From Hue to Da Nang with Motorbike

We are so ready for journey from Hue to Da Nang, crossing the mountain, with Mr. Minh’s motorbike. But first, let’s take a lunch!


Mr. Minh brought me to a nice local restaurant. I was so happy because I go to local restaurant, I always love when travel to try the local food in their daily food stall comparing to eat in expensive restaurant build for tourist. Mr. Minh look very happy and promote me many kind of food, I picked some fish, tofu and the vegetable soup. I am amazed that they use banana in vegetable soup. I posted the photo on Facebook because I was in awe, but a friend of mine in Hanoi laughing at me, cause for them, it’s so normal to put banana in a soup. I never eat banana soup before, lol.


Another surprise for me when Mr. Minh paid the bill! Awww… he treated me because he thinks me as his own kid, so happy! The owner of the restaurant also an humble man. I recognized he always greet every guest that come to the restaurant, and when they want to leave, he always stand up and say “thank you, please come back again another time.” A great communicator, huh!?!


When I left the restaurant, again the Owner stand up and said me goodbye. I shake his hands (my habit every time I say farewell to someone), he return my hands and I said to him “Your cuisine are so delicious, I wish you success in the future.” He smile a lot and waving us goodbye. Hue people is the best, they are really friendly!


Do you know what other nice things Mr. Minh did toward me? Except always asked me whether I am OK and happy? He also introduce me to his wife and son. It happened because I wanna find money changer to change my money. My last 100 dollars. It’s a bit crazy I know, but if you follow my story since beginning, you will know why on my 10 days trip in 11 cities of Vietnam I only bring 500 dollars. Because I forgot to bring my ATM card. So unlucky right. Because we can’t find the money changers that time (it was a break time so they also closed for lunch), Mr. Minh had an idea to exchange the money to his wife, because it’s only 100 dollars, she has it, explained Mr. Minh. So I went to his wife store and Mr. Minh cut a mango for me. If you are a traveler with low of money, you will understand what I feel that time. One fruit of mango that I eat share with Mr. Minh with the chilli salt it tasted like heaven! His kindness really make me feeling so grateful until I write this article 🙂


We started our journey and I never regret I took Mr. Minh offer. The view was so amazing. Ok I should admit that I was worrying a lot about accident on the road, especially because Mr. Minh sometimes talk to me without seeing his direction. But I’m ok, I can write this article now, I was secure that time, hahaha.


We stopped in any places I wanna make a picture, not take so long time because we have to be hurry to reaching the airport. Just a quick capture but Mr. Minh already laughing toward me a lot. He said, “So many pictures, Dea, so many pictures.” You don’t understand my hobby Sir, hahahaa. We also stop in a lake with some shell seller. Mr. Minh persuaded me to buy the shell, he said, “the clams are so delicious,” but of course I reject it, since I won’t bring any raw clams to Hanoi and on my flight. Hehehee.






Believe it or not, the motorbike brought us to the top of mountain. Even I can touch the fog and feel the cold. It was so amazing that tiny machine can bring 2 people up to the mountain and going down.




After the very top of mountain, we stopped on a place that was an American bunker and tower before.






While Mr. Minh took a break and enjoy his coffee, I take some pictures around and then join him in relaxing a bit. The owner of the stall persuaded me to buy souvernir. Anyhow, I am just a girl, hihiii, so when she asked me “Where do you come from?” and I answered “I come from Indonesia,” she smiled and said “You really look like Vietnamese, how old are you?” I said my age and she surprise. “You look like 20,” she said shockly. I laughed and say, “Ok Madam, how much this bracelet? I buy for you ok.”


With the dog of Coffee Shop Owner who becomes so close to me 🙂


We arrived in the airport on time. Not only tired that I get by the trip, but also happiness and experiences. I said thank to Mr. Minh and give some tips for him. Not much but Mr. Minh received it very happy. After shake his hand (as my habit), I left him with smile and he was waving me goodbye. Thank you Mr. Minh, you made my trip in Hue was very impressive 🙂





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