How to Travel Solo?

Some people think that I am so crazy to travel solo in the places I never been or visit before. I may say, maybe I am. But the idea for traveling solo is not privately only for me, you also can do it. As a woman who eager to see the world, I am sometimes prefer to travel solo and meet all the possibilities along the journey. For me, when I travel by myself, I can really feel my full of happiness, since no one knows what I really want to do, except myself. I can arrange the trip just the way I wanna do. But indeed I am admit, having a friend to travel with also really nice. But wait, travel solo doesn’t mean you will be alone forever along the way. You can meet up with people and make new acquaintances. Many friendship builds accidentally in the middle of the road.

Here is 10 tips I can suggest you when you want to do travel solo :

1.       Do your own homework – research research research

There’s nothing more powerful to face a “war” than a good preparation. Smart “warrior” always knows how to research and gather some useful information before they go to “war”. Knowledge, true is a power. The more information we have before we arrive in one place, the more easier for us to avoid any scam or time wasted because of getting lost or finding places. I agree that being lost is a part of “adventure” while traveling. But if I can choose, I prefer to be lost for a short time than wasting my whole previous day to be in a place I don’t want to be.

Usually before I go on a trip, I already make a flexible itinerary for my guidance. The itinerary will be consist day by days explanation. Where will I live, what I wanna do, where’s the address, how much the cost I need to pay, how to go there. It is really like my gun to go with!

2.       Complete all documents

Don’t be so lazy. Prepare all of your documents and put that in reachable pocket for you. I usually make copies for all my identity – such as passport, visa, local identity, ticket, map of the hotels, map of the places I wanna see, any printable booking tickets (such as ticket for the opera that you already booked from the internet) – Don’t put a self assume that you will find printer wherever you go, think about the worse scenario, probably the place you will visit not so develop.

3.       Find out local people to help you

Now, they are so many ways to meet up and build a network and communication with locals before you already been there. For instance, I am joining the Couchsurfing. A worldwide travel community. I even able to stay with them if they allow me. But that’s not always the purpose of finding local people. Local knows the place better than you. They can save your time and money by showing best places to visit in cheaper way or eat the best local food in the street. Local also can tell you how to travel safe in their area, they also can explain to you what dos and don’ts  in their place. Traveling is about to see different life and culture from what you have – sometimes it can be too shocking for you, sometimes it can be so fascinating. But the key is to respect all the differences and enjoy it to the fullest.

There are also many travel community besides Couchsurfing. I also found local who later became my close friend in Hanoi because of Triptrotting. We used to chat and communicate from internet a year before I finally meet up with her in Hanoi! Once I see her, it was more like meeting with an old friend, than new person.

How to Travel Solo5

Me with Holly, friend I met in Hanoi – we knew each other from Triptrotting.

How to Travel Solo7

Me with Yogendra, he showed me the city of Kathmandu and we both know each other from Couchsurfing.

How to Travel Solo6

Me with Panda Lee and Tra My, I knew Panda from Triptrotting, but with Tra from Couchsurfing and we gathered together.

How to Travel Solo9

Anna was my first guest from Couchsurfing, she came from Netherlands to Jakarta – later on she hosted me in her place in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

How to Travel Solo1

Me and Tobi in Thousand Island, Jakarta. Actually I planned to visit Tobi in Munich year ago, but can’t make it, instead, he traveled to Jakarta then we meet up.

How to Travel Solo11

Met up with Ondrej in Prague – he contacted me on Couchsurfing because he sees an Indonesian coming to his town! He ever studied in Bali for years. How small world is!! Then he came to Bali again with his girlfriend, too bad I don’t have any available days off this year to meet up with them 😦

How to Travel Solo8

It’s my turn to host people in Jakarta, Steph is a cheerful guy from France, we met up because of Couchsurfing.

4.       Make a list of what you need

True that woman always be so complicated to pack their stuff than man (I am not being gender here, just tell the fact). For me, I need to write down the list that I wanna bring for the trip. It is kind of annoying if I forget one simple thing – for instance the adapter or sunglasses. I know we can buy stuff we need along our way, but spending money wisely is really needed while travel. I prefer to spend my money to pay the ticket for attractions I probably can’t see it in my own place than to spend it for stuff that I can bring from home. But travel lights also important, bring only what you need, since I always try to avoid baggage cost from the airplane – I am a budget traveler, remember? 😉

Also don’t forget to bring your own medicine. It’s really sooo important. When I was hiking in Nepal. Every night, I put my own herbal medicine from Indonesia to my sore legs as a remedy. It helped me a lot!

How to Travel Solo2

On my way to Nepal with my faithful bag to travel so far..

5.       Be flexible

Train yourself to be happy no matter what situation will be happened on your trip. That’s working well for me. Wherever I am, in any kind of situations, I always set my mind to be happy. Happiness comes from your within. Why is it so important? It helps you to face any discomfort possibilities that maybe happen. If you are staying with Couchsurfer, maybe your host doesn’t have the common facility that you used to have in your own place. Maybe the person not really look so adorable or fun as once you communicate previously from internet, etc etc.

