Impression of Vietnam – Day 3, On Our Way from Saigon to Chu Chi

30 March 2013

It’s my 3rd day in Vietnam. Today, we wanna go to Tay Ninh, a hometown of Panda, my friend. But before we will stay over in her house, we will stop to see the famous Chu Chi Tunnels and Cao Dai Temple. I was so happy, cause I ever read in so many testimonial that going to Tunnels and the Temple need 1 day trip and it’s quite far from Saigon. I haven’t planned to go there, because we want to visit Panda’s house, so I can get a chance to go there. So happy!

We woke at 7 am. We didn’t get so much sleep since we just arrived to our hotel at 3 am and we sleep around 4 am. But I was so exciting for the real trip we will make, out from Saigon. We had an appointment to go breakfast together with Tra. It will be my last time to meet her. She came to us with her beautiful long skirt. We were meeting up in Du Bac Church, the Notre Dame. I haven’t seen inside so I wonder how it looks like.

It looks alike with church in Paris! Even it a bit smaller and the painting not so glamor as in Paris, but still, the church is having French culture. Panda took her time to prayed when I saw around.

After that, I told Tra that I really want to try the street food. I am so lucky because I come from Asia continent. I used to eat any kind of food, from the very dirty street food to the five stars restaurant. I don’t get any stomache problem. And all street foods I saw in Saigon, really tempting me a lot. So we went to one of the street food, finally I tried their famous French Bread Sandwich! For the drink, I chose the passion fruit juice while my friend wants the orange juice. The bread sandwich looks so ordinary, but the taste is so yummy. Again, they fill inside the bread with pork or jambon, as French called it, ummm.. yummyyy… For the passion fruit, it’s quite simple one. They took one passion fruit, open it, put all the inside of the fruit to the plastic, then put water and sugar. Voilaaa… Very nice sweet sour juice, with the crunchy of the seed you can eat 😛

For the orange juice, it’s totally different with I used to taste in Indonesia. It tasted a bit sweet and sour, sour as take from orange’s pickle, not from fresh orange. We want to try the Vietnamese coffee but we think me and Panda should go now if we wanna go to the Tunnel and Temple. It was so nice to meeting up with Tra, I hope she can make it to go to Europe this year, as she told me her dreams.

Going around with bus in Vietnam is another story. That’s quite true it’s easier to backpack in Europe due to their transportation system, than in Asia country. Most time, you need to take taxi, which so expensive, rather than to take bus. I have no idea where you can find bus and what number the correct bus, since not every one speak English in Vietnam, I said again, not every one. So I was feeling so lucky to have Panda accompanied me to that trip.

Actually, there’s so much places to visit in Saigon, such as Ho Chi Minh Museum, the Post Office, another museums, another museums.. But I haven’t went to that places, since I was more enjoyed to do what I can do, such as lunch and dinner with friends. Btw, I am thinking I gain so much weigh after return from Vietnam, hehehe. My time also so limited, even comparing to 2-3 days trip in Saigon, usually people already went to many places. But traveling taught you to be flexible with your destination, even honestly to say, I wanna go to every places, I wanna to see the city in details, I wanna see their pride history.

After hop to one bus and arrived in a bus station. I forget the name of it. We took bus #79 and go to the Tunnels. It was confusing me a bit, because I saw so many buses with Chu Chi destination. But the bus #79 is the right bus to go to the tunnels. Bus in Vietnam is quite cheap, cost you around 5000 VND/person (0,25 cent). What amaze me is their habit to throw the garbage in the trash bin? There’s always trash bin inside of the bus, and people will put their garbage there. Small action, but I don’t find that in Indonesia. Usually, people who will ask you for the money, is old lady and wearing a hat, a long sleeve clothes with long pants, which for me, between the motives there’s not match at all. I don’t say it in arrogant sound, but I found it interesting how they don’t care whether they use flower shirt mixed with polkadot pants and use funny hat. For them, clothes is just clothes, to protect you from heat and dust. And it’s totally right, don’t you think?


Some snacks seller come inside the bus and I was curious about one kind of snack they sell, it was a rice paper snacks, but you have to make it by yourself. Now I understand, the hobby of Vietnamese hehehe, they love to roll something, hahahaa… Well, we bought 1 pack and Panda showed me how to make the snack, first put the rice paper on your lap, then put some peanut there, roll it, and put it to the spicy sauce which made of brown sugar, water and chilli. Eat that! It was a bit hard, the rice paper already a bit dried, so I need some extra tooth to bite it, but it tasted nice and of course very fun to make our own snacks, hahaha.

Wanna try to make that snack? Hehe, come to Vietnam 😉




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