Hello Chengdu! (I’m Gonna See You, Soon Soon Soon!!!)

I’m going to Chengdu tonight. Even I had a random situation this morning. When I want to go to the office, with my heavy bags because I plan to go to the airport directly from the office, suddenly around 200 meters more to my office, the taxi which brought me just off suddenly. The machine dead. I just hopelessly see the driver who try to turn on the machine, but nothing happened. Feel so bad to myself, who already knew that I need to walk in such hot day with my heavy bags (3 bags, my laptop, my backpack and my hand bag!) and felt so bad with the driver also, so I gave up and just pay my bill to him and wish him luck about the machine.

If I ever read a statement which ever mentioned “Better arrive late than arrive ugly.” It doesn’t matter for me now. I really looked so ugly with all my wet t-shirt, bags everywhere and face like not yet got any showered, huuu… But it was ok, at least now I feel so grateful that this office has Air Conditioner.

Almost I fail to go to China, because my visa just finished last night! Don’t follow me! Actually apply visa to China is kind of simple and fast, normally they take around 4 days and because I used the travel services for apply the visa, I paid around IDR 600.000 (USD 60) – you may pay a bit less if you directly apply it in China Embassy. The thing is, I sent my another supporting documents to the travel around 1 October, just after I got my internet connection, use my friend’s laptop in Bali. And I just knew that China celebrates their National Independence day and got the holiday from 1-7 October, oh NO! So I think, by the 9th I got the Visa, that was already so awesome! The best the Travel can do and I really thank to them, even I once attacked with lots of panic. Especially there is no possibility that I can apply Visa on Arrival in China, they don’t have VOA! Glad that many of my friends encourage me as well to be calm and believe my visa will be finished by it’s time. And you were right, guys!

Many people asked me, why Chengdu? Oh yeah, I also don’t know why.. Kidding. We planned before to go to Tibet (Lhasa) from Chengdu. It sounded so cool until we finished buy the ticket from KL to Chengdu and try to find out how much the ticket from Chengdu to Lhasa in return. The price made us shock! Around IDR 6.000.000,- which in USD 600 for return, not mention again that we need to use special tour in Tibet. It’s one of the country that you can’t go backpacking by yourself.

Broken heart with the news, we prefer to just stay in Chengdu in this trip. We don’t spend so many days on this trip, since days off kind of limited for employees like us. In total, we will only spend around 5 days in Chengdu, but that’s also cool for us. Try to be positive thinking, we google some information about Chengdu, and yes, if you ever watched Kungfu Panda, there’s really a good reason to visit Chengdu. You can see Panda by your own eyes!


from http://www.intowestchina.com/PIC/200922411532238.gif

Not kidding. I never seen real China Panda. The animal that supposed to be exclusively owned by this huge country. If I ever seen it in the zoo, it can not be counted as “real Panda” for me. Well, continue the re-search (a good and full knowledge will be so useful for a backpacker, never forget to do some research before you step to one’s country!), then we found so many interesting places to see in Chengdu. I am so excited now. In my short hours before I depart to the airport, I try to find again some information, directions, map, address, entry cost, etc etc about Chengdu. Even Couchsurfing again helped me to get some new locals people who will gladly help us to give some information we need, but don’t be such a fool for not trying to prepare yourself first about one’s country. For sure, it will also easier for them to explain about the city to us. So I re-assure myself by looking some information through internet, thank God for those who ever invented this crazy and useful machine!

Then I found out, more and more interesting places to go, such as Lenshan Grand Buddha. This is really HUGE Buddha statue! It is at 71 metres (233 feet) tall, and listed as one of the Unesco Heritage List. The information stated that we can reach it by public bus and take around 2 hours. Worth to try!


from http://www.strippedpixel.com/grand-buddha-leshan/

Not only the giant Buddha, also there are some temples that I wanna see. One is the famous Buddhist temple in Wenshu Yuan Monastery and the famous Qingyang Temple which is a Daoist Temple. I love to see how different religion do their worship and pray, for me, it’s fascinating, beautiful and special. Finish with the religion tour walking, will be so good if we can watch Sinchuan Opera – oh don’t say “if we can”, because it’s definitely a must thing to do when I am in Chengdu! If you ever imagined the colorful China mask dance performance, so here it is! It’s gonna be a good and fun experience to have!


from http://charlieinchina.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/IMG_4097.jpg

Don’t forget that Chengdu has special street that famous with their street food and the spicy sinchuan taste! I can’t wait to walk on the road and feel like locals, taste the local food, engage with locals people, breathe the Chengdu air, enjoy their weather. It’s autumn out there, I will exchange the hot Jakarta with the breeze Chengdu for a while.


from the internet (I forget which link I opened 😦  – thank you for your great picture..) So yumm yummm yummm yaaa ^ _^

And have I told you that this is my first time to go to China!

Now you know why I am so excited right?

Ah well, I am always excited wherever I travel 😉

Wait for my story around this globe ya 🙂




  1. First time in China! You’ll have so much fun. You can also go to Jiuzhaigou or Emei Shan if you want a bit of outdoor fun. Might not be so busy now the Chinese holidays have finished.

    I love Sichuan!


    • So bad I didn’t visit those 2 places you said above 😦 I may go back to China I guess!! After first time, there will be always second time right 😉 Thank you for the comment, I love Sinchuan too!


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