Minh Mang Tomb, Hue the Imperial City

Continue my journey in Hue city. My friend was taking a different tour with mine because I am in hurry and she wants to enjoy the trip more. Actually, the price of following the bus tour is cheaper than the motorbike tour that I took. For her, she only need to pay around $ 8 including lunch, which for me $ 12,5. Yummy and tempting, but again, because my limited time, I have to be satisfied with my choice.


Our route was quite same, even I went earlier than her, but in Minh Mang Tomb we met again coincidentally.  For her, Minh Mang Tomb was her first stop. For me, it was the second stop. Her tour started around 9 am, while for me, it’s since 7.30 am. I realized that I won’t meet Panda anymore (except she come visit me in Jakarta or I visit her again one day) so I thank to her for such a good time we share together on the trip. She will continue from Hue to the Large Mary statue on the mountain while I go to Da Nang for my flight to Hanoi.


Thank you a lot Panda for such a good time we had 🙂


Minh Mang for me was giving the different impression from Khai Tinh Tomb. Usually every time I go to historical places, I tend avoid to spending my money for a guide, which again and again I will regret it later, because I have no idea what the place about. I always think that, I want to spend time alone exploring the place, sure it gives me a freedom feeling, but later, I try to guess the story of that place. Anyway, I know this tomb is for the former Vietnam Emperor, Minh Mang. But who is Minh Mang?


So again, I’m googling a bit for you and especially for me. Hahaha.


Minh Mang reigned on 14 February 1820 until 20 January 1841. The tomb constructed since September 1840 but in January 1841, Minh Mang was sick and passed away. So the construction of the tomb continued by his successor. This tomb is located around 12 km from Hue City and has 3 main parallel of a building which Than Dao as the center.


From Than Dao, we can go to another gate which is so beautiful with the red relief. In the area, called Temple area, you can see from your left and right sides are some place to worship and pray. The huge one is the Sung An Temple, for worshipping the Emperor and Queen Ta Thien Nhan.




Continue my journey, I went through the left side of Sung An and arrive in Hoang Trach Mon which leaded me to a bright Pavilion with huge lake surround me. There are also 2 Obelisk stand on the hills which I don’t know the meaning of it.





I tried to continue my walk. It was so hot and bright day, quite good to make my own shadow as a photo souvernir, lol. The road started to be untidy and I try to look around. No one come to this area. Far from my eyes, there’s a huge gate which made me wonder what’s that. It turned out to be the Exit Gate and locked.





I just went back to the first place, meet a local photographer who offer me to take a picture of myself for free. The annoying thing (for me) while travel alone because you force to take many pictures of object comparing to your own self, because no one take a picture of you. His offering was so valuable for me. I try to trust my guts when I saw his face, he’s not kind of person who will steal my camera, so I just let her take a picture of me. The result is, not bad 😛 hahahaa.



By the way, I saw the same bodyguard statues in front of the Minh Mang Tomb, as I see in Khai Tinh Tomb, you don’t need to go to Khai Tinh Tomb actually if your purpose only to see this “same but different Terracotta warriors” but for me, Khai Tinh Tomb still more special 🙂





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