Impression of Vietnam – Day 5, a Dream Come True, Sand Dunes!

Yes! Great! Today is April 1st. I won’t tell you a fool, but I want to tell you my plan for today! We will go to the sand dunes. Yippiiieee… I was so exciting.

We woke up by the sound of waves. The sound is so close to my ears. Oh, I had a good sleep, so great! This time, we wanna go directly to swim after eating some biscuits we bought last night. Great that I bought a can of coffee also, so I sat down on the terrace while enjoying the view of morning and take a dip of my cold coffee. After this short me-time, I wanna go to swim. Panda came and join me to go to swim. It was a nice warm water, not so cold, but the capo rite is too deep. So bad that I didn’t bring my swimming glasses, as you can guess, my eyes turned to be so hurt.

I only took few rounds before leaving the pool. We have another plan to go to the Sand Dunes! Yessss.. I already google for it since long time ago. That’s a bit weird about internet. Because you already found the information first, it feels like a familiar feeling when you finally meet what you dream for. An example is the hotel that we stayed and probably the sand dunes. I have a weird feeling that I was belong to this place only because I already google so much about this place before I finally arrived here.

As Panda recommendation, we were heading to a Kebab place to eat that as our breakfast. A Kebab in Vietnam is quite quirky right? But I wanna try everything. So I just followed her, since she really want to go there.

No one was welcoming us that time. The restaurant already opened but no one stay on the cashier to give us the menu. A bit weird. After sitting for a while, finally a woman just came from behind. I think from kitchen. She said the meals wasn’t ready yet. We have to wait around 30 minutes before our Kebab and the banana milkshake come.

Suddenly a phone came from our hotel reception. He just told us the jeep that we rented for go to Sand Dunes already arrived. He will wait for us and he said it’s better to be hurry since the weather will be very hot in the sand dunes.

It is amazed me how in Vietnam, you can meet a sand dunes along with the sea, lake and mountain. A natural wonder that really make me wonders. But that’s true, while our jeep crossing the street, I feel like I was in Australia or some places far away from Asia. Not in Vietnam. The road is so clean but also so long. You can see suddenly there is a heap of sands on your sides. While in the other is the beautiful sea. In Mui Ne, or usually Vietnamese called the city as Phan Thiet, they have Red Sand Dunes, White Sand Dunes, Fairy Spring, Little Grand Canyon and also a picturesque harbor of many fishes boats.

There is many tours that offered many options to go. But for us, it’s better to rent a jeep and just go to places that meet with our time. The cost for renting the jeep is around $25 for 5 hours, but actually we only use the jeep for 4 hours since at 1 pm we should be ready in our hotel to catch the bus to Hoi An. We bought the Sleeper Bus ticket in Hanh Cafe for 360.000 VND/person.

I was so exciting to see the dunes. First we acrross the Red Dunes, but the White one is more beautiful and popular. Also on our way go to the White Dunes, we saw the lake full with Lotus flower and a place called Little Grand Canyon. But we didn’t stop. I just skipped some places to the place I really want to see.

Arrived in White Sand Dunes, it was around 10 pm. Still in the morning right? But the heat is so terrible strong. I feel so dizzy but my excitement to see the White dunes and capture it with my camera was defeating the sun above my head. I took the motor bike rent for 300.000 VND (around $15) for 20 minutes. Gee.. Traveling is costing lots of money. Also you wanna do anything the place offer you because you might not come to that place anymore. Riding 250 cc Big Motor was a new and first experience for me so I just close my eyes and take the money out from my wallet.

If you forget, let me remind you what I told in my first article, that I forgot to bring my atm card, so I only had $ 500 for my present whole trip, which 10 days in Vietnam and 1 day in Singapore. I should be wise to spend my money and return back to Jakarta safely.

The owner of Big Motor just approached me cheerfully, I know from his face that my presence should be like a money money money, hehee. No need to speak lots of words, I already want to rent the Big Motor and drive it. As usual, he thought that I am also a Vietnamese from my face. As usual, he spoke with me with Vietnamese language before realize my stupid face who didn’t understand any single word at all.

It was a good business for him I think, because I saw many Big Motor ready on the parking space. But that time, there were not much tourist who come. Only me and another couple that looking so swelter. They also want to leave. The Jeep driver told us a crazy person because now the sun is so hot. Usually people come there to catch the sunrise or sunset. Because of the heat, Panda chose to stay in the cafe while I go around with the motor. She also already been there before, so she said it’s better to her to avoid become a melted meat, hahaha.

And as my dream, this is such a huge desert. In the first ride, the motor bike driver, a young man, let me to drive the motor while he sat behind me. Ok, I accepted the challenge, but driving the 250 cc in a wilderness such not a good idea, or maybe good, but I wasn’t capable on it. The steer went wild to the left and the right without such a straight direction. Gave up with my disorientation and panick, finally the guy told me for he better to drive. I gave up easily without any comments. Barely I sat behind him, he just force the gas and hike the hills of dunes, OMG, I was so shock but exciting as well. I feel like flying with the motor and I hold him a bit tight while our motor reaching to the top of dune. Duuuh…

Yeah yeah yeah… Finally I was there. A great view from the top. I leave my sandals and bare footing walk on the sands. Oh my, don’t ask! Yes it was so HOT. I took some moments there before we heading to another place, now the lake with some cows trying to find fresh grasses in the center of dunes, and they found. It’s really a natural wonders!

We were stop for a while in a beautiful lake. There’s also a cafe to stop and take a break. It was so funny because suddenly the young man obviously asked me for a tip. Oh damn! This is what I don’t like in a trip. And I was there alone. So I just said yes, don’t worry. He asked for 200.000 VND and my reaction was, “Huhhh? Are you crazy?? Do your boss pay you enough? Do you know that I pay 300.000 VND for the vehicle, how come I should give you 50% more of the renting cost?” But his English wasn’t so good, so I just say yes yes and yes, until I finally arrived in the place where Panda waited for me. Then before I said goodbye to the owner and him, I just gave him 100.000 VND, I was such in a good mood.



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