Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga

Now it’s raining. But don’t worry, we already seat nicely in a nice Lodge with a priceless view in front of us. This lodge empty because it’s not yet the holiday season so we occupied the whole outside terrace, play the music from our phone and enjoying instant coffee which we brought from Jakarta.

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga1

Not a promotion ad, but it’s still so assuring you to know something you familiar with in the unknown place ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s such a pretty, truly beautiful view that we had! You should be envy with me now. Raining even not lessen it’s beautiful view. We are staying in Tikhedhunga Hile, in Dipak Guest House. The lodge has hot water from Solar Panel also electricity for charging your phone and camera (phone won’t have any signal anyway – but for camera it’s pretty important!) and the price is so cheap, only 300 Nepali Rupees/night (USD 3)! Oh c’mon, Nepal is awesome with their cheap price and friendly people. I love to be here a lot! Especially Pokhara and this journey to Poon Hill.

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga3
Trekking started!

We started today around 8 am from Pokhara. With the taxi owned by our hotel, we went to Nayapul. Nayapul is the start point for us to trekking. The cost for taxi is 1500 Nepali Rupees (USD 16) for 1 hour drive, such a good deal I think, because the road was up and down, plus, rather than having a difficult time hold our bags in public bus, better to sit nicely and enjoy the view without holding our heavy bags and huddle with others. On our way from Pokhara, we saw a truck accident, that was so bad! Dunno about the driver, but the truck looked so awful.

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga2

The view from Pokhara to Nayapul was awesome. I always love to look closely people that living in one city or village, I noticed that Nepali people put the water faucet (resources) in front of their house. So any kind activities regarding to use water such as wash dishes, take shower, brush your teeth, washing clothes, etc, they do it in front of their house. I gave one chocolate to a kid which doing the dishes washing, she’s so happy, maybe it was her first time had an Indonesian chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga4

Arrived in Nayapul, we relaxed a bit by take a sip of Nepali tea, this time with Buffalo milk. Taste it’s better for me than with Yak milk. It was my first time trying the Buffalo milk, hehhee, the taste was acceptable for my tongue. The shop owner was so kind to us. After promise to the driver that we will call him when we almost finish our trek so he can pick us up and bring us back to the hotel in Pokhara, we prepare ourselves for the trekking.

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga5

Nayapul, the starting point

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga6
Ready for trekking, we walked through the village and crossing local houses.ย  Once when I saw Nepali children, usually they will say Namaste without afraid of us, the foreigner. So cute!

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga8

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga7

What I love about merchandise seller in Nepal, because they’re not annoying us by calling or shout on us to come to their store. They just open their store, show stuff they sell and later if you get interest you can come and buy something. If not, you can just walk away without pushed to buy something. Please do consider if you want to do bargaining. If it’s already cheap, don’t bargain again. Of course if it’s not a make sense price, you can ask for a discount or bargain. But everything is so cheap in Nepal, with the wages they have and how expensive to buy land in here, I do think bargaining in Nepal it’s better not to do. If you love to travel, go visit another countries, letโ€™s do charity by buying or using local products/services. It helps them to develop their well-being too.

I also saw houses in Nepal mostly had many stones on their rooftop. I think it’s served as barriers so wind can’t blow the houses roof and damage the house.

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga9

Wohoooo, finally I able to step the area! Annapurna conservation area! So happy!! Before we arrived in Nepal, our guide already arranged for our permits, we need to pay USD 25/person for TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) and ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) permits. In Birethanti, Kaski, we need to show our TIMS and ACAP with the officer.

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga10

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga12

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga11

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga13

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga14

If you want to do trekking in Nepal, it’s required for you to apply the permit. You are as guest in someone’s country, so be a behave guest and follow the rule. The permit also record your identity in their file, so if something happened to you (for instance if you get lost while you trekking alone or without guide) then can immediately look after you. Many tourist I saw doing their trekking alone. Actually the area already had it’s track, you will not get lost if you follow the main track, but still, I think, it’s quite risky in some areas, such as many ways to go, you can get lost and waste your time and energy for being around and around in same place. Use the guide also not so expensive and make you feel comfortable during your trekking.

Even honestly to say, I am so grateful to have Lakpa as our guide, many tourist I saw had guide that not so talk-active, look so boring (maybe because they do the track many times) or lazy. Lakpa is really nice, patience caring and responsible for our comfort and safety. He is also a nice partner to talk, I shared some of my story with him, exchanging Indonesia culture and Nepal culture, which make my hours walking not be so boring. We paid 1600 Nepali Rupees/day for the guide services, that was nothing comparing to our pleasure and comfort during the journey. We think we get a new friend, not just ordinary guide. The good news is, the guide charge is shared between me and my friend ๐Ÿ˜‰
Continued to our journey, the steep hills make our walk so difficult. Many times I lost my breathe and need to stop. I almost think I can’t make it anymore, until our guide, Lakpa, told me to better move some stuff from my bag to him. It made me easy to lift my own bag after I put some to him. What a nice guy! To bring my own body was already so difficult, now added by my bag, I feel I wanna fainted. After we moved some stuff, I felt a bit lighter and able to walk again.

