A Fantastic Getaway in Beautiful Belitung Island, West Sumatera

To find a fantastic gateaway on the weekend sometimes no need to go abroad. From my city, Jakarta, we booked a flight to go to Belitung Island. It’s a small Island in East Coast of Sumatera. Actually a part of famous Bangka-Belitung Regency. To visit this island, if needed, you can take a Malaria pills, near with the beach sometimes mosquitos here and there but in the city it’s fine.


We booked a cheap flight and plan to stay in Belitung for 3 days 2 nights. We departed on Friday from Soekarno Hatta airport, Jakarta then arrived in Tanjung Pandan airport. Our adventure begun. A driver with our rental car picked us in the airport. After ate the Belitung authentic noodles with eggs and shrimps as our breakfast, we were heading to Berahu Cottage, Tanjung Binga, our choice to stay after doing some research in google. We love the guest house. It has 2 rooms, a kitchen, a living room, 2 bathrooms and a balcony and an outdoor swimming pool. Perfect!

After dropped our bags, we continue the adventure by going to a temple. It called Dewi Kwan Im (Buddhayana) temple, located in East of Belitung. The driver told us that this temple is good for those who want to pray to get a husband. We were looking to each other and laughing, of course we want a husband! The handsome ones, lol. But until I write this article, no one asked me for become my husband, hihihii..



On Saturday morning, we went to Tanjung Kalayang Beach. It’s also the harbor for our boat. We did the island hopping to 5 beaches, Langkuas Island, Tanjung Tinggi Island, lunch in Burung Island, playing around in Babi Kecil Island and Babi Besar Island.



In Langkuas Island, we stopped and going up to the White Lighthouse which already 129 years old. It’s one of Dutch relic in Indonesia and I heard the Lighthouse still works well until now. If you are keen to photography, going up to this 60 meters Lighthouse is a must. From above, you can see the breathtaking view of Belitung Island in blue greenish clear water. Even it’s tiring to go up, but the view is priceless and the feeling of being 60 meters above the sea surface gave me a scary thought but also exciting.






Next to Langkuas Island is Tanjung Tinggi Island, which is a rocky beach with some huge granite stones. As what I saw, Belitung is an island that has so many granites whether in the sea or on the land surface. Belitung also famous with tin resources. If you see from your plane, you can see the beautiful blue lake which is the old tin mining that not used anymore.



It’s better for you to bring lots of snacks and meals to the boat for your lunch, because there’s no restaurant in every island. We found a local house that able to served us instant noodles, but unfortunately the portions not so much, not enough for our hungry stomach but we have to fit in and make our self full by sharing the cheap instant coffee together.


My favourite place is Babi Kecil Island. It’s so pretty and we feel like we are the owner of the island. There was no tourist at all except us. We did the snorkeling with the equipment we rent from the boat owner as well for price Rp. 35.000/set. Which we found a huge red sea star. That was my first time seeing this animal.






We finished our adventure with the Island Hopping and relax in Tanjung Tinggi. Tanjung Tinggi is an area for filming the Laskar Pelangi movie. An inspiring children movie which actually make Belitung Island famous to be visited after the movie released in local’s cinema. We catchthe sunset there and the clouds a bit gloomy so we don’t get a clear sunset. But still beautiful.


In the next morning, we went one more time to Tanjung Tinggi and going around with the bicycle. It was so fun and easy to do. To finish our journey, we took a peek to the blue lake of an old tin mining. The lake is on our way to the airport, so we just did that in an one route. The trip we had was so fun and maximal. I can say personally, that Belitung is become my favorite place to go in Indonesia. You will never regret come to this place, trust me.



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