Have Yourself a Very Merry December!

Hello December!


`picture from pinterest`


You may still on November 30 now, but here in Indonesia, the calendar already moved to 1st of December! It means, my month is come!! Yeayy yeayyy yeayyy…

I am so happy but also so surprise.. How fast life is it. Just remember, when we started the first journey in 2013. Now only 1 month left before 2013 ended and 2014 started. Remember the idea of the end of world in 12-12-2012 (which of course not yet happened, since we are all still here in the world!) – then bumpp… suddenly December, the latest month of the year come to our door.


I am looking back at my life in 2013, oh well, I can say I love 2013 a lot! I traveled to many places, I get so many new experiences in life, I meet with so many different people, I lost in so many ways but also I found my own very self. I can say, I am a stronger person than before, I can say I make a progress of myself.


I know it’s not yet “the-new-year-eve-resolution-time” – but I just want to share how grateful I am for the year of 2013. Not everything all nice and happy – but there’s no reason to regret and upset about my 2013 life, since I know everything is happened for my own good reason. Rejection from some people only lead me to be in a good way and direct me to my own good path. Some happiness that I got along my 2013 life make me feel more grateful and respect all the little things in life.


Honestly to say, being single in this year kind of confusing and weird. Humbly to say, I have to fight my own demons of loneliness and being alone. I need to decide everything for my own life. Sometimes I am too tired to walk alone, but I keep walking. I am my problem but also my solution. I am crying sometimes and I need to wipe my own tears. I learn to love my self more first before I can love others. I learn to respect myself first before I am able to respect others. I learn to understand my flaws, my imperfections, scars and quirks. I learn to say “yes” to myself – and “no” if myself says no. And I can say at this moment, I am proud for being who I am. And I believe for every possibilities that will be happened in my next steps. I am so eager to see it happens while in the meantime, I do my best in my present moment.


As I look back to 2013, I am so grateful and feeling bless with life. Many obstacles, but also many blessing happened to balance the sorrow. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have to travel to many places, to make memories in unknown places, to build my dreams and work hard to make it happened. One of the dream that actually come true is the chance to publish my writing into a book. And another chance from the publisher for me to send them my own book. I am indeed a happy human.


Today is 1st of December, there are some days left for us to act in 2013. I love this month, not only because I was born in December, but the sound of December always so sweet and full with joy.  I am looking forward for what life has in store for me. That’s the beauty of life, you know nothing about it, it’s so mysterious but that’s the fun! That’s the excitement of living. It allows us to play it as the best as we can, cause we never know what will happen next. I am honestly can’t say I know what will be happened next, nope, I have no clue at all, but the only thing that I know is, I am a person who is believe in every possibilities happen to my life. I set and train my mind to see the good from life and do my best to spread the positive energy to people around me. My life is not perfect, that’s why I need to train my mind. I believe that positive thoughts bring positive things! It really is a simple as that.


So December, I am ready! I am so ready!! Let’s make the days count and make some memories together! It may good, it may bad, I don’t care! I just so positively happy for everything that might come tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the days after the day after tomorrow 😉







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