Impression of Vietnam – Day 2 in Saigon (Chapter 3), Feeling Never Old

What could I say about Vietnam?

My impression from one of famous city in Vietnam, Saigon, can not be counted as precise impression about the whole Vietnam. I agree that Saigon is crowded city. The motor bikers worst it, but I really feeling strange if I saw how the craziest motorbikes riders there, then I heard from my friend that the accident in Vietnam is very small. Wow!


If I can compare them with my own comparison, I can say the riders of motor in Vietnam same like the riders of Bajaj here. Only the driver and God who know where they want to go. Whether they want to turn left or right, or just suddenly turn around. It’s only God and the driver who knows it. Believe me!

I put my shock and surprise behind my pocket. I try to enjoy the riding when my friend brought me around with her motor, and it was so surprisingly weird because I started to enjoy it and get used to their driving habit. Also it was making me amaze how they can ride the motor, talking with me, wear the skirt, sometimes mini skirts and heels, without being clumsy. It’s remembering me about how Netherlanders ride their bicycle with mobile phone on their hands, using their boot heels, and riding without any fear or confusing. Great people! Hahaha.


If you compare apple to apple between Jakarta and Saigon or Hanoi, you can see a big gap between those cities. First, Jakarta is extremely huge comparing to that both famous city in Vietnam. Second, in my humble opinion, Jakarta is more organized and luxury comparing to Saigon and Hanoi. But the charm of these famous city, can’t comparing to Jakarta. Saigon and Hanoi have so many beautiful and unique building because of French influence to them over 100 years. It brought me a feeling that I’m walking in Paris than in one city of Asia. A Paris with the taste of Asia. For me, it’s very unique! Saigon also a clean city in some areas.


Honestly to admit, in this country, I learned how to eat everything, well, in this case, I could say such as vegetables. I eat so many leaves that I never eat before, and some I knew but I never tried it in Indonesia, and it felt so good. Delicious. Not only that, the food itself, always so great. This is my first time I ate so many pork, since in Jakarta, I don’t really like pork, no matter how they cook it in delicious ways. But in Vietnam, I ate that without hesitate, yummy!


In Vietnam, you also can find fruits as your snack. I really think, that’s why women in Vietnam always look so slim and pretty. Because they eat many vegetables and fruits.Not so many junk food here, they have delicious cuisine, they don’t need junk food 😛


If you are in Saigon, and feel bore, it’s so easy to go to the Bar and find your own good time by tasting their cocktail and listening their nice music. That night, we just walk from one bar to another bar after had a great dinner in a boat.


There was another story for our nice experience on the boat. By eating in the boat, we can enjoying Saigon city at night. It was so beautiful. The food itself so many. Not only food and the evening scenery you will enjoy, the owner of the boat restaurant is working really hard to entertain their guest. Suddenly, in the middle of our dinner, there’s a performance of a girl. A dancer. Dance from R & B Music and suddenly take off her jacket and pants, then only bikini and she made a dance performance with ring and fire. Quite entertaining, even I feel a little bit confuse with that such a performance in a public restaurant with kids watch it.


But that’s Saigon, that’s Vietnam, comparing to Jakarta, they are modern in the way of thinking and appearance. If in Jakarta, it’s such a big problem to showing up with bikini in public area, in Vietnam it’s not a problem at all. Hahhaa.. People can express themselves with anything they want. As long as it doesn’t cross any laws. I really think, after seeing another countries beside my own country, that belief and religion can influence the culture people have.


After that great evening dinner, we continued the night by hop from one bar to another bar. I can say, another thing which is different between Jakarta and Saigon is their bar. If in Jakarta, you need to pay quite expensive for go to luxury bar, in there, just small bar from outside can be so cool inside. And from one bar to another bar is so close which you can reach by feet.


We chose to go to Sheraton Hotel, on the 23th Floor, there’s a cool pub that’s quite grand. From here, you can see the city of Saigon. What a nice view!

After Sheraton, we went to another bars which I forget the name of it. But  as I remember, we also went to Beirut Garden, a nice place to chill out and had a good conversation or just joking. Our famous and unforgettable joke is when we were teasing Ben to dance naked, hhahaa, which absolutely he didn’t do it. If he do, I will upload it on Youtube, lol.


Me and Panda, my other Vietnamese friend, stayed in one nice cheap hotel in District 1, a famous road for backpacker area. Why I said it is nice? Because comparing to other cheap hotel in Saigon, it far much better. It has a clean bathroom, a shower, hot water, Air Con, and clean bed. Oh so happy! Before we found this place, Panda and I went to a place that Panda knows it’s very cheap. Such $7/night. When we arrived there, we know why it’s cheap.. There’s no window, so the room is dark and clumsy. We both not agree for that room. Thanks God that we finally found place much better! Even it’s more expensive, such as $10/night, who cares? We want to sleep well tonight. If you want to go to this hotel, I can recommend you, it’s a good hotel ; Hotel Xuan Dan, 63 Nguyen Cu Trinh Q1 – Ho Chi Minh, phone : 8365491 or 9205872.


Time is almost over. The sun soon will shine. Time for me and Panda to go back to our hotel. After laughing so many times that night, a combination by the effect of cocktails and a happy evening and nice people to hang out with, we both walked to our hotel and go to sleep.


Another adventure waits for us on the next day.




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