what I think wasn’t be reality. I thought the meeting will be tough and unpleasant. But it wasn’t like that. We’ve got the good response from them and so nice that we can agreed some follow up actions and make another appointments to meet.

A good meeting should be celebrated. LOL. So we went to Durian local seller. OMG! Today is very a full day to me. Especially the Durian things! I eat Durian such never eat that fruits. I’m extremely happy cause the Durian was so yummy, sweet and delicious. Most western people don’t like Durian. The smell is so strong I know. Some think the taste is yuck, but for me, it feels like Heaven. Hahaha, I know, I sound too much 😉




Well anyway, we have a Durian Party in the office tonight. Actually, it was a farewell party for a friend who leave us for work in another place. We eat some food together, very delicious! And the Durian part made me terrible crazy. Start from the small ones, to the biggest. From the yellow to the green skin. From the yellow like gold to the white pale colors of Durian. I taste it all. Thanks God, I’m still ok now. Didn’t feel dizzy at all. But I guess, no one want to kiss me with the mouth full of the Durian smell as I had before, LOL. I’m going to wash my teeth suddenly after arrived in my room.


On our way today, after a long rain in the evening, we can show Bukit Jempol, a hill that look like a thumb with Bukit Barisan. So beautiful and interesting. My boss told me that probably we can make a trip to hike the hills with others. I’m not sure it will happen in soon, but at least, maybe next time I can reminder him the plan if we have another meeting on the field.


If you are in Palembang or some of Regencies at this time, you will meet Durian, Rambutan and also some seller who sale Duku. Those fruits almost come in the same time. Another thing you will notice here, that so many truck with load of coals ride on the streets. I heard the roads easy to damage because of them. The local government try to make some laws, but affect the Coal Truck Drivers can not use the same way as public streets. The problem is, their “special” road is still not yet finished. Now they can not cross the streets and I saw some trucks with the flyer : “Give me a job.” I hope local government can create a wise decision regarding to this matter.



By the way, I’m going to sleep now. It’s 10.28 pm here, and tomorrow we need to check out early to catch our flight to Jakarta. Another 7-8 hours to go.




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