Why Travel?

Why Travel?

I love the question because it’s tickle me a lot.

For me, I was starting to travel since years ago. Hahaha, not that so long actually, but my travel at that time still in the definition : Traveling with family, friends or boyfriend. At least, I have to be with someone and can’t go with strangers or alone. How very narrow I was. Or maybe, it’s normally thinking for some normal people.

It was a pretty fun when I found out myself as not “normal person” – hahaha, don’t get me wrong, what I mean here, because I find myself always like to get something new, not afraid of standing in different line and confidence enough to decide my own life. It’s not just happened so casually, but I think the situation also force me to be who I am now.

Started by my first trip backpacking alone in Europe, different culture, lifestyle, system, language, from what I use to in Indonesia, I conquer my fears and nervous and trust me, it felt so GOOD!


Even I honestly say, sometimes I was feeling so terrible afraid and scare with all the new things I found out and face up, but later, it brings me such an ecstasy. It made my heart delight, and now, after my first trip solo, I am so ready for another adventures called travel.

For some people, spending money to travel is a stupid things. They prefer to buy fancy car, nice house and gold, which ok, I also agree with that, maybe because my money not that so much, so I prefer to spend it to seeing new things, different countries, meet people. As a statement I ever read, “Traveling is only thing that you buy and make you richer.”

I will tell you something, as a traveler, you should be flexible and enjoy everything you meet or happen to you. Like a bumpy road, terrible jerk, bad beer or handsome with blue eyes as your short crush for few hours. Anything can be possible and that’s make everything so fun to do. But apart from that, you should allow yourself to make silly things, such what I did just now, hahaha, I forget to buy my Rupiah (Indonesian money) because I only bring my dollars, then I remember, I still have to paid for the airport tax in Soekarno Hatta Airport, and I check my wallet, my ATM is with my sister, oh gossshh! Then again I have 2 options : change my dollar into Rupiah again (so stupid) or borrow money for paying the airport tax from my colleague, I chose number 2. Glad he is a traveler too and understand with my nerves to go to Vietnam. Hahahaha.

So here I am now folks, I am so ready for my today’s trip to Vietnam! This time I am departing alone from Jakarta, but I won’t be lonely because there so many nice people I will meet on my road there. I believe so!!

Wish me luck!



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