From Malang to Baluran National Park, Situbondo, East Java

It’s Thursday,  June 06, and we reached Malang, the cold city in Jakarta around 9 am. The 17 hours on the road, mostly of the time, I can’t sleep because of the uncomfortable seating and shaking movement of the train made my body feel not so great. But the good thing because my friend’s friend, Kadek, came to pick us up in the trains station. He’s become our first friend in Malang. What a privilege!
He wasn’t only picking us up but also invite us to his house, which he said his mother and sister already prepared some snacks for breakfast.

We felt really happy with his offering, since we also need fresh water, a space to breathe and change our clothes and have a shower. My idea of shower on this trip a bit bunch, because I feel itchy and had so many acnes because my last activities, wakeboarding in North Jakarta. I really take serious of watering myself and get shower as long as I can. This trip gonna be quite rare to find water, I guess. So we can’t avoid his generosity to let us use his bathroom and fresh ourselves.

We were welcoming by Kadek’s family. His parents and sister are so sweet and Agus, his cat, always make us laugh with his funny actions. We were surprised because the family also prepared lunch for us, omg! They were totally so nice! Soon a delicious fried fish and a very hot sambal matah (made by famous very hot Lombok chilly) filled our belly.




After time reached around 11.30 pm, we said goodbye and thank you for the family, such a nice hospitality for the 7 of us. Pak Bambang, our driver also such a nice man. He is 58 years old man and we feel so safe to go with him. A bit feeling go on a trip with our dad, hihihiii.. We rent the car for the whole trip. That’s the only fix thing that we ordered on this trip. For the rest stuff, we haven’t booked anything yet and very open with all the possibilities happen along the way. Exciting!

Our journey started and the weather was so nice! A good sign for a good journey as we all expected.




At the first few hours, the journey seem so fun and please. The beautiful scenery along the way make us feel so happy and fill the times with so many jokes. Glad that the car has an usb player, so we can just plug our blackberry and listen music from our playlist while charging the phone also, so valueable! But the signal of my phone is so weak, only in some spot I can be reached, the rest, my phone has a full battery but empty signal. Who needs mobile phone while on vacation? So do I.


The movement of the wheels such a lullaby for us, some of us already felt down into deep sleep, while some still try to awake to accompany the driver. Will be suck for him, if we all sleep and no sound at all in the car, he might get so drowsy as well. Hours by hours passed by, but we still not yet arrived to Baluran National Park. It takes longer that we thought. So we just stop to place we think ok for eat. This time, we chose a warung bakso (meatball). Malang is such famous with their meatballs. We wished to stop before and try the meatball, but what can we say, while leaving Malang, we just ate in Kadek’s house, so when now we are hungry, we just in a local meatball place and eat there.


I feel a bit weird when I saw blue noodle. I never see in my life a blue color noodle. So I avoid the noodle and choose only ordered the meatball soup.



OH Well, it turned to be so delicious! And cheap! We only paid around Rp. 6.000,-/portion and for the chip, we paid for Rp. 500,-/plastic.


The other thing I love about my travel team this time, because we do it by ourself. No tour guide, no rushing time, no waiting for others guest. It’s just us. 7 person, 1 car, and we can stop and go where ever we want. And I am so proud that we are Indonesians, not a spoiled kind of person, we can eat anything, drink anything or sleep anywhere.


I have a big sense this trip is going to be the awesome one!




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