Ennichisai 2013, A Yearly Japanese Festival in Jakarta

Yesterday, on my way to seeing movie in Erasmus Huis, a centre cultural for Netherlands, I see an event that look so interesting. Influenced by my curiosity, I stopped and take a walk to the gate. A huge banner show the name of the event, “Ennichisai 2013”. It’s a yearly traditional Japanese event held since 2010. The idea came first while some of Japanese who stayed in Jakarta gathered and organized  the first Ennichisai Festival in Little Tokyo, Melawai, Blok M. The first Ennichisai held on 4th July 2010 with more than 50,000 visitors come.



This year, Ennichisai Festival also held on Little Tokyo, Melawai, Blok M, South Jakarta from 25-26 May 2013. The area of Blok M is quite famous with many Japanese live and make business there, so no wonder why the Ennichisai hold in that area.


Not only you will find many traditional Japanese food and snack, also some of Japanese companies try to promote their product and follow the event. They tried their best to draw some people come to their booth and buy something. If I saw from their schedule event, it supposed to have many dance performance such as Dance with Yukata, Dance with Drum, another street arts and cooking competition. So fun! Plus it’s a FREE event.


Takoyaki….!! Yummm


This Ikayaki, looks so delicious!


Heat of the sun make the place a bit stifled and crowded. Some people joined the Cosplay contest so don’t be shock when you walk there and you see many people with their anime costume in the middle of bright afternoon. I was feel a bit pity for them because the sun so bright and me with my T-Shirt already feel so melted, how about them under the dress? Anyway, they look happy and fun, so it won’t matter that much. Plus it’s only one a year.


Me with the Master of Dragon Ball, Mr. Roshi.





Honestly, I was only walking around for 1 hour. Get some souvernir and try an intense look in many of food stall, feeling so curious and want to buy everything, but my belly already full with Singapore Fried Rice I ate before I visit the place. So I skip it all and just take some pictures for my memory.





If you have any chance to cross by in Jakarta and want to see this event, please don’t forget to come again around this month next year. It’s also a good way to have a glimpse of Japan if you can’t go there for real at this moment.





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