A Doctor Punishment

Today, after consulted to my doctor, she said I need to get rest for 3 days. Bed rest. Oh well, at this moment, I could say I really love to heard that statement from her mouth. I feel so great, hahaa, even in other side, I feel so sick, deep in pain. My tonsil is in pain. Worse! Can’t handle it when I woke up and feel like a bunch of stones with needle on my tonsil. I can’t even swallow my own saliva, it feels so hurt. Terrible!

There’s so many reason why I finally catch this illness. First, I might drink so many ices in a terrible hot day – as I remember, I did that on my trip to Thousand Islands, last weekend – which was not a wise decision. Second, I might so tired after in a row did traveling and working, I could say I never get satisfy and can’t stand still in one place for a moment, as my feet always want to move on, so do my brain, I always think, what else can I do to bring some pleasure in my life. And yeah, I should admit, my body has a limit, it needs my attention, so now dear, I am yours, and you are mine, let’s take a rest in a proper way, hahaa.


 PS : this is not taken when I am sick now, hahaa, my appearance now is terrible than it looks in the photo 😀

A 3 days bed rest I could say is very perfect. Indeed tomorrow I have a big meeting which I should be there to arrange everything and as usual, keep the record of the meeting and make sure everyone can able to do the plans of actions afterward. I feel so bad because I can’t be there tomorrow, but honestly speaking, I am really feeling overwhelmed about it. The stress in my working place right now is one of thing that I want to avoid recently. When I told to my friend about what doctor told me, she just wisely said, don’t be worry about work, just get your rest. Oh well, the meeting and works still can happen normally, without me there, a hard truth but very true, hehehe. Anyway, I was so happy after that. I can continue my sleep without a guilty feeling. And maybe read some books while I can’t talk well with my sister because of my tonsil.

I love to do my job as the best as I could, but lately, it feels so hard from many sides. I lose my passion to work on my desk, which I suppose can’t be that. In a battle, in a dangerous moment, I am more respect people who realize the condition and just tell to each other honestly about the situation and maybe give some motivation to hold on the situation, but if they are pretending, that attitude makes me feel worse than it should be. I can’t pretending. And yes, we are in danger now. Well, at least maybe for me personally, honestly, it ruined my motivation at work. Gosh….

I spent 8 hours or more in my work, so working for me is importantly thing to do except my other daily activities. I am a perfectionist and want my things to be done in perfect way. But sometimes, it is so tiring, hiks, especially now, at this moment. I am so glad because my colleagues is a perfect people. We bound together very easily and warmly help to each other, for me, they are a great team work I’ve ever had.

As I ever read in someone’s book, “your job is not your career”, or I can humble added, your job is not your whole life, not your whole dream and not your whole passion. Deep inside my heart, I have so many dreams that contradiction from what I do at work, or maybe not, maybe what I do in my daily work can help me reaching my dreams in my heart now. I learn a lot how to meet with many kind of people character’s from my work, and my dreams also regarding to meeting with new people in the future.

If I can roughly quote from Lady Gaga said, “If you‘re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.” I might agree in a note that your career is not supposed to be your job now. It can be more, it can be far beyond what you do today, it’s depend on your deep passion. Your career doesn’t mean not your job at this moment. You can be whatever you wanna be in the future. That’s your career.


I always believe what I do today, can be used for my next level, for what I wanna reach in the future. So if I do my best in every possibly chances I had, I can automatically help myself to shape my works, my talent, my capability in doing things I really want to do. In a right time, all I learned from now on, will help me a lot one day.


So that’s what I do when I lose my passion in work recently. I still keep in mind, I still remember, I can do anything I love to do beside my obligation of works. On my spare times, I can do anything I want. I can shape my hobby by doing that a bit everyday. I can pursue what I am imagining in the future by building step by steps since now, little by little, slowly but sure, I believe I will be in my right path one day. Today, what I do now, what’s on my hands now, will be used to reach passion that lies deep inside my heart.


A conversation with my best friend yesterday, remind me about this thing, that’s why I wanna write it tonight. As I take a look back on my past, I really amaze how can I be what I am to be right now. All my dreams such like accomplished one by one. I know, life can be so perfect, no one has a perfect life, life is a struggle things to fight for, life is a hard battle that should be done by strong people, and yes, we are indeed stronger than we know, don’t be worry about that. We are just need to press our strength to live this life to the fullest. Press a bit, and you will be amaze that you are stronger than you know.


Again, I am so grateful I am alive now, even now I need to bed rest for 3 days. Having a bad tonsil is not a great way to spending your times at home. But I see it in a positive ways, I can gain some energies, be healthy and still do my another passion while leaving the papers of work on my desk alone. You know guys, this life is far joyful beyond your understanding, this life is far greatest beyond what you do daily, this life is having so much things to be offered that you can explore, and being alive, having this breathe on our lungs, that’s mean we are still have a chance to explore it to the fullest, to the latest drop of blood we had. So, be positive, it depends on you to see things that might approach you now, be positive, no matter how hard and bad your conditions now 🙂


And yeah baby, after my rest, promise me, I will have a bunch of spirit to do my jobs :*





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