17 Days to Go to Visit One of My Dream Country, NEPAL!

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page – St. Augustine



The idea to go to Nepal came up to my mind when I had conversation with a friend who stayed in Nepal for a while. He told me about the celebration he attended and caused he had colorful face. I got interest about it then I heard Air Asia opened a new route to Kathmandu. Wow, it never crossed on my mind that finally I can brave myself to booked the ticket. No one go with me, since my friend who I usual plan to go travel with will have another vacation this year – the other 2 friends went to Nepal already on January (on a winter, which I can’t imagine how was it). Since then, I was dreaming about seeing the beautiful smile of Nepali people πŸ™‚




Now, just 17 days to go before I finally make my other trip within this year, to Nepal of course. Actually I don’t really know about Nepal except Everest, but of course I will not hike to Everest, can see that famous mountain from far away for me it’s already such a blessing, so I started to find every kind information I need regarding to Nepal.

Sometimes, when doing research about places to go, it’s really so difficult and make my head dizzy. Because I need to imagine myself about the place, the direction, when will I depart and arrive, where will I stay, how much I need to prepare for the budget, etc etc. It such a huge homework and I have to gain so much information, open so many website, traveler blogs, photos, information about flight, public transportation, hostel etc etc – but it’s okay, first the task sounded so complicated, later on, it’s like loosing many string, finally I can get a concept where should I go on this trip to Nepal.

I know that so many statement told that being impulsive and spontaneous is a good way to do a trip, a bizzare travel plan without any fix schedule seems pretty good to be called as a real β€œadventure” – but it can’t work for me. First, I travel solo. I am a woman and I come from Asia country which is not so free and brave as western people. I try to know what kind of country I will visit and make sure I am ok with all the preparation.

The good thing is because I have Nepali friend from Couchsurfing that I already talked with since few months ago. He helps me to suggest thing to do in Nepal. Later on I joined with Backpacker Dunia, a travel community for Indonesian Traveler that especially who go trip abroad. From Backpacker Dunia (BD), I found another person who want to go to Nepal the same date as mine! What a luck, huh! I find my broher! He wants to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek. He’s a real hiker, I just still a newbie. Before, I didn’t plan to do the trekking at all, plus August is a month of monsoon – it’s gonna be not so nice to trek in the middle of rain – that’s what put me on nerves, but he told me, it’s ok, I still can go on trekking. Also I found another nice friends who shared some info about trekking. Thanks a lot for them. Because of them, I can encourage myself that I should do the trekking as well. It just like a good puzzle, that lately I hiked to some mountains in Indonesia – such a good preparation for me to trekking in Himalaya.

So, after googling some information and asked many people, I can conclude my trip as below (I didn’t put the budget estimation because I still not sure yet. This trip goes for 10 days (1 – 10 August 2013) because in the other 2 days I will spend in KL and Bandung, Indonesia :

Nepal Itinerary-

I can’t wait for the day to arrive soon, my excitement and nerves are mixed together. I’ve been succeed to backpacking around Vietnam for 10 days, but Nepal is a different country. More than that, I will face new cultures, new people, new road and the most important thing, Himalaya!


Well, just wish me luck yaaa :S

PS : All the pictures courtesy of Google, because I’m too excited and used those photos for my Blackberry Profile πŸ™‚



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