Once I arrived in Saigon, I really confuse why my host didn’t have any “normal bed”. We slept on the floor, not because she is poor or anything, but because it’s her habit to sleep on the floor. The same situation happened when I stayed with other friend in Tay Ninh, Vietnam. Also when I arrived in Kathmandu for the first time, once I saw the city from up above, I was a bit shock to see the city far from my imagination – especially when I step inside of the city, it was so dusty and noisy. Being flexible makes you able to adapt the situation faster and help you to enjoy the journey. Many people fail on this part, that’s why they prefer to travel “in conventional way” – because they are afraid of “surprised situation.” Many people even give up the idea of traveling and don’t want to do travel again because they ever have disappointment in their previous trip.

How to Travel Solo3

Worst place ever I had, I need to stay here for a night in Kathmandu- before we go to Pokhara the next morning. I need to sleep inside of the sleeping bag, worrying some bugs probably there… zzzzttt

How to Travel Solo4

Dun worry, the next day, I stayed in this lovely cheap hotel in Pokhara ❤

6.       Do only what you really wanna do

This is the best thing of traveling solo! You can do whatever you wanna do. You can be so laid back in the beach, going around to meet up with the locals, join the short culinary course, spending the whole day in Museum, trying parasailing for the first time, eating without guilty feeling, you can just do whatever you wanna do.

You don’t need to wait for others approval. Traveling with people who are not really into the stuff you love kind of frustrating. For instance, you don’t like to go to the mall while traveling, but your partner only wants to spend the whole day under the Air Conditioner place and do the shopping. Or you just want to read a book on the beach and enjoy the sun touches your skin, when your partner wants to rushing from one place to another. Finding the same soul in your travel partner is really important – if you can’t find it, go travel solo!

How to Travel Solo10

You can be whoever you want and do whatever you want, remember that…

7.       Leave the contact information to people you seriously trust

This is important for me. Usually before I go to travel, I already print the itinerary I made and leave it to my sister (since I live with her) – usually she really respect me to not bother my friend/the person I’m gonna meet up in the trip – but she will use the information and try to contact me if I don’t give any news for her in such a long time.

8.       Use the social media to keep in touch with the world

Ok, I can say I am a social media junkie. I love blogging (you can say!) also I use the facility named Facebook and Twitter to let people know where I am. Beside all the commonly negative side of soc media, I see it very helpful to make me keep in touch with my loved ones. For all the faithful readers on my soc media, they can sense the oddity if I don’t post statues for some times. It can be a clue for those who really care to me, that probably something happen to me.

9.       True to yourself, use your guts

I say it is important to use your guts. Once you feel something is not right for your sense, probably it is. If you meet a person and you don’t feel fine with that person, listen to your inner voice and don’t avoid it. If you train your instinct really well, you can understand which person you can trust and which are not.

If you don’t feel comfortable when you are in certain place, listen to your inner voice. Leave the place and find the safer and comfortable one for you. Remember, you can always say No. There’s no obligation to say Yes all the time, in life or while you are traveling.

10.   Put your money separated

This is important to bring small hand bag to put the money and also put the money to another places. So if something bad happened along the way, you still have your cash somewhere. I avoid to use card while traveling because the currency fee quite killing me – and I always decide certain amount of budget for my trip and do the transaction based on the amount. I avoid to spend more than the certain budget I already calculated before.

Last but not least, I also pray wherever I go.

Are you ready for your travel solo experience?




  1. You are very brave to travel alone. I for one can see the advantages of travelling alone such as being able to do what you want when you want and also meeting new people. However I don’t think I could do it as I like to experience things with family and friends – its nice years down the line to recall past experiences and talk about memories from past travels. Some great tips however for anyone who is looking to travel by themselves.


    • Thank you Jenny! It’s nice to travel with family and friends, for sure, but there are also many you can learn for travel solo 🙂 Thank you for reading and stop by to make a comment. Cheers, Dea


    • Nice one! Having new friends over the world is a great thing. Also a sad thing when it’s time to leave the country and back home. But also a great feeling, because you have a connection in every place you step before 🙂


    Hi Dea, nice and interesting when reading your thoughts and reflections re.the places you have visited. I did solo travelling during my younger days to the USA (twice), Canada, Hongkong, Thailand, Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali and Riau islands. For now, I am more focussed on making comments on those articles as published in THE JAKARTA POST and THE JAKARTA GLOBE. Seen them before? Check them out under the same name.


    • Hello Luwanto, thank you so much for your comment here 🙂 I never seen your comment in JP and JG. I will check to your profile 🙂 Was so nice that you travel so much! Lucky you! And thanks for ever visited Indonesia. Did you like it? Which country you like most or do you have a blog as well? Cheers and happy traveling! Dea


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