Along the way, you will pass many village. It was a beautiful view and scenery everywhere you look around. The atmospheres were so calm and far from the noisy of capital city. So green and a view that you rare to get if you spend your daily life as city’s people.

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga17

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga15

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga16

We stop in Green Great View Restaurant in Ramghai, Dunde to got our lunch. I love the restaurant, since it close to the river and had lovely view. I chose Chicken Fried Noodle which cost around 310 Nepali Rupees, while my friend chose Mixed Fried Rice (270 Nepali Rupees). Oh the portion was so a lot! A mountain of noodle on my plate! I can’t finish it all so I just eat less than half. I regret I didn’t bring red chilly sauce. All food taste less without chilly sauce for me. In Nepal, they only have green chilly sauce โ€“ which the taste is so weird for my tongue. My noodle tasted so so with too much tomato sauce, but itโ€™s ok, helped me to gain another energies to walk, while my friend’s fried rice tasted almost the same as normal fried rice (not so much curry).

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga18

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga19

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga20

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga22

I suggest you to bring your own favorite chilly sauce while traveling…

After finish our food, we continued walk again and the journey harder than before. Up and up, it was like a never ending journey, many times we stopped for one minute or two to rest and draw a breathe. Anyway, finally we arrived in Tikhedhunga. Tikhedhunga has 2 areas, Hile and Tikhedhunga. We stopped in Hile and Lakpa brought us to Dipakโ€™s Guest House. The view is so breathtaking. Our guide said it’s better to stay overnight in a lodge at Hile, rather than in Tikhedhunga because in Tikhedhunga, the view less nice than in Hile. So we followed his suggestion and stay in Dipak Guest House. A decision which we didn’t regret at all, even when we stop itโ€™s still around 3 pm. Many tourist just continued their walk through Hile to reaching Tikhedhunga or Ulleri. But then the sun hide behind the clouds, a sign of the raining will come soon, make me feel grateful that we already able to rest and shower in Lodge. Especially right now, when I’m writing this article, raining comes so hard! I sit nicely, safe and sound in the Lodge, watch the rain, running clouds, already showered, drink the instant coffee I brought from Indonesia and eat potato grilled with cheese and pokhada (actually we have it also in Indonesia and called bakwan), cooked by Dipak, the lodge’s owner.

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga21

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga23

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga26
It’s really a peaceful and please situation. From the terrace, I see the beautiful view of the mountains which are so pretty as an awesome painting, but this is better, a live and natural painting.

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga25
Clouds come down to the mountain, cover the top with such thick fogs. Itโ€™s starting to be chilly. I guess tonight we will sleep early because we feel tired and the cold weather. Good that I bring the sleeping bag, it help me to keep warm no matter how cold it will be in the evening.

Day 1 Trekking in Nepal, from Nayapul to Hile, Tikhedhunga24
So good night, and have a good day people from 1300 mbpl of Nepal’s mountain.

Written : August 3, 2013



  1. Hi thank you for sharing this story with us, very nice post and it is a rain drop post and I would like to tell you, do you really need a guide to trek in Nepal?
    Basically for doing famous trek like Everest, Annapurna Circuit, Sanctury…you really donโ€™t need a guide……if you want you can hire easily consulting with any trekking agency.
    But if you are going for some not famous trekking trials have very less tourist. Then you need a guide. And enjoy the trekking in Nepal.
    I will suggest you if you finish your journey in Nepal please must go for Trek in India. I hope It will be awesome experience to you.


    • Hi Jack, very sorry for missed your comment here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ – I haven’t been in India. I would love to go there one day. Since I am mostly travel solo – meet and make friends a long the way, I am really need a serious safety consideration if going to India. But I wish I can do it one day ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a good day. Dea


  2. Hi Dea

    Thanks for sharing this very detailed information. I will be soon going to Nepal and trekking to Poon Hill & I am thinking whether to use a guide or not. Would you be able to give me the email from your guide – Lakpa to contact him?

    Thanks for your kind help.



    • Hello Ed! Thanks a lot for coming to my blog ๐Ÿ™‚
      Lakpa is very recommended guide, since he is really a humble and nice guy. He is also very polite. One of the reader also read this article and she went trekking with him and now they become friend too. I am so happy! If you use Facebook account, here is his profile – Otherwise, I need to ask him about his email/phone. A guide is not necessary actually – but will be nice to have one, when you trekking to Poonhill, some alley can be so tricking and will waste so much time if you get lost. In Ghandruk forest also can be so tricky. So might be have a guide is a good idea to save the time. I hope you do enjoy Nepal, as I did ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers, Dea


      • Thanks Dea for the quick reply. I am travelling alone and have some hesitation about using a guide for 5 days as maybe is too much time to spend with someone you do not know but since you speak so well of Lapka I will contact him and might give it a go.

        BTW, very nice blog, thanks for sharing your experience.




  3. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads
    up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet
    browsers and both show the same results.


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