My Travelling Note | Day -1 to Vietnam

A Hmong Girl, Photo by Dan Toan – Asean Community

Listening to Come What May, sing by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, rain pouring outside this building. I’m feeling so cold, inside my heart, I can’t wait for my journey in Vietnam tomorrow. Yeahhh!! Finally, after a year ago, me and my ex planned to go there and we can’t depart because we just realized that my ex should has a visa to go to Vietnam, which can’t be a Visa on Arrival. So we canceled the plan. What a silly moments. But instead of that, we still enjoy the fun.

Now, I have another chance to go to Vietnam. For some travellers, especially those who fly a lot in Asean, think that my excitement is so usual and ordinary, for them, probably my route can be nothing so special, but for me, again, I have this principle in mind ; “Traveling is not about the destinations, but about how you enjoy the journey.” Where ever I go, to every places which my feet lead to, I will be 100% happy and exciting. For me, seeing different places will be such a great adventures also make me having new eyes and experiences.

I know the song Come What May is a romantic song probably for couple who fall in love so deep to each other, but today, the words Come What May, always stuck inside my head. Come what may, yes, come what may, anything will happen to my trip, I will hold that passionately.

Although I got Air Asia’s ticket promotion from Jakarta to Ho Chi Minh, but I should paid 4 times more price from Hanoi back to Jakarta, ouch, such a big hit for my pocket. But it’s ok, we should be flexible with everything. I already felt so bless with so many good things happen in me preparing the trip. A friend of mine, that live in Hanoi, will take me to her salsa’s place, we already contact since year ago. Me and her had so many similarity! It will be so fun to finally meet someone that you know from cyber world long times ago. That’s what I feel in my Vietnam trip. Except Holly, my friend that lives in Hanoi, I also will meet Le Thanc Truc or I usually call her Panda in Ho Chi Minh.

What such an honor for me too, because I can attend Panda’s baptism in her church this Easter. Wow, I feel so special! Will meet with her family and seeing the black mountain lady, a place that usually tour and travel will not bring you there. Because of that, I am already feel so lucky cause I can see the daily life of Vietnamese people with my own eyes. Yayyyy!!

Joining with Couchsurfing also helps me a lot to set my plan. I have so many nice invitation from the locals, which make me surprise. It’s always having a common perception, that woman will not invite woman to stay with them. But that’s so wrong! In FACT, I’ve got so many nice offering from beautiful women in Vietnam for me to meet with them or hang out in the city. One of them is My Tra, just knew her since few days ago, and what she told me about the coffee shop and else is so sweet!! She even talked about me to her friends. Still in Jakarta and I already feel the kindness of Vietnamese people.

Only 1 day left, and I will abroad from this country. I miss the feeling of being confuse in the street, trying to conquer my fears to finding my route and blend with local people also experience every new “first-things” such I feel last time in Europe. I miss reading a map and use my brain to get the right way to reaching my destinations. I miss breathing in different culture and air. In fact, this is my first trip alone in Asia. Europe can be so far away from Indonesia, but their countries already well managed, it is easy to find bus or metro there, in Asia, you need to calm your heart and ready to be in crowd, ashes, stunning heat and in-organizing infrastructures. But I am eager to experience it!

So come Thursday! Please come soon!! And come what may, yes, come what may..

PS : I still need to pack my bag.. errr, forget!



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