Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)

Le Shan City – the Buddha Grand Statue

We wanted to wake up early, but the chilly weather in Chengdu made us sleep in and we didn’t want to say sorry about that. But we still want to go to Le Shan, where the Buddha Grand Statue located. To reach Le Shan, we need to go to Xinnamen bus station and from there, we can catch a half-hourly bus to Le Shan. For the bus was pricey for me, around 47 CNY per-one way. Means in return you need to pay for 94 CNY (usd 20). I wish the Statue was worth to see for such a pricey bus ticket which also not so luxury one.

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)1

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)2

The journey took around 2 hours. I spent the whole time mostly to sleep and watch the area through my window. The dried snacks that I bought yesterday, accompanied me along my trip. Arrived in Le Shan, there’s another huge town to see. That’s so true China is a vast land. But the road always maintain for being not so crowded, comparing to the people who live in China which is so many! The funny story because our face maybe a bit look like Chinese so people sometimes asked the direction to us, that was happened when we were waiting on the bus in the bus station, a car just stop and one guy go ou t from the car and talked to us in Chinese language, we already told him that we didn’t understand Chinese, but he still insisted to us until he go back to his car and took one postcard with the Grand Buddha Statue as a picture. Until he sure that we can’t speak Chinese, he finally left us behind. What a strange experience!

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)4

My fave and everlasting snacks hahahahaha XP

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)3

Le Shan city – again, it’s so clean…

To entered the Buddha Grand Statue, we need to pay 98 CNY per-person. Time already around lunch time and we haven’t ate yet. Driving by hungry we tried to climb the stairs to the statue. It was a well maintain stairs, once when we were there, there some ladies who tried to re-painted the guard rails. Along the way to the Statue, we can see the wall already broken and so old. The Leshan Giant Buddha was built in Tang Dynasty (618–907AD). The Giant Buddha itself craved out from the red cliff and show us the very huge statue around 71 meters height and 28 meters wide only for his shoulders. First construction was started in 713, led by Haitong, a Chinese monk who purposely built the statue in expectation Buddha would calm the turbulent waters that affect shipping vessels down  the river.


Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)6

The Buddha statue just like the name, it was so GIANT! And we only can see his head through the view point. To see the whole statue, we need to going down to near the river, which at that moment was so loong line. Saw the line make us discouraged to go down and prefer to going around the temple. Because time already up as well, and we need to catch another bus to Chengdu, so we won’t be so late arrive in the city. We also need to be patient to take pictures since there were so many people who block the background and made us difficult to get good pictures.

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)8

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)7

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)9

The long line for going down to the river, to see the whole Giant Buddha Statue

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)11

Le Shan is a part of China National Park! Hoorrrayyyy – another collection of National Park I’ve been visited. Yayyyyy!!

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)12

The China Warrior Gods – inside of the Lingyun temple

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)10

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)13

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)14

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)17

Well, this is my fave statue of Buddha – he looks so handsome in here ya? 😉

On our back to Bus station, I tried a street food that later I knew it was tofu and taste really weird, hahaa, strong sour vinegar and spicy. Food in Chengdu or maybe China generally, really has a strong sour taste, and mostly spicy. Even for the instant noodle. Another 2 hours until we arrived in Chengdu town.

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)15

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

There’s a 2 places of Giant Panda Breeding as we try to find out in Google before. But honestly, I think it’s only 1 place and people mistake it with different names. Anyway, the place that we went to see Panda is named “Chengdu Reseach Base of Giant Panda Breeding” in No. 1375 Xiongmao Avenue the Outside Northern Third Ring Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu. Around 10km (6miles) away from downtown Chengdu. With all confusing information in the internet, here is their website that probably help you to figure out the place

From the hotel, we went to the bus stop and take bus #64 to Chengdu Zaojuesi Bus Station and continue with a very classic bus #87 – actually it’s a community bus so maybe because of that, the bus smaller than usual bus. We supposed to stop in Xiongmao Jidi Station, but we lost the track and we thought maybe the next bus stop will be close to the one that we missed and we can just easily walk to the Base. But later on bus #87 keep walked until very far away. Therefore we decided to better take another bus #87 in opposite direction. The problem is we need to walked about 2 kms to reach the Base. Actually, we can take another bus, either #198 – but we were thinking “Ahh the Base is quite close” hehehe, until we realized, it’s really 2 km to walk!

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)16

Bus #87 – so classic!

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)18

Long way to go – 2 km!

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)19

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)21


I honestly think going to the Base really worth it comparing to the others venue we went in Chengdu. With 58 CNY for the entry fee, we can meet up with the Pandas, which was really soooooooo cute! And LAZY! The whole time when we saw the Panda, I really remember about Po, the Kungfu Panda! Also we can learned about what the Base do and how’s Panda life by watching a short documentary about Panda in the cinema room. It was really a worth trip and you won’t forget the experience. For me personally, it’s one of the joyful moment I had in Chengdu.

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)20

Active Panda try to waking up his friend 🙂

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)22

Lazy Panda, sleep like a dead man!

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)24

Don’t ruin my breakfast time! Yummm yummm yummm yummm….

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)23

Panda able to sleep easily on the tree without falling down – so cool!

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)25

They handle the Pandas Babies so carefully.

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)26

This is the image of Panda who just born.. The weight usually only 10% from her mom.


They also have a private transportation which brought us to the park, you need to added another 10 CNY for this service and they can bring you inside the park and go back to the Main Gate. To see Panda, best time is when they have their breakfast. Which is around 8 – 10 am, that’s the time when they eat and play to each other. Because of the weather, if it’s cold, they will be just lazy outside, but if it’s too hot for them, they will go inside of the cave or just hiding behind the stone and you will see none of them. Just so bad, I heard to photo with Panda, you need to pay around USD 400, that’s too much so we skipped that idea and just walking around the park.

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)28

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)27

There also a Panda Museum close to the Main Gate which is really cool to see and you can learn about Panda more.


Actually, I just knew you can visit many natural wonders outside Chengdu, such as Huang Lo, Jiuzhagio Valley or other places as you can see from the Landscape Map I captured from Bus Station. But on the last days, I only walked around the city, amazed with how tall the building is, how clean the road is and how develop the city is. I think I need to go back to China soon. I am still curious with their natures. Oh, have I told you I am proud to call myself as a nature lover?

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)29

Chengdu Trip, October 2013 (Part 2)30






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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the good text and review of your trip to Chengdu. Planning to go there myself. it’s very nice to be able to read something from someone who already have been there.
    Very good text and very nice picture. Thank you again.
    Jari in Sweden


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