Tu Duc Tomb, Hue the Imperial City

My last stop in Hue was in Tu Duc Tomb. It turned to be my last stop and my favorite one as well. If in Khai Tinh Tomb I was feeling amazed with the interior and the mysterious atmosphere with the bodyguard statues, here in Tu Duc Tomb, I feel so peaceful yet a bit tired at that moment.


I checked my camera and the battery almost ran out. I tried to save it for very important moment so I just enjoy the scenery and place. Another thing because my feet got tired. Walking in hurry in so many places wasn’t a good idea for my legs. Now, I only wanna sit and enjoy the view. The view actually was the temples and the tomb. I amaze with this Emperor’s Tomb idea. It seems that Vietnamese believe in second life so they prepare their “home” for next life in better way. Mostly each tomb will show the character of the Emperor.



In Tu Duc Tomb, the huge one if comparing to Khai Dinh and Ming Mang that I visited before, again I was welcomed by the bodyguard statues. I didn’t count how many, but they are shorter than the ones I saw in another tombs. Full with many white Cambodia flower trees, the place look so nice and peaceful, a bit romantic. It’s a very old place, built at 1864 and finish 3 years later, Tu Duc has 12 hectares wide and devides into 2 areas, the Temple area and the Tomb area.




For me, Tu Duc grabbed a special place in my heart. Suddenly when I entered the tomb of the queen, I feel it’s so peacefully comfort. I imagined myself bring a book and just sit down there reading my book, with some leaves making a good noise and birds try to distract my mind. Now I know why Gaulthier told me that Tu Duc is his favorite tomb so far. Because I didn’t bring any book, I just sit there relaxing, sit on the floor while my mind try to calm and my blood started to flow nicely.




One funny thing was happened when I was walking there. Suddenly my new sandals broken, so I need to walk very slowly, I think I wanna stop my visit and just go back to Mr. Minh, the motorbike driver who waited on me at the exit gate. But then I saw one small shop selling a drink and some snacks, I think it’s better for me to take a rest first and drink a cold cup of coffee.


As usual, people always think me as a Vietnamese there, the guy who sell the coffee talked to me a lot with Vietnam language, before finally I told him that I am from Indonesia. This is what I love being there in Vietnam, they really respect who you are, no matter you are also from Asia, same like them. Many countries or places that only adore Western comparing to Asians, that’s can hurt us sometimes, but here, in Vietnam, they give their best smile when you know I am from Indonesia, “ohh the football!” They always said so with a big grin on their face. Yeah true, Vietnam ever (or often) against Indonesia on football.


I ordered a coffee with ice to that man. Also one bottle of water. In hurry I drink all the water because I am tired and thirsty. That man, who I forget his name *hiks* tried to promote his coffee and talk unimportant things to me, asking where I live and how I feel about Vietnam. I thought he choose wrong area, because his small shop is placed in the corner of Tomb, which quite far from everywhere, some people come and go without visiting or buy anything to him. Again, he seems happy. That’s another thing I adore from Vietnam people, whether they are rich or poor, they always happy and enjoy their life, such like, that’s enough life for them. I know, so many lives become ruin because of the ambition to be rich and never get satisfy.



Finally, I told him about my sandals. And he suddenly had an idea to repair my sandals with some of rubber bracelet. I was so shy because his kindness. He tried and tried again to tie the rubber tightly until he think that my sandals are safe to be used again. Such a savior for my broken sandals hahaha. I said many thanks to him and wish him success in the future.



My time was almost up. My camera battery also emptied. I should find Mr. Minh and tell him to take me to Da Nang. He offered me a price around 300.000 VND for bring me to Da Nang airport from Hue. Well, I know it’s a bit expensive for a strict traveler as me that time. The cost also I never predicted before. Actually I can go by the public bus, but the offering of riding motorbike and take a look of the marble mountain view can’t be avoid just that. After think lots of time, finally I agree for him to take me to Da Nang. It will be a 3 hours journey on motorbike, not that so comfortable but I always love first thing and adventure. I said yes and we go together to Da Nang.







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