Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City

We are now crossing some part of mountains to reach Pokhara. A stunning view between the mountain, green trees, brownish river and soft green not yet yellow rice fields make me choose to open my eyes even though along the way from Kathmandu, I feel so drowsy.

Around 5.30 am, the noise of crow birds from the Buddhist temple near with our guest house made me awake. I prefer to not shower today, not because it’s cold, but I can’t stand on the bathroom. The smell was so bad, the bathroom was so small with blur light from a small bulb and white color water, seriously, it was literally white, immediately stop my desire to had shower. I put perfume and yes, I smell nice again 😉

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City1

Remember this bathroom? Who want to take a shower here???
Lakpa came to see us as his promise at 6.15 in the morning. After waking up Yudis, and put some of our belongings in his room, we said farewell and promise to return on 7 August. Because he want to go to Chulu East Peak with Lakpa on 8 August.

We walked to reach the Bus shelter. Kathmandu was looking better in the morning. Even it’s still a busy city. But less dusty and a bit cool. I need one hand bag to put all of my small things including money, phone, tissue, candies etc etc (ah yeah, I’m a woman!), and lucky for me because there was a store which just opened, the owner just put bag made from sack on the store’s wall. I bought one and I like it. It cost me around 350 Nepali Rupees (USD 4). Lakpa laughed at me, because probably the bag wasn’t that charming for him, but I really like it a lot 🙂

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City3


Arrived in Bus shelter, Lakpa already bought for us the bus ticket, which is cost USD 10 for each person. Cheaper than one I googled, I found the bus price around USD 18 with lunch. But you won’t spend USD 8 for your lunch in Nepal, so USD 10 was perfect for us. The bus planned to depart at 7 am, but after waiting some passengers, the bus departed around 8 am.

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City4

The bus didn’t have the toilet, but it will stop for breakfast and lunch (you pay for your own meals). You will see the Air Conditioner, but it didn’t work at all, only fan that will be turned on if it’s really terrible hot. I bought pomegranate for my snack in the bus. I love it! It’s huge and red, sweet and a bit sour, but so fresh! This kind of fruit not exist in Indonesia, maybe they are, but it’s an import fruit, even for Nepal, this fruit come from India :P.

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City2

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City5



We had a bad traffic in the middle of the mountain. The road is not good enough for 2 cars, so 1 must stop when the other was walking. There was also a stuck car in the middle of the road, it definitely made a very long line of cars and truck queue. When the traffic happened, we can’t go anywhere just force to enjoy our ride. It was a ride for 9 hours, which actually only 6-7 hours from Kathmandu to Pokhara. The road was so dusty, the truck passing us by in hastle when they can. It was a very hot day in the middle on the mountain, and the one and only wish I had is to arrive soon in Pokhara.

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City6

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City7

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City8

When we were on the traffic, we saw a traveler that ride alone with his bike, can’t imagine he has to bike up to the mountain…



We stop for 2 times, breakfast and lunch. When breakfast, the bus only stop for 20 minutes, while on lunch, it can be 30-45 minutes. Next to the restaurant, there are fruit and vegetables sellers, many of the bus passengers bought the cucumber for their snack in the bus.

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City9

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City10

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City13


Finally, around 3 pm, we arrived in Pokhara bus shelter. Suddenly, so many people approached us and offer us so many thing, such as taxi and hotel. We haven’t booked anything yet, so we consider the best offer. Good that Lakpa is the local person, we got someone who tell us to bring to nice hotel, and if we don’t like it, we can find another hotel, if we like it, we don’t need to pay for the taxi, cause it’s including hotel’s facility. Sound great for us, so we accept the offer and go with the taxi driver.

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City12

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City14

When we arrived in the hotel, it’s small hotel named Lotus Inn, quite cheap for only 600 Nepali Rupees (around USD 6,5) per night. The owner also so friendly and the wifi fast with hot shower inside, the hotel such a treasure for us. I already felt in love with the building. That’s true, mostly hotel in Pokhara has a brick style on their walls. The Pokhara itself look so peaceful and nice.

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City11

They have a huge lake, named Fewa Lake. Soon after we tidied up ourselves, we walk to the lake and take the boat ride. We paid for 750 Nepali Rupees (USD 8) for going around the lake to Peace Pagoda for 3 person, but later on, we canceled the idea to Peace Pagoda since it’s almost dark. We just enjoyed the view, serenity atmosphere, beautiful scenery surrounding, I felt so relaxed, all the fatigue I had because of the long journey disappeared after seeing around in quiet and peaceful situation in the middle of the lake.

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City16

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City15

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City17

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City19

There is a temple in the middle of the Fewa lake named Bahari Temple. Barahi also known as Varahi in Hindu, is one of the mother goddesses. Barahi represent feminine energy. Many people, both Nepali or Foreigners come to pray in the temple. It’s a small temple with beautiful Hindu decoration. It’s normal to see the Woman Paddler in Pokhara – that’s make me more comfirm Nepali people, both men and women are so strong. Very strong. Living around Himalayas make them stronger than common citizen.

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City20

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City18

Finished with the Lake, I saw a lady sit in silent, not even offer me with a loud voices to sell her accessories. She just sat and smile to us. Because of that, I stopped and take a look of her stuff. I love accessories and I feel so surprised many seller in Nepal not push you to buy this and that. Ok, some call you maybe, but in tourism places in Indonesia, you can find so many people that approaching you and push you to buy their stuff, which really annoying for me. But not in here. I bought some of necklaces and bracelet for my sister at home.

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City21

Actually, in Pokhara there are some thing to see such as Devi’s Fall, the Peace Pagoda, Mahendra Cave, etc etc. But because we only transit in Pokhara before go to Nayapul for trekking tomorrow morning, we only walked around the city and decided to take our dinner in OUAT Restaurant, OUAT taken from Once Upon a Time. Very cool! The food was so delicious, even the cocktail a bit plain (not cold) but it was buy one get two promotion. The restaurant manager that serve us, told us that we are the first Indonesians he see in Pokhara. Wooohooo, so happy. Even he said, he has many friends from Indonesia when he was working in Dubai and Malaysia (true, many Nepali works in UEA or Malaysia).

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City23

The crazy thing happened when we need to go back to Lotus Inn. Hard raining suddenly came and we can’t go walking to our hotel because it will be really make us totally wet! Then we stopped the taxi in front of restaurant. While we wanna go to the hotel, which not so far away from the restaurant, the road was flooding with water higher than bar tires. We told to the taxi driver that probably it’s not a good idea to continue driving, but he was so stubborn and crazy! The taxi actually a small car that not fit to walk on the water, especially flooding. So he continued to drive, suddenly water come inside the car, wet my ankles, I was scream, but the car continued to move, until we crossed the flooding and suddenly the water disappear again. Wowww, so crazy! They said, they used to it in Nepal since they have Monsoon season, but not for me, not for us, water reaching your ankles inside of the car totally insane! I felt like we were on a boat rather than in a car. But we arrived safely to the hotel, time to sleep and relax, tomorrow, the trekking will be started. Excited!

Pokhara, the Fewa Lake City22

Beautiful Pokhara city in the evening… Look like Bali town in Indonesia for me 🙂




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