Impression of Vietnam – Day 5, I am in Fairy Spring!

1 April 2013

I left the young guy who was smiling to me after I give him 100.000 VND ($5) as he wished as his tips. Me and Panda came inside the Jeep and we got ready to go to Fairy Spring. I have no idea what is Fairy Spring. A spring from the fairy tale or a spring of the fairies, the nymph. Anyway, this place has so many shocking and beautiful places. I just can’t wait to see it by myself.

After rode for 30 minutes from the White Sand Dunes, we stop for a while in the Fish Harbor, which a place for the highest and you can see many fish boats stop and park their vehicle there. A picturesque place and best view we can get because we were standing in the above. I can smell some fishy stink around in the air, but never mind, we didn’t spend so much time there, only take one or two pictures before go again to the Fairy Spring.

I still have no idea why they named the spring as fairy spring. Maybe they believe a magic story in the spring. Anyway, Fairy Spring is a little spring divides the red-clay slopes to the left-hand side and from the foliage to the right-hand side. This scenic stream is located in Ham Tien (Mui Ne Beach) and winds through breathtaking red and white sand cliffs from deep in the dunes, out to the beach. This is a great place to see some of the local wildlife as well, including birds, crabs, fish, frogs and many exotic flowers. I saw Ostrich farm in the area, really for tourist. It able you to ride the Ostrich. I never ride the Ostrich and I saw from my cousin pictures, they look so enjoyed riding them while they were here. But I heard the price is around 200.000 VND for 15 minutes. I was thinking hard and consider it. I know it’s my first time again, but maybe not now. I should save my money if I want to survive for another 7 days I have.

Actually the spring is pretty boring. I know it’s good adventure, while you need to take off your shoes since it’s all water, spring, it was said, wasn’t it? Hahaha… But it’s like one round to go. I should prefer you to enjoy the walk such make a meditation while not forgetting your hat. The sound of water, birds and outdoor sky bring a peaceful feeling and also.. hot. At least for us at that moment, since we arrived there around 12 pm. Time where the Sun proudly show her biggest and strong light. My friend, Panda didn’t want to walk further more. She said, it is same the whole round. So I agreed with her and we turn back to the entrance alley we went in.

It’s a worth place to visit. Since it’s also free. In the entrance, there is some locals and young boy that offer you themselves as your guide. But I guess, the spring itself is easy to walk, so you can walk by yourself if you want. For me, I tried to follow a western couple that walk in front of us, until reaching a spot that we decided to stop and turn around.

Going back, with our wet feet, we tried to not making our shoes wet and just walk the street bare footing. But OMG, the road is burning our feet. Rather than walking, we more like jumping from one step to another steps, hahahaa. I saw many pots that for me quite interesting. What catch my eyes is the form of that pot’s cover, I don’t know whether it’s a Vietnamese made or not, but the cover looks like the authentic hat of Vietnamese. So funny. Later on, I know that pots use for fermenting fish. That’s why the smell a bit revolving.

We continue our journey back to the hotel, since now almost 1 pm and we need to catch our bus to Hoi An. What a fantastic day in Mui Ne, they should be proud to have so many places to visit in that small clean town.



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