Dreams Do Come True – Ancala Book is Published!

When I was in Elementary School, my house was so far from the school and here in Jakarta, it’s so difficult to get in into the public transportation if you are a small kid and pay half of price than adult ones. So the public transportation drivers tended to careless to the small kids and choose the adult instead me. That kind of condition happened so many times and made me failed to get into the school on time. At first time, I was feeling ok and still came into the class after my mad teacher punished me by running into the basket hall or just stand there until the sun’s heat burn my neck, head and hair. Later on, I felt so ashamed since many of the kids looked at me and laugh. “That girl!! she came late again!!” So every time my clock not met the time of school’s time, and I knew I am late, I prefer to go to the second hand book stores in flea market and stuck there until the class hours finished and I can go home. I knew it was such a lie, but I hate to be laughed and I hate to be scolded by my dad. So every time I knew I am late, I prefer to continued my journey to the flea market, until the guy who was owning the second-hand book stores remember me, the young girl with red and white uniform, looking at the book and if I didn’t have money and can’t buy it, I read it silently there.

Since that time, my love into books grows and grows. I already traveled a lot to the world before my first step on the airplanes because of the books. I imagined about how this wide world look like through books, I eager to know how this world really look like, beside of the world that I knew and live at that moment. I spent my money for books and I am so glad that my brother and sister also love books just as me. We sometimes shared about the books that we read, we can talk about that for hours and my idea of world started to grow and grow. I wanna see the world, I wanna see different people, I wanna see different culture, I wanna see different land.

I started to write my own story at the Junior High School. It was just all the unfinished stories. I still remember how I filled the white blank of my school book, instead of the class subject, but I wrote my idea of story, I tried to make a love story – but at that moment, I didn’t really know what love is, so I got stuck. Even so, many of my friends that I asked continually to read the story, some like it, some didn’t like it. The stories just faded away, disappear but the pleasure to write didn’t go away just that, it still there and I continued to teach myself to write by making a blog. No matter how bored I am to writing or get stuck or lost of any idea to write, I pushed myself to write, and write and write.

I did the blog with so many subject, I changed many of themes and many of blog provider. As I remembered, I ever had 4-5 blogs before I finally decided myself to write under this one and only weblog (www.deasihotang.com). Sometimes when I checked again the remaining blogs and how the way I wrote at that time, I feel so amazed with the idea I had that time, and often also I feel so ashamed with the style I write – too childish too amateur, but I am still in the step of learning (until now). Writing is such breathing, it should be do daily and the more we write, the sharp our writing can be.


I have a dream, one day, I make my own book.

That dream stands still right inside my heart even I don’t know how can it be happened.


My favorite book author is Paulo Coelho. Many dislike and love him, but for me, apart of how dark his life was, he taught me some of important rule of being a writer. He said : If I ever write for money, I already stop long time ago. The idea of writing should never be relating to money. We write because we have a story to tell, because we want the world to know that story. And for me, personally, writing can ease my mind. With the loads of traffic jam in Jakarta, I can use my phone by typing word by words to describe what I feel or the inspiration that suddenly goes through my mind. That’s make me feel productive and happy.

One day, a friend of mine text me. He asked whether I’m interest to meet with a book Editor? Sure I was interested. A book Editor just like a person I’m looking for since years ago, and I didn’t have any idea when the day suddenly come. After I said yes, and meet up with another 3 people apart from my friend and the book Editor, the book Editor asked us to write a book. A book?! Yes, you hear it right, a book! But not just any kind of book. She already checked each of our blogs and she like it, she believed we can write that book, a spooky experience that we met along our journey. The 5 of us are people who love to travel and hike the mountain. We love the outdoors activities, that’s why she compiled us together. It’s kind of a challenge for us, for me personally too. Just like a flash thunder, few hours ago, I was sitting on my desk in the office, later on, in a noisy coffee shop, an offering and a challenge come, I asked to myself, Can I write this kind of story?

I said yes!

So here is the book, finally it published and circulated in so many local book stores throughout Indonesia. And last night, the real book just there, lied on my hands. I still can’t believe it. It’s just like your baby just born after long time. A baby of my dream years ago.


It was not easy to write the stories, I had my challenges on it and it kind of break my heart when someone says bad about it. But that’s life and that’s another challenge I should conquer. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, what’s the important thing if you can learn from your mistake and make it better, again and again, over and over, so you can stay sharp and never be satisfy about your current condition and achievement at the moment. If no one critic you, you should critic yourself and set high standard for yourself so you still sharp and be excellent.

I can’t express how I am so happy to finally be in the right path of doing my hobby of writing. I can’t believe finally my name is printed on the book cover and people will wonder “Who is Dea Sihotang?” People will like or dislike what I do, but honestly I don’t care. I just do my part for living my own dreams and try my best to achieve it.






#Ancala Book among the other books

Dreams do come true, my friend. Dreams do come true. Whatever your dreams in your heart now, it’s not merely just a thought. It also have a certain and right reason why you dream about it. Because you already have the power to make it happened. Only you just need to train yourself daily. You just need to defeat yourself for being the better you.  You already have the wings, what you need to do is to learn how to fly and use your wings properly.

I know it’s not my end, just a first stepping stone. I believe there will be another creation, another work, another stories to be written, another dreams to be achieved. In the meantime, keep humble and keep do my best and believe, dreams do come true.





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