Make Your Own Silver Ring in Jogjakarta


If you are in Jogjakarta or having an interest to visit this city, and while you are there suddenly rain comes, what will you do? I was in this situation when my last visit to Jogjakarta. When I saw the rain pour the city so hard, I decided to take a look of some excursion I can do from Via-Via.


Via-via is a famous place for tour and travel. Via-via has it’s own restaurant, guest house and tour schedule. One interest thing for me is to make your own silver ring. Sound so cool! In Kota Gede, Jogjakarta, I know that the place so famous with silver made or selling. But make your own ring also will be a good idea to enjoy your day if your plans was a mess because of the rain.


I was so lucky because the rain stop few hours before the course start. It was starting at 6 pm until 8 pm. The cost is Rp. 120.000,- ($12) and you will get 4 grams of genuine silver and you can bring home your own made silver ring. It will be good for you if you already had in mind what model of ring you want to make.


Arrived in Jalan Purbayan KG/3, I came inside the Studio 76, the place for course being held. There was a couple that also join the course. So it will be the three of us. We started by choose our model of ring. I had in mind before to make a butterfly siluet, but I was so bad in drawing, so I think and think, then I decided to make a simple one. Only two thick same lines, I was thinking the concept of my ring is “less is more” hahahahaa…  If you need more than 4 grams to make your ring, you need to pay Rp. 20.000,- per-gram, which is quite cheap. By the way, you can also make anything else with your original 4 grams, such as pendant, etc.




The guy chose to make a skull ring and the woman chose to make a special pendant. Then the teacher, mas Agus, started to explain us how to make it. Because each of us made a different style, so he should treat us each differently and explain to us one by one. Oh well, it’s quite of difficult, now I know, to make a ring. It will be so easy to just buy it from the store, but the excitement of the process really priceless.




I put my name behind the ring, I need to burn the silver in certain hot, can not be so hot or so cold, so it can easy for me to make a form as I want. I learnt how to cut the silver, should be equally, can not be obliqued, and… it’s so hard, hihihii, my hands intend to go to anywhere with a special saw for cutting the silver. Also I learnt how to hammered the silver until it flat and can be formed into a circle. Don’t worry, the teacher will fix it if you had a problem in the middle.








Satisfy with our rough ring, we need to clean it by put it in a special chemical to make the silver color emerge and shinning. After finish it, we can be proud of our self because we made our own silver accessories, but in other way, we became realized, for making a silver art, it needs lots of patience and attentions. For such a simple ring as mine, I need two hours, can you imagine if it’s more complicated style?










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