Hue in the Evening, Vietnam

My first time experience used a train from Da Nang to Hue. After a rushing taxi from An’s house to Da Nang Train station, finally we can reached it on time. After bought snacks for us in the train, we look out about our seat. On the ticket, they already wrote the numbers, but when we were looking on it, a woman and her son already sat in our numbers. I was confuse how my friend didn’t want to tell her to move to the right seats. For them, it’s not polite to do that. So we just wait until the Train crew checked our tickets and show us that we sat in wrong numbers of seating. With his help, we finally got our right chairs and what make us happy because there is an electricity contact there, so we can charge our laptop and camera during the ride.


I was so happy since Couchsurfing helps me a lot to meet new and kind people out there. My experience brought me to know someone from Hue, one is a girl who in the end I can’t meet her but she still gave me so many information through sms, which is I am so appreciate how she always reply my text while I’m asking about place and stuff I don’t know about Hue. My friend also never been in Hue, so we both such as strangers in this city. Ruby helped me a lot to find a place to stay. She was recommend us to stay in Sunny Fine Hotel when I mentioned I was looking for a clean and cheap place to sleep, no need to be luxury. When we arrived to the room, we already fell in love, even at first I feel a bit awkward because we need to open our shoes or sandals before entering the hotel. I think, that’s how the way they try to keep the hotel clean.


After relax a bit and showered, we were going out to find another Couchsurfer. This time is a French guy who dedicated himself to work and stay in Hue since he already fell in love with Hue and Vietnam. He can speak Vietnamese really well which made my friend surprisingly shock. We tried to meet up with Ruby, but she can’t make it that time because she has an exam tomorrow morning. I feel so sad because we can’t catch up to each other, but we still keep in touch through Facebook since she is a nice girl and very easy to help.


I feel so in love with Hue also. In the evening, Hue is so calm and nice. They have special street which is actually foreigners street, but not the noisy one as you usually find in Saigon or Hanoi. Here, everything so smooth, sweet and peaceful. Even how the way they, based on my friend’s opinion is different with normal Vietnamese she meet daily. Hue’s people tend to speak very polite and like singing with smooth tones. They also very friendly even we are new strangers for them. They treated us not as tourist but more like an old friend. That’s my first time, I was feeling so welcoming in a bar.


One note for myself, don’t underestimate the chilli Hue has. I was eating my dinner, a delicious Pho with 1 spoon of chilli, then it turned out to be so spicy, even me who like spicy food, can not eat it. Then I know from Gaulthier that Hue’s chilli is the most spicy one comparing to other’s place in Vietnam. Oh well, that’s why my lips felt like burning!


Gaulthier is a nice guy to talk with. His story about volunteering he do and how he ended up in Hue and finally get a job as business development manager in a restaurant and a place to stay in Hue with a cute dog to be his friend around the house. He likes what he do and he’s looking forward to make a business in Hue as well. I can imagine why he fall in love with Hue since I also find Hue is a fascinating city. We said goodbye after he shared to me his advise to visiting the Tombs. Hue is an imperial city with lots of Tombs, his favourite one is Minh Mang Tomb, while I was really curious with Khai Tinh Tomb.



Tomorrow I will find the tombs with my own eyes.

I already booked a private tour with motorbike, because I wanna go very early, like 7.30 in the morning. I need to finish my tour around 11 am, which my target is to see 3 famous tombs, Khai Tinh Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb and Minh Mang Tomb. I have a flight to Ha Noi from Da Nang at 4 pm, so I have to leave Hue around lunch time. I know the schedule is so tight, but a person who is keen to my own itinerary, so I have to make it happen. Just wish me luck.


After a good conversation, me and Panda went back to the hotel, take a sleep, a really good sleep.





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