Little Savannah of Africa, in East Java, Indonesia

Here comes the morning.

But we were a bit late!

We planned to wake up around 4 am, to catch sunrise in Bama beach. We heard from people the Sun will rise around 5 am, and we want to be there before the Sun comes. But then, we turned up late and wake around 5 am. We heard the alarms, but some of us choose to continue to sleep, when we realized it’s already 5 in the morning, we jump from the bed and in the dark, because the electricity will turn on around 6 pm, hurry prepare our camera, etc and go to Bama beach.

When I opened the door, a beautiful scenery just show in front of me. A mysterious mountain in the midst of shadow morning just stand there welcoming our new day.


We need to walk about 3 km to reach Bama beach. The Sun didn’t want to wait on us. She just comes slowly and create beautiful color on the clouds. Oh beautiful morning, I feel like want to humming new randomly melody when I saw the clouds above.


I took a deep breathe and look around. This is really look like a little Africa! Last night, everything so dark and seems so dreadful, but later when the light comes, it’s now showing the real beauty of huge savannah. This is Baluran National Park that I looked from Google so many times, before I finally step this place! I feel so satisfy and happy. While my friends walk hurry to Bama beach, I just don’t care about sunrise anymore. For me, walking slowly and feel the grass below my shoes sound so great than being in a rush and avoid this view of foggy morning. I saw some weird birds just stand on the tall tree. Some just making beautiful bird’s noise while I can’t see them at all. This savannah is so picturesque!



All the area just so beautiful, the trees even like beautifully created and put on their places. My friend, Andi, who loves photography a lot, feeling so happy and satisfy along the way. We both kind of same type of person, we choose to walk slowly and enjoy the view.


We finally arrived in Bama beach. Honestly to say, there’s nothing so good about this beach. Totally not so attractive. The sands is tend to be black color and the water more like greyish than blue water. But I still can enjoy the late sunrise before it finally went down.


In Bama beach, there are so many monkeys around. Some of them are so naughty and vicious. I am so afraid when I arrived the place with a plastic bag on my hands, guess it was a snack or something, I forget, then one monkey suddenly run toward me want to grab the plastic bag. I screamed and one guy (guess the worker of the beach shouted to the monkey and make him run away) then he suggest me to bring a wood, just to make them scare. I don’t really like ferocious monkeys and this monkeys already understand about human food, they digging the rubbish and try to steal our belongings. As for me there, I always walk with a stick on my hands and no monkeys approach me or tried to steal my stuff. When they have that kind of naughty eyes then after they look my stick, they think twice before come to me. This monkey can be categorized as long tails monkey, which I just knew from my friend, this long tails kind of monkey really naughty, just after I arrived, one monkey tried to steal a plastic bag with my friend’s swimsuit inside. I feel not so comfortable in this beach.




But then, I saw an interesting view. A peacock just showed up dearly in front of us. She just standing so elegantly on a rooftop. I heard before, that so many peacocks in Baluran as well. For me, this is my first time seeing a wild peacock in nature without fear to human. Later on, I saw peacock here even sometimes try to find food from people around. When we returned to our guesthouse, just next to our kitchen, also come a couple of peacock, just walk carelessly.


After few moments in Bama beach, we continued our walk to another part of Bama beach, which turns to be a beautiful area with mangrove trees around. The bridge to a small abandoned deck makes the area more pretty. I have an idea to join the canoeing when I saw some people canoeing on the beach, but later I can’t do it, since it’s already fully book. If you love to canoe, you better book it once you arrived. It costs you around Rp. 50.000,-/canoe/1 hour. They also supply snorkeling equipment rental, if you want to snorkels, but I can’t give you any info of the coral or underwater view, since the snorkels also already run out when I want to rent it.




Just walk further away, we went to another tropical forest area. I just looooveee it! I wanna walk more further but I chose wrong pants. Hahaha, yeah, don’t laugh at me, I wore short pants before, which cause me succeed get so many mosquitoes bites. Ughh!!





We need to walk again to go back to our guesthouse, another 3 km. Now we felt tired and sore legs. The weather also turned to be so hot. Really feel like we are in another country, such as in Africa, not in Indonesia at all.



On our way go back, I saw another groups of monkeys. But this monkey (even same type, the long tails monkeys) acted differently with monkeys I saw on the beach. This time, they look at us somewhat afraid, but they feel curious because they still look at us. Also happened with group of deers that I met along my way. I ever read that animals actually won’t harm us if we are not crossing their safe zone, not force to come inside their inner circle, if we just see them and be quite, they won’t attack us.


Actually, there also another spot you can visit in Baluran, except the Bama beach, but we were so tired and need to check out. We had to continue our journey to Ijen Crater, so once we arrived back to our guest house, we pack our belongings and get ready for another journey on the road.

We said goodbye to Baluran National Park. We feel awesome with the place and wish to stay longer, but time wasn’t allowed me. So we have to go. We heard, there’s a possibility to feel another hours on the road again to reach Ijen Crater.


Oh, just wish us luck!




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