Hello East Java!

After a rushing work task on Bandung, I take a break today just to complete packing my stuff peacefully. I don’t want to be hurry in preparing my belongings now..

A beautiful song played from my laptop, a Wonderful World performed by Katie Melua and Eva Cassidy just slowly repeated from my playlist. This song is really match with my mood this afternoon. I feel so relax and happy, also exciting since in few hours I will be on a trip again.


This time, it is not a trip of going abroad. It’s an East Java trip, to be exacted, me and the other 5 friends will visit the eastern tip of Java island. Our first stop will be on Baluran National Park, a huge vast of national park that we assumed a bit same as little savannah in Africa (since I never been in Africa, so I couldn’t say “amen” to it – but a least we will get a glimpse of it). Then we continue the journey to Ijen Crater, a famous sulfur picturesque place that many suggest us to visit.

After the famous crater, we plan continue our visit to Alas Purwo. Alas Purwo it’s also a national park, but we will not spend long times there since we want to visit Plengkung beach aka G-Land, a very famous place for Surfers, even some international surf competition hold there.

As the itinerary that we already discussed together, we will hike to Bromo mountain, it’s also a very famous picturesque volcano for busy people. Why for busy people? Because we can go half way by jeep, then I heard we should step hundreds step of stairs to arrive on the top. That could be a huge effort.

While my other 5 friends will end the journey by return to Jakarta with the train, I will stop in Jogjakarta to meet with my best friend, Anna, who will leave Indonesia after her internship in Jogjakarta to Netherlands, her country. I am so looking forward to meet her and find some time together since we had good times together so far. She just such as my precious friend that easily blend with me that inspire me a lot to live my life to the fullest.

At this moment, I feel my life full of blessing and good people surround me.

As I’m writing this on the train, way to Malang, I am sitting by myself alone in a chair designed for 2 person. I am lucky enough so I can lay down my body easily cause my friend just gave up his seat for me and sleep on the floor.


Sleeping on the floor while you travel with Train here in Indonesia is such a common habit. While the Train company provide a rent blanket (Rp. 10.000/pc) and a rent pillow (Rp. 8.000/pc), you can bring your own mat or newspapers or tikar as your bed at night.


My friend now sleeping, while some others listening music and try to sleep with sitting position. I choose to listening music and grab my book, The Great Gastby, a classic one which I need a bit focus to understand word by words on it lines. This journey will be a long one. 17 hours by the train, now you can imagine how far is it from the central of Java to the east. As you can now imagine how big is Java island? And how big is Indonesia?

Yes, it’s huge!

My other dream is to hop on and hop off to the 5 big islands in Indonesia. Not yet done it, but one day.

The signal of my phone consider a bit dull. I try to still catch up with my friends but the signal successively fails me. So I start to write this while the Great Gastby also make me a bit boring with their difficult words.

The “Wonderful World” comes again play on my ears. This time, I don’t stop it for such long repeated period time. What a wonderful world we have.. We travel a lot and far just to find the beauty of this world, while the surrounding of us also beauty in every each way they have. I am amazed of this world have, the landscape, the people, the different geography we had that make us create different cultures, the different taste of food, the different language and dialect that we speak, the different clothes we choose, even the special way of treating person, those the things that make this world more beautiful.

As I see outside from the train’s window, I saw beautiful darkness which previously was a huge beautiful rice fields view. I look around and just one seat in front of me, there’s a guy who fall into a deep sleep open and I see he brings his Doraemon doll and glue it to the window with a rubber. So weird but touchy. Maybe the Doraemon is his travel mate 😛 Everybody has their own way to express their ideas. Including me and you..


The song continues to repeat..
“I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night,
And I think of myself, what a wonderful world..”

Indeed, it’s a wonderful world, and I approach you my beautiful land of Indonesia…



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