Impression of Vietnam – Day 4, Mui Ne, Here We Come!!!

Arrive in District 1, Saigon, in a place of tour and travel that we booked the bus for going to Mui Ne, a small incident happened that actually make me a bit bad mood. We were arrived to that place before 3 pm. The schedule of bus leaving to Mui Ne will be at 3 pm. Then Panda told me to wait there while she wants to take money in the ATM machine which is supposed to be closed with the place.

Before 3 pm, the bus already intended to leave. I was quite shock and asked them to wait for my friend who is still in ATM machine. But they didn’t want to listen to me. I can understand actually because  the road is too narrow so it might blocking the street. What I can’t accept is the way of the lady told me. She didn’t want to listen at all and only saying that the bus should leave as the schedule, I almost scream to her that now it’s not even 3 pm yet.

Luckily for me because the second lady approached me. She is wiser than the first one. If the first lady throw my phone after talking with Panda through my phone, the second one was talking again with Panda but give us the solution. She suggested Panda to just directly go to another office of them, because they want to pick up some people also there. Because I can’t understand what were they talking about, so I just follow the guy who instructed me to go with him with the bus. Then I understand that Panda will come to meet me in their another office.

Thank God she made it! I waved my hands while she enter the bus. We both sat nicely while the bus ready to go to Mui Ne. Almost the whole journey, Panda open her laptop and talked to her husband. It was so cool because she keep make herself online and able talk to him as she can. How sweet! I know it’s kind of hard to be in long distance relationship, need an extra effort and an extra sacrifice.

It took 4 hours from Saigon to Mui Ne. We were taking one break to go to Toilet and take something to eat in the Rest Stop. Around 7 pm, we were finally arrived in Mui Ne. The first impression when I saw Mui Ne is I feel like in Bali. It’s only a long road with cafe on the one side and the other side is the sea, as I can hear the wave sound break the water. Then we arrived in Bien Nho Resort, a resot that Panda booked for us because she ever been there. The place is nice and it has a direct view to the pool. Too bad we were arrived in the evening, so it a bit cold to swim at night. Another good thing because directly in front of our pool, it’s the sea. So I can hear the wave sound. So peaceful.

After took a rest for a while, we were planning to bike around by the bicycle from the Hotel. Gladly they allowed us to use it. We rode our bike to find a place for dinner. Then we stopped in a street seafood restaurant. It just on the side of the beach, so we can smell the sea and salt on the air. The surprising thing that I saw that time is they selled a crocodile meat. Actually, it was a complete crocodile as you can see which meat do you want to eat. OMG. They also have shark, fin or the body.  We chose to eat squid, shrimp and fish. Normally what we did order is too much for the two of us, but we were terrible hungry that time, so it’s ok.


After full and enjoying our night, we were heading to our hotel after took a glass of Mojito in a Bar which Panda ever worked before. While she said hi to her friends and re-united for a while, I was enjoying my dip of Mojito while listening to an upbeat music in the bar. I love my vacation!




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