My First Backpacking in South-East Asia is Over, My Amazing Life is Still Continue

Hey people!

Does life amaze you? I think it does! I just got back home after my 11 days trip to Vietnam (and if I can add, also a short visit in Singapore :P) – I can say, it was sooo amazing. I can’t believe myself, that I finally did it. My first trip, backpacking alone in Vietnam. I can say literally I am alone, even I met some nice people along the way, but still, I decide what I wanna do, nothing can stop me.

As my previous research, I already planned some trips to go. Some cities to see. Kind of insane, but for me, traveling is seeing many things as much as I can, because my days off are limited, not like some travelers who can easily go on their 3, 5, 6, 12 months trip. For a worker like me, 18 days a year already such a blessing, that’s why I should consider everything carefully and maximum my trip.

When I did that, some people doubted me with their opinions. Their intentions are good, few can be my considerations, but I kind of hate it if someone insist me to do what he/she wants me to do. For me, the rule is quite simple, this is my schedule, if you feel ok, I am welcome to join, but if you don’t like it, you are welcome to do as you wanna do, no heart feeling, no offense. That’s also why some people like to travel solo, because it gives us freedom to do what we are wanting to do. Listening some people advices are good, but actually, you know what you wanna do, you already find some information before you go. This morning, I had a conversation with a girl from Nebraska that having  5 months trip to South East Asia.

Along our journey from Singapore to Jakarta, we talked a lot and share our story. One of it about what I mention above. She was a bit upset because everyone said she can’t go to the airport and reaching the flight by MRT. So she took the taxi, as we all know – trip costs so much money, traveler especially backpackers always counting every penny cause they want to go to many places and reduce the budget as much as they can do, frankly speaking! Taking taxi in Singapore should the last options for a backpacker, since the rate is so higher and we prefer the cheapest way to go. I told her, I go to the airport by the MRT, it is possible. We reach same flight, and my route comparing to her is more far. I stayed in Orchard road last night, which took me around 40 minutes to reaching airport with MRT, and she stayed in Eunos which nearest to the airport (by MRT can be around 10-15 minutes). But everyone told her she can’t go with the MRT, so should take the taxi, so should take the taxi.. You will understand what I mean, if you go by your own penny.

But I should admit, meeting with friends, new people, and having them as your travel mate, also so exciting. I can share my joy, my dejection or my giggle to someone is doubling the happiness and the excitement. On this trip, I did enjoying meeting with some good friends. 2 of them are friends that I have talked with for a year, from just a cyber friend, become a real meeting and even a travel mate, that such an amazing experience for me. The funny thing about cyber is, you can talk with them every time you want, and I am a kind of person who believe that writing can show how your character is, and yes, if I feel to someone by her/his writing, then in reality, we could be get the chemistry so fast based on our writing conversation before. That’s why I feel with some of my Vietnamese friends. And luckily, I met with my senior high school friend and we have a fun trip together. My journey is completed.

I should go back to work today, but instead of doing my job now, I prefer to sleep and gain my energies back. I feel so happy I am home again, seeing my dog and play with her, make my heart so happy. Meeting and talking with my sister and niece, giving me such a heart warming. Sleeping in my own pillow make me dream for another trip as well. Traveling is so fun, the only thing you buy that make you richer, even now I am broke already! Hahaha.. But maybe seeing things that familiar to me also give me feel “home” – maybe I am not that such a real traveler? I don’t know.. What I know, let’s enjoy this feeling, until I am craving for another trip to do!

Until next time! When I had time and already sober, I will write about my trip in Vietnam.


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