Khai Dinh Tomb in Hue the Imperial City.

I woke up around 6 am and hurry go to shower. After drink my cold coffee and Oreo biscuit, I went to the Tourist Travel Office. It’s Star Tourist in 17 Chu Van An Street, Hue City, Vietnam (+84 54) 3935589. I paid for 250.000 VND ($12,5) for the tour including with Motorbike. At first, the owner convinces me that the driver will take me to the Bus station so I can go to Da Nang. But later, I found out it’s better to go to Da Nang with this guy. The driver look as such a nice guy. His name is Mr. Minh, like ho chi MINH he said.

He came on time. I told him to better in hurry since I don’t want to miss my flight. Our first destination is Khai Dinh Tomb, he said it is the far one, so better to be our first stop. I was so exciting since I really want to see Khai Dinh Tomb. Actually, this place is the reason why I insisted to visit Hue. I saw their statues are like the Terracotta Warrior in Shian Xi, China. Because I can’t go to China at this moment, so Hue in Vietnam can ease my curiosity about this kind of statues.

Mr. Minh tends to be a very cheerful driver (I can give you his number if you want). He always asked me whether I am ok and happy. Hihihii, that’s the purpose of vacation, you be happy! And I answered him with so many statements, “Yes, I am happy Sir, very happy!”. His motor is kind of big motor. I can comfortably sit and enjoying the view around. Ok, the idea of touring with motorbike can make you so tired but otherwise, you also get things that you can’t get when you follow the tour via bus. The view, especially the view only you can get when you ride a motorbike. The small alley, the side of lake and the easy way to make a picture along the way! Other thing you never forget is the moment when you almost crush by other motorbike and cars. Tell me crazy. I was so shocking before until I can accept that as a fun moment, lol. Especially when Mr. Minh again asked “Are you happy, Miss Dea? Are you ok?” I can only laugh and smile every time he came with the question. Btw, don’t follow my mistake, I wore a dress that time, can you imagine how was it when I need to sit behind him? 😛


He asked me to pose with his motorbike.. I just realized I haven’t take a picture of him 😦



To entered Khai Dinh Tomb, I need to pay 80.000 VND ($4) – also for the other tombs. Especially for some people is quite expensive. But for me, it’s priceless. Better to pay a bit than regretting for my whole life because I didn’t see the place. Khai Dinh Tomb itself was so charming. The tomb is  a blend of Western, I guess France, since French was in Vietnam for over 100 years and Eastern architecture. The tomb was built from 1920 to 1931 and taking 11 years to complete. It is located on the steep hill, so if you take the stairs, you can see the whole Hue city surrounding, also the famous of Maria the virgin huge statue.



On the first entrance area, you can see the warriors statue, the twelve stone statues representing as Khai Dinh bodyguards. This statues indeed a bit scary and odd, some look like alive and seeing me through his eyes. When I took photo of them, usually I wait until I see other people as well. I am a female solo traveler but sometimes, I feel goosebumps on my neck, hahahaa.





I give some colors in last photo 😛

Khai Dinh was an Emperor of Vietnam around 1961, but he was more consider as the “salaried employee of French government” in his era (wikipedia). The history of Khai Dinh actually can be seen in the entry area before the mausoleum. Comparing to other Tombs (as I visited later) I can say the Khai Dinh Tomb is smaller than the others but also more design and art. Close to the top floor is the Khai Thanh Palace, featuring intricately designed glass and porcelain decorations on the walls. The mausoleum room of him is so full with beautiful decoration from the walls to the top. I have a feeling he is a bit sensitive, hihihii, consider by what color he choose for his wall, soft pink and soft yellow. The relationship between he and foreign country can be seen but some of his stuff left in the mausoleum. For instance, the beautiful vase of porcelain that painted with a western couple such as Romeo and Juliet.






When I was there, so many tourist from Asia as well, such as Japan and Korea. I am actually not understand why they put a pray in form of the statue of Khai Dinh, in front of the altar. But I love the birds of Phoenix which standing in front of the altar. This is what I love about culture and belief, some are totally different as mine, but still beautiful. Trying to not bothering those who pray, I watched my surrounding in awe.







  1. Hi Mbak Dea, salam kenal…
    suka bgt sama ceritanya, kbetulan ada plan k hue jg bulan okt ini, jd dpt ide utk motorbike tour jg krn waktu yg terbatas.
    kl boleh tau, utk keliling 3 tomb jd totalnya brp jam mbak?
    kalo sy start jam 1 siang sampe jm 6 sore apa keburu dlm wktu 5 jam ke 3 tomb + citadel or thien mu pagoda?

    Thanks before


  2. Hi Mbak Dea, salam kenal…
    suka banget sama ceritanya & kebetulan ada plan ke hue oktbr ini, kd dpt ide utk motorbike tour jg krn waktu yg terbatas. Kalo boleh tau, utk keliling 3 tomb totalnya brp jam mbak?
    kalo misalkan sy start jm1 siang sampai jm 6 sore apa keburu ke 3 tomb tsb + citadel or tien mu pagoda?

    Thanks before